Should I Tip in the Dominican Republic (The Complete Tipping Etiquette Guide)?

It’s important for first-time visitors to the Dominican Republic to know the country’s tipping culture and etiquette to avoid making an embarrassing mistake. Be sure to learn in advance how much to tip in the Dominican Republic so that you don’t offend anyone.
Should I Tip in the Dominican Republic
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If visiting the Dominican Republic for the first time, you may not understand the unspoken rules and expectations on tipping.

Should you tip the staff at your villa? Or have their services already been included in the rate? Is tipping optional? If not, what is the appropriate amount?

Of course, tipping can be very personal. Although some people are ok with tipping regardless of the quality of service, others carefully consider their experience before deciding on the amount of tip.

Read on for the essential guide to tipping in the Dominican Republic.

Do You Tip in the Dominican Republic?

Although Dominican locals generally don’t tip, it is customary for tourists to tip when visiting the country’s holiday hotspots.

The general rule for travelers visiting the Dominican Republic is to always tip anyone who provides you with great service.

Below are some general guidelines for tipping in the Dominican Republic:

  • Some hotels don’t allow you to tip at all.
  • Other hotels do only allow you to tip specific staff members.
  • Give the porter at the airport a tip if they assist with your luggage.
  • Tip the driver and anyone else who assists with your luggage.
  • Tip the hotel porter (if allowed).
  • Tip the waiters and bartenders (if allowed).
  • Tip housekeeping/room service, if allowed.
  • Tip your photographer (if allowed).
  • Tipping butlers is normally allowed and expected.
  • Tipping spa staff is normally allowed and expected.
  • Tipping tour guides is usually expected.

What is a Good Tip in Dominican Pesos?

In the Dominican Republic, the general rule is to tip like you would at home. Ultimately, the actual tip amount is up to you. But be sure to leave helpful service employees an adequate amount of tip.

Below is a breakdown of how much to tip in Dominican pesos (DOP).

Low End (DOP)  High End (DOP) Don’t Forget
Housekeeping 180 300 Tip daily.
Room Service 15% 20% Only when gratuity has not been included (which it normally is).
Concierge 300 to 1,200 2,400 to 6,000 Depends on whether your request was easy or complicated.
Luggage Attendant 60 per bag 180 per bag Round it up if the attendant is using a luggage cart.
Valet 120 300 It’s customary to tip when a valet returns your car (but not when he park it).
Butler 600 900 Tip daily.


What is a Good Tip in US Dollars?

The table below provides a breakdown of how much to tip in US dollars (USD): 

Low End (USD)  High End (USD)
Housekeeping 3 5
Room Service 15% 20%
Concierge 5 to 20 40 to 100
Luggage Attendant 1 to 2 per bag
Valet 2 5
Butler 10 15


Can You Tip in US Dollars in the Dominican Republic?

Yes. In the Dominican Republic, you can tip in US dollars.

If the price of the service is listed and paid for in Dominican pesos, you may use US dollars for the tip if the value of the tip is appropriate.

For instance, if the tip at the airport is 120 Dominican pesos, then you may leave a tip in U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate for 120 Dominican pesos.

Should I Tip in Dollars or Pesos in the Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican Republic, you can tip either in US dollars or Dominican pesos. Just be sure to observe the following rules:

  • When tipping in dollars, be sure to only leave notes as Dominicans are unable to spend or exchange coins, which are basically worthless to them.
  • If tipping in pesos, be sure to calculate the exchange rate and give an equivalent value to US dollars. There is a big difference between leaving 2 US dollars and leaving 2 Dominican pesos.

Do You Tip in the Dominican Republic All Inclusive Resort?

While most all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic indicate that tips and gratuities are included, additional tips are generally accepted and appreciated.

That said, some all-inclusive resorts, don’t allow their employees to accept tips. Therefore tipping someone could get them fired. To be on the safe side, check ahead with your concierge on whether it is okay to tip the staff.

How Much Should I Tip at an All Inclusive Resort in the Dominican Republic?

For a one-week stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, a couple should expect to spend about US $150 in tips. It is recommended that you bring with you about US $20 in small bills to spend on tips throughout the day.

Ultimately, how much you tip at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic will both depend on the type of resort you’re staying at, and the level of service provided by its staff. But for excellent service, be sure to tip a decent amount.

How Much Do Hotel Workers Make in the Dominican Republic?

A worker in the Dominican Republic earns a minimum wage of 8,310 Dominican pesos (US $166) per month, which is inclusive of housing, transportation and other benefits.

Hotel worker salaries range between 9,412 Dominican pesos (US $188) and 15,448 Dominican pesos (US $309) per month, depending on the job class.

How Much Do You Tip a Maid in the Dominican Republic?

Maids in the Dominican Republic expect an average tip of US $1-2 per day. At high end hotels, a tip of US $3-7 per person per day is normal.

It is nice to leave housekeeping a small gratuity, especially if you made a big mess or asked for extra towels.

Small gifts items that are expensive or hard to obtain in the Dominican Republic are also accepted and appreciated.

Should I Tip the Maid Every Day?

Yes. Tipping your maid daily in the Dominican Republic is recommended to ensure that your tip gets to the person who actually cleaned your room.

Be sure to give the tip directly to the maid, instead of leaving cash on the pillow.

Should You Tip the Hotel Front Desk in the Dominican Republic?

No, you do not have to tip the hotel front desk in the Dominican Republic.

It is the duty of front desk clerks to check-in hotel guests, answer their questions and provide information about the hotel. No tipping is required for these services.

Should You Tip at a Hotel Breakfast Buffet in the Dominican Republic?

Yes. In the Dominican Republic, it is recommended that you tip US $1-2 per person for a free hotel breakfast.

You may leave a tip at the end of the meal by placing the money on your table, and using your cup/ glass to hold it down.

How Much Do You Tip a Waiter in the Dominican Republic?

Tip a waiter in the Dominican Republic as much as you would at a restaurant back home. At a high end restaurant or a restaurant within a touristy area, a tip of between 10-20%, depending on the level of service, is good.

It is customary to tip if a gratuities charge is not included in your bill. That said, Dominican wait staff always expect tips in restaurants even when a service charge is already included.

Of course, tipping is solely based on the diner’s discretion, so you shouldn’t feel obliged.

How Much Do You Tip a Tour Guide in the Dominican Republic?

For short excursions such as walking tours (whole day or shorter), it is customary to tip 10-20% of the cost of the tour.

However, if the tour is already high-priced, you are likely to feel that this amount is too much. In that case, 5% is good enough.

The same rule applies for a guide leading a bus tour. However, if you have both a guide and a driver on a bus tour, give US $5-10 to each of them per passenger.

Should You Tip for Bad Service in the Dominican Republic (And How Much)?

Yes. You should tip in the Dominican Republic even if you receive bad service.

It could be that your service provider really is a good person who was just having a bad day – like we all do.

Some people decide to give a lower amount of tip when they get terrible service and it was the service provider’s fault.

However, it is recommended that you tip the right amount and then express your dissatisfaction to the manager.