What Is Costa Maya Known for (Everything You Need to Know Before Going)

Costa Maya’s beautiful blue waters, natural beauty, and relatively fewer crowds making it another destination in the Yucatan to check out. It may be just another stop to the majesty of the Mayan peninsula, but it has its reasons to be on travelers’ lists.
What Is Costa Maya Known for
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While it may be relatively less-known than the great Riviera Maya, Costa Maya has its quirks and entries that make it the next destination to be.

What Country Is Costa Maya in?

Fronting the beautiful Caribbean, Costa Maya is set in the southeast of the state of Quintana Roo, in the magical Yucatan Peninsula, east of Mexico. Costa Maya boasts beautiful waters that could rival Cancun and the western coast’s Cabo.

Where In Mexico Is Costa Maya Located?

Costa Maya stretches south of Quintana Roo and Riviera Maya. The coast approximately 273 km or 169.6 miles further south of fun Cancun, 249 km or 154.7 miles south of Tulum, and 70 km or 43.4 miles east of the capital of Chetumal.

What Mexican State Is Costa Maya in?

Costa Maya lies at the southern end of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, in the Yucatan Peninsula, fronting the Caribbean.

Is Costa Maya an Island?

Costa Maya is a tourist region south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, fronting the Caribbean. This region has seen rapid growth due to the influx of tourists after the Costa Maya Cruise Port was built.

With a collection of beautiful Caribbean blue beaches and small charming beach towns, Costa Maya is becoming one of the must-visit spots south of Quintana Roo.

Is Riviera Maya the Same as Costa Maya?

Costa Maya is a relatively less-famous, yet pristine stretch of coast south of the famous Riviera Maya. With the Riviera Maya’s bigger jewels like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Costa Maya’s smaller towns, and recently growing fame is considered a new frontier in the state.

What Time Zone Is Costa Maya?

The coast is on Eastern Standard Time, the same time zone as the rest of Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.

What Is the Weather Like in Costa Maya?

Costa Maya, just like the rest of Caribbean Mexico, sees warm sunny days all year round, with mild temperatures on winters usually from late or mid-November to February. The only rainy days of the region are on the hottest days of the summer season from June to September.

What Is the Temperature in Costa Maya?

The average temperatures of the region depend on the season. The winter season has average highs of 28 C or 82.4 F, and lows of 19 C or 66.2. While the hot summer season has average highs of 33 C or 91.4 F and lows of 24 C or 75.2 F.

Is Costa Maya Safe to Visit?

With its growing fame and tourism, Costa Maya is considered generally safe for tourists. Petty crimes, like pickpocket and tourist traps, are still present but preventable.

When it comes to the security of the region, there has been less crime in the area compared to other touristy regions in the country.

What Is There to Do in Costa Maya?

Aside from the good local food places, and the beach you can check out the towns and the activities available there. You can buy various types of tequilas in town, you can try out the beach bars that serve unlimited drinks, and book a diving excursion to Banco Chinchorro.

There are several various activities you can do also. You can see how chocolate is made in Kakaw by the port, visit the Mahahual Lighthouse, hit the spa for Mayan Healing Rituals, and you can sail aboard a Catamaran, perfect for relaxing right over the water.

What Is There to Do in Costa Maya for Free?

There are two best free things to do in Costa Maya: lazy down at the beach, and touring the town and its sites. With stretches of perfect white sands and pristine blue Caribbean beaches, you can lounge on the beach or at the port for free.

With several sites to see in town, and beyond you can tours Mahahual the Fishing Village, checking out the Malecon of Mahahual, and explore the lighthouse.

What Is There to Do for Kids in Costa Maya?

Upon getting to the port, there is a free pool where kids can enjoy in the middle of it, with free beach chairs where you can relax and lounge. The nearby beach of Mahahual is also an ideal place for kids to play around on.

You can also book snorkeling excursions and Mayan ruins tours for the whole family.

Where Should I Stay in Costa Maya?

There are several areas that accommodate guests who prefer to stay longer than a day in Costa Maya. Mahahual has plenty of options from Airbnbs and small hotels, along the Malecon are ideal. There are also bigger hotels south of the town line along the beach.

Where Should I Eat in Costa Maya?

The best places to eat in Costa Maya are around the Mahahual’s downtown area and the Malecon. The beach area is also lined with beach bars that serve good food and lots of drinks.

However, it’s best to look up recommendations in advance as many of Mahahual’s food places only seem to accept dollars, which might spell bad for your budget as conversion rates are bad.