What Is the Best Cruise to Aruba (and Where Do the Ships Dock)?

Along with the rest of the Dutch Caribbean islands, Aruba also has a world-class reputation for cruising, thanks to its natural beauty and a plethora of cultural quirks. What used to be a plantation in the colonial age, is now a thriving island that has a rich mixture of the tourist draw that has made it one of the Caribbean cruises’ premier destinations.
What Is the Best Cruise to Aruba
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From its Dutch influences present in its culture and people to the natural beauty that is both strange and fascinating, Aruba is worthy of whatever kind of excursion you can think of. But, a day’s worth of shore excursion just might be able to help you grasp everything about Aruba.

What Cruise Lines Goes to Aruba?

Aruba’s high-ranking reputation among the Caribbean islands, well-loved beauty, warm locals, fun quirks, and perks has made it one of the best destinations for cruising. it’s no shocker that even an island as tiny as Aruba can have a roster of well-known cruise lines.

From the biggest cruise lines like Carnival Cruises, and Disney Cruises to their European counterparts like the Norwegian Cruise Lines, and the Holland America Cruises, and the region’s namesake brand, the Royal Caribbean Cruise, touted as the largest cruise in the US.

There are a plethora of cruise lines that cater to those who want to include Aruba in their great Caribbean adventure. Other notable cruises include Celebrity Cruise, Disney Cruise, Princess Cruise, Seabourn, Windstar, Oceania Cruises, MSC, and Cruises.

Does Royal Caribbean Cruise to Aruba?

One of the grandest if not the largest cruise line in the US, the Royal Caribbean cruises to Aruba usually starting from Miami, Florida. The cruise line is packed with itineraries that are divided into different routes in the Caribbean.

Aruba is included in the cruise line’s Southern Caribbean route where it visits, Curacao, St. Croix, Martinique, and Bonaire.

Where Do the Cruise Ships Dock in Aruba?

Cruise ships to Aruba dock at Aruba Ports Authority about 1km away from the downtown area. The dock is large and can cater to up to 5 cruise ships, it also has shops, ATMs, and tourist information and communication desks.

Right outside the cruise terminals, you will find lined taxis that are regulated and reasonably priced. One of the amazing things in Aruba is the transportation system, and that includes regulated fare prices in taxis.

If you wish to take the bus upon docking, you can see them queued right outside the exit gates of the port. The bus terminal is located conveniently outside, complete with routes and bus fares to all major destinations.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Aruba on a Cruise?

It depends on which country you’re from and the policies of the cruise line you’re traveling with. But commonly, you’ll need a passport to Aruba, along with other valid travel documents as required by the cruise line, and submit them to the representative.

If you’re traveling by cruise to Aruba, you might not need a passport book, but a passport card. This is less expensive and is commonly recommended.