What Are the Best Ruins to See in Costa Maya (and Where Can You Find Them)?

While the northern Yucatan has its fair share of Mayan ruins, Costa Maya has its own, speckled across the south. Costa Maya’s vastly underrated ruins in the south like the Chacchoben and the Kohunlich might be lesser known than Chichen Itza, but they equally fascinating.
Chacchoben Mayan Ruins in Mexico
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Dotted across the west of the coast, Costa Maya’s ruins are worthy of excursions if you’re staying in Mahahual or the magic town of Bacalar.

Are There Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya?

Costa Maya, from the word “Maya”, lies around the historical region where the Mayan culture once thrived in eastern Mexico. Just like the Riviera Maya, and the rest of Quintana Roo, Costa Maya has significant sites of Mayan ruins that are speckled throughout its vast greenery.

What Ruins Are in Costa Maya?

Costa Maya boasts the ruins of Chacchoben, Dzibanche, and Kohunlich. Chacchoben, the largest and the most popular site lies 177 km or 110 miles south of Tulum.

How Far Are the Ruins From Costa Maya?

Chacchoben, the largest ruins, is approximately 69.2 km or 42.9 miles northwest of Mahahual in Costa Maya. While the smaller ones, Dzibanche is 185 km or 114 miles west of Mahahual, and Kohunlich is 171.9 km or 106.8 southwest.

How Far Is Chacchoben From Costa Maya?

Chacchoben Ruins is approximately 60 km or 377.2 miles from Mahahual of Costa Maya, directly. The driving distance via the Mahahual highway is about 69.2 km or 42.9 miles.

How Far Is Chichen Itza From Costa Maya?

Chichen Itza, all the way north of the Yucatan Peninsula, has a driving distance of 300 km or 186.4 miles via the Federal Highways 307, 295, and 180 from Costa Maya.