What Do I Need to Know Before Going to Los Cabos (Where, How, and What)?

Los Cabos is undoubtedly western Mexico’s pride, so be ready to pack up the absolute necessities, and an itinerary lined up. With sweeping ocean views, diverse terrains, celebrity sightings, and the best of the Baja California Sur, you’ll never know what to expect on this side of Mexico.
What Do I Need to Know Before Going to Los Cabos
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Located on the western coasts of Mexico, jutting out of the tail end of Baja California Sur, Los Cabos boasts an awe-inspiring feel of natural wonder, colonial history, and who knows which celebrity you spot on its beautiful beaches.

What Country is Los Cabos in?

The municipality of Los Cabos is in the Latin American country of Mexico, just at the southern end of North America. Located at the edge of Baja California Sur, jutting out between the Sea of Cortez and the Eastern Pacific.

Where Los Cabos is Located?

Los Cabos is at the very tip of the Baja California Sur, jutting out into the Pacific, at the western end of Mexico.

Is Los Cabos a Desert?

Los Cabos is gifted with a variety of terrain, apart from the rocky mountain and stretches of coastlines, where it boasts some of the best beaches in the world. The majority of inland Los Cabos is a desert, which has also been made one of the main attractions of the municipality.

What Does the Name Cabo Mean?

Cabo is a Spanish word meaning “cape”.  Los Cabos, or “The Capes”, was the name given for the region’s 20-mile coastal corridor. Initially discovered by the west because of Cortez, the famous conquistador that discovered much of present-day Mexico.

What is Cabo Short for?

Cabo is short for the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, the major tourist city in all of Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas is one of the two Cabos, in the municipality of Los Cabos, that is popular not only to tourists from all over the world but also especially with several Hollywood stars.

What Does Cabo San Lucas Mean in English?

Cabos San Lucas translates to “Cape Saint Luke”. One of the bustling resort towns that made its mark in the Pacific, bringing Mexico to the forefront of the world’s best destinations.

Cabo San Lucas was a young, quiet, sleepy fishing town, after its discovery centuries back, from its earliest settlers from Melanesia to the Conquistadors and the Early Californians that settled there for its thriving fishing culture.

It eventually developed into a resort town because of its location that showcases the wonders of the Pacific Ocean, and the nearby Sea of Cortez.

What Does San Jose Del Cabo Mean?

San Jose Del Cabo literally translates to “Saint Joseph of the Cape”. Cabo San Lucas’, milder more charming sister, San Jose del Cabo is where visitors flock for that authentic, quaint Baja Mexican experience.

Founded in 1730 by Spanish Jesuit missionaries, and eventually became a Spanish military settlement until it was handed over to Mexican nationals in the mid-19th century.

Today, San Jose Del Cabo is an important city for Los Cabos. Raking in a yearly surge of tourists from the airport, serving the entire Los Cabos municipality.

Its well-preserved colonial feel and its quiet, quaint, and historical appeal make it yet another flavor to the beauty of western Mexico.

How Many Tourists Visit Cabo Year?

Over the years, Cabo has seen developments and more tourists as its reputation rapidly builds up in the international community. In the first quarter of 2018, Cabo has seen a record of 3 million-plus tourists, since its last high in 2017. This number is expected to rise in the coming years, with more developments in the pipeline up to 2023.

Do They Speak English in Cabo?

Spanish is the native language of Mexico and is the most widely spoken in the region. However, English is also widely used in Cabo, especially by the people in the tourism sector.

Is There a Time Change in Cabo?

Cabo sees time changes year to year. For 2020, the last time change was Sunday, October 25, 2020, 02:00:00 clocks were turned backward an hour to 01:00:00 local standard time. Sunrise and sunset were about 1 hour earlier on 25 October 2020 than the day before.

This time switch is by daylight saving time warps, which happen in certain periods in the year.

Is Cabo on Mountain Time?

Cabo and the entire Los Cabos is on Mountain Standard time. It changes due to Daylight Savings time warps, happening at certain times of the year.

What Should I Pack for a Trip to Los Cabos?

Being a holiday destination, with sunny skies all year round, you could say the best things to pack for Cabo are vacation essentials, especially for the sun and heat.

Swimming necessities, like wetsuits, beachwear, gears, and equipment for other water activities, but diving equipment can be rented.

While the Baja area has fewer mosquitoes than other humid parts of Mexico, but when you walk into the beach at night make sure you put on mosquito lotions.

What Do You Wear in Cabo?

When you walk under the Cabo sun, sunscreen is important, along with summer dresses, clothes with thin fabric, perfect for keeping cool. For men, thin button-downs, and shirts, shorts, and sandals.

On certain months, temperatures might drop as soon as the sun goes down so if you want to have a soiree, or just chilling somewhere across town or along the beach, make sure you wear three-fourths, or full-sleeved tops, and a pair of pants.

Will My Cell Phone Work in Cabo?

Mobile service in the Baja peninsula is quite problematic, as there is one provider, Mexican Telcel. However, it has little coverage outside of towns and resort areas. Getting around the entire Los Cabos would be a hassle coverage-wise, as receptions break off, making calls impossible.

Mexico has recently passed a law that imposes heavy restrictions on pay-as-you-go mobile SIM cards. Which means buying throwaway phone numbers are no longer the go-to option for tourists.

Other overseas networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Vodafone have an agreement with Telcel for roaming services, so their coverage would work best.

Does Verizon Work in Cabo?

Verizon works just fine in Cabo. It’s best to set up an international roaming plan for specific dates so that you wouldn’t have problems when you’re in Cabo. Verizon also works best around resort areas.

Do I Need an Electrical Adapter in Cabo?

If you come from the United States or Canada you don’t need to have an Electrical Adapter. Cabo and the rest of Mexico use the types A & B outlets.