Is Puerto Vallarta Cheap or Expensive (and What Currency Should You Bring)?

Its cheaper prices than fun Cancun and famous Cabo add to Puerto Vallarta’s smaller, yet charming and quirky qualities that make it worth the visit. This famously growing city will have you visiting, and staying long. Certainly, one of the cheapest to visit in Mexico.
Is Puerto Vallarta Cheap or Expensive
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With the slightly pricey high season, the best deals of the off-season, or the incredibly cheap low season, Puerto Vallarta will always have the perfect time for you to visit. No matter what season you’re coming to Puerto Vallarta, the prices will definitely make you swoon.

How Much Does a Trip to Puerto Vallarta Cost?

The cost of a trip to Puerto Vallarta will depend on the season, or the month you want to visit. The high season of December to April will most probably be pricier, especially on holidays around this time, while the low season of summer will certainly be the cheapest, from June to September.

However, off-season like May, October, and November will have standard rates, sometimes they get even cheaper.  However, at any given time you can always book in advance for whatever season and can avail of promos and discounted prices.

You should have at least 700 Mexican Pesos or 35 US Dollars per day for your expenses, and budget lodgings and accommodation will cost around 400 to 800 Mexican Pesos or 20 to 40 US Dollars per night. Hotels and other luxury grade accommodation can reach up to 1,000 Mexican Pesos, or 50 US Dollars per night.

Tour prices will vary depending on what season, and most tours can be booked on-site. Flight prices will typically range from 100 to around 200 US Dollars, depending on your origin flight anywhere in the US.

How Much Money Do I Need for a Week in Puerto Vallarta?

You will need 5,000 Mexican Pesos or around 250 US Dollars per person for a week’s worth of expenses – covering transportation, drinks, food, and a little bit of shopping. Double that amount for couples, and if you’re traveling as a family of three or four, usually it gets cheaper.

Family discounts are big in resort cities around Mexico and Puerto Vallarta isn’t an exception, kid’s prices are usually cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. However, if you travel slow for a longer period, prices and daily budget will also go down.

What is the Cheapest Time to Go to Puerto Vallarta?

The summer’s low season is definitely the cheapest time to go to Puerto Vallarta. With airfare promos and discounted accommodations, this low season is guaranteed ideal for budget travelers. However, you have the heat and humidity to beat should you decide to visit at this time.

What is the Best Currency to Take to Puerto Vallarta?

While US Dollars are widely accepted, bringing Mexican Pesos is the smarter option. You will have smoother transactions, without the hassle as some establishments may charge higher rates when paying in US dollars.

Plus, having cash in Mexican Pesos will help you get around easier because most transportations charge in Mexican Pesos.

Can I Use Us Dollars in Puerto Vallarta?

You can use US Dollars in PV, as most of Mexico’s vacation hotspots accept this currency. However, there will be certain disadvantages when using solely US dollars for your transactions. Most establishments will impose higher rates if you pay in US Dollars.

Do I Need to Get Pesos for Puerto Vallarta?

It’s best to get Mexican Pesos for Puerto Vallarta in advance so you will have smoother transactions in your initial stay in the city. Paying in US dollars might have you at a disadvantage, as many establishments around the city, especially restaurants charge a higher rate.

Should I Get Pesos Before Going to Puerto Vallarta?

You should bring a decent amount of cash in pesos before getting to Mexico. This is for the things you might spend before getting to your accommodations. Transportation mostly accepts US coins, but it’s better to pay in Mexican pesos as this will not be a hassle for everyone.

You can buy Mexican pesos from your local bank before coming to Mexico. Banks usually have updated standard exchange rates, so you are getting your money’s worth this way. You can always withdraw from ATMs in Puerto Vallarta when you arrive.

How Many Pesos Should I Take to Puerto Vallarta?

To cover all the needed expenses in getting to your hotel in Puerto Vallarta, it’s best to prepare 2,000 Mexican Pesos initially. And once you’re in Puerto Vallarta, you can always withdraw money from the ATM.

Make sure the ATM is inside a mall, or an establishment, not a stand-alone. You can budget your daily expenses to 700 to 800 Mexican Pesos or 35 to 40 US Dollars per person.

How Do I Exchange Money in Puerto Vallarta?

There are several ways to exchange money when you’re already in Puerto Vallarta. The most convenient way is using ATMs, you will often have good exchange rates with an additional service fee for every withdrawal. You can always withdraw huge sums of cash if you have a good idea how much you’re going to need.

Another way is exchanging at the airport when you arrive in Mexico. Airport kiosks are convenient and safe although there is a small commission fee.

Credit cards are another option, however, it depends if the establishment accepts them. You have to inform your issuing bank about your possible overseas purchases using the cards. You also need to make sure there are no international fees, as many credit cards don’t issue them.

What Banks Are in Puerto Vallarta?

International banks in Puerto Vallarta provide convenience for international travelers, especially those coming from the United States and Canada. Banks that are in Puerto Vallarta are HSBC, Sterling Bank, Banamex also know as Citibank internationally, and Santander Bank – affiliated with Bank of America.

Is It Better to Use Pesos or Dollars in Puerto Vallarta?

For smoother transactions, without the hassles of exchanges and bad rates, it’s best to use Mexican Pesos. Even though US Dollars is widely accepted in Puerto Vallarta, some establishments may have bad rates that may be a disadvantage for you. Plus, tips are better in Mexican pesos.

How Much Do You Tip in Puerto Vallarta?

It depends on the service and the industry. Airport porters and hotel bellhops that assist you with your luggage should be given around 20 to 40 pesos or 1 to 2 US Dollars per bag. For restaurant waiters, 15% to 20% of the total bill, if it’s not already included on the service charge.

For bartenders, make sure you tip at least 20 pesos or 1 US Dollar, or if you’re a high roller in bars, 15% to 20% of the total bill is generous. Spa services should be around 15% to 20% of the total bill.

How Much Do You Tip a Maid in Puerto Vallarta?

For maids, 55 to 90 pesos or 3 to 5 US Dollars, per day of service is generous enough. Maids who will service your room might change from day to day so it’s better to pay per day, rather than at the end of your stay to ensure the right maid receives the tip.

What is a Good Tip in Puerto Vallarta?

A good tip can range from 50 to 100 pesos or 3 to 5 US Dollars. For restaurants, bars, spas, and other related industries a good tip can range from 15% to 20% of the total bill.

How Much Do Hotel and Resort Workers Make in Puerto Vallarta?

Hotel and Resort Workers make an average minimum of about 62 to 70 pesos or 3 to 4 US Dollars per day. Hotel and resort workers make a better chance of earning tips from visitors, so it’s important to be generous.

What is the Minimum and Average Wage in Puerto Vallarta?

The minimum wage in Puerto Vallarta is around 62 to 70 pesos Mexican Pesos per day, that’s equivalent to 3 US Dollars per day. The average salary for jobs in Puerto Vallarta is about 110 Mexican pesos per hour.