About Us

My name is Morten Elm.

And I love to travel.

Actually, I love to travel so much that I have visited more than 100 countries all around the World (102 to be precise).


Many of the countries I have visited with my girlfriend Marianne (99 visited countries) and my two daughters Frida (76 visited countries) and Vilde (70 visited countries).

So I know a thing or two about traveling.

And my mission is to inspire other people to visit foreign countries.

Because as my fellow countryman Hans Christian Andersen wrote: 

“To travel is to live”

That is why I have started Travel 80 – where I and my team of writers bring you information, inspiration, and tips & tricks for countries all around the World.

How it all started

I have traveled my whole life.

As a child, I went on trips all around Europe with my family. We did the usual package holidays to the Spanish and Greek Islands. But also a car trip to Nordkapp (the northernmost point in Europe).

Later I started in a school band where we (among other things) went to Hungary before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the free travel in Eastern Europe.


But my love for travel really took off when I backpacked in South East Asia for three months and later in South- and Central America for five months.

From there, I didn’t look back.

I had to go again and again.

And luckily, my family agreed with me.

Denmark and the rest of the World

When we are not traveling we live in Denmark (so English is only my second language)

Here I work with online marketing – which is the reason why I can travel so much. Because if I have my laptop and an internet connection, I am able to work from everywhere.

Denmark is a wonderful country with pleasant summers – but also cold (and dark) winters.


So we try to get to warmer places in January/February for 5 to 9 weeks every year.

And on those journeys, we have visited foreign countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Haiti, and Suriname.

We have been on most of the Caribbean Islands and all around South East Asia and South- and Central America.

And of course, many places in the United States.

In the summer holiday, we usually go on a road trip around Europe – where we have visited almost all the countries.

Maybe you are not able to do so much traveling as us.

But you can also experience a lot in a shorter time.

Especially if you do some planning ahead of time.

Hopefully, the information here on Travel 80 can help you with that.

Safe travel!

Morten Elm

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