How Do You Get Around in Puerto Vallarta (by Foot, Taxi, Uber, Bus, or Rental Car)?

With its extensive bus routes, cheap local taxis, and even cheaper Ubers, this beautiful port city will give you plenty of reasons to get around so that you can revel in its beauty easier. The city life is one of the city’s biggest charms and getting around is probably the cherry on top.
How Do You Get Around in Puerto Vallarta
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From diverse transport options and walkable streets, Puerto Vallarta will always have something for you to love. Puerto Vallarta offers so much than its beaches and natural wonders around along with its flavorful appeal and fame. Hailed as one of the safest cities in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta will keep on proving its worth,

Is Puerto Vallarta Walkable?

The whole of Puerto Vallarta is not walkable per se, but if you decide to walk around zones and their neighboring areas, it is walkable. Strolling around the city, especially during the day is a recommended activity while you’re visiting PV.

Getting from the north to the south zones is impossible to walk, but walking around neighboring zones and areas can be easy. Stroll through downtown, old town, and romantic zone, and end in the Malecon for that perfect sunset is a charming way to see and enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Puerto Vallarta?

Ranked as one of the safest cities to visit in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a conveniently safe place to walk around. While the whole city enjoys low crime rates over the years, it’s still not a reason to be compliant and drop your guards.

Walking at night is safe, given that you stay around crowded areas and well-lit streets. To err on the side of caution is still the smartest thing to do in whatever city you’re in, even in your hometown.

What is the Boardwalk Called in Puerto Vallarta?

The famous boardwalk also called the Malecon, stretches for a mile fronting the ocean in the historic downtown area of Puerto Vallarta. The Malecon is one of the most famous places in Puerto Vallarta as it offers several interesting things to do at whatever time of the day.

Walking along the boardwalk will give you that authentic feeling of what Puerto Vallarta is all about. From beachside bars, restaurants, attractions, and hotels, the Malecon is a Puerto Vallarta rite of passage.

Where Does the Malecon Start in Puerto Vallarta?

The north end of the Malecon starts from Hotel Rosita by the Millennia Statue, and ends at the Amphitheater, in the Aquiles Serdan Plaza, beside the Plaza de Armas, in the main city square.

How Long is the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta?

The cobblestoned stretch of the Malecon is one mile long, covering over 20 blocks north to south. Most of the boardwalk is pedestrian with a bordered bike path for cyclists.

Where Can I Run in Puerto Vallarta?

You can see and experience the charm of Puerto Vallarta through running, and it welcomes you to do so. With many ideal locations to run, from the Pitillal River to the famous Malecon.

In a park just near the Pitillal River, there is a 30-minute travel path that takes you directly to nature. Running here will give you quick access to the jungle so it’s best to pack a repellent just in case.

Another notable place to run in is the Municipal Sports Center, perfectly suitable for running and other sports activities. Especially at night where the area seems to come to life, with its facilities recently remodeled.

The Malecon, probably the most famous stretch to run in in Puerto Vallarta. The mile-long stretch of the Malecon allows for runners to have an extensive marathon while having a sweeping oceanfront view to marvel at, any time of the day.

How Much Does a Taxi Cost in Puerto Vallarta?

Price ranges for taxis in Puerto Vallarta vary depending on your point of origin to your destination. Taxi fares range from 80 Mexican pesos or 4.02 US dollars for the first 3 kilometers to 570 Mexican pesos or 28.67 US dollars for 52 kilometers.

Do Taxis in Puerto Vallarta Take Dollars?

Taxis will accept US dollars however, it might cost you more and will leave you at a disadvantage as the exchange rate they’ll use might cost more than the proper rate. It’s best to pay in pesos, as it is more convenient and you get to pay the exact amount.

Do Taxis in Puerto Vallarta Take Credit Cards?

Taxis in Puerto Vallarta do not accept payment using credit cards. Drivers will only accept payment in cash, in Mexican Pesos, or US dollars. However, it’s recommended to pay in Mexican pesos to get the right amount, as opposed to a higher exchange rate using US dollars. It’s best to bring Mexican pesos beforehand to avoid hassles and avoidable mishaps.

Do You Tip the Cab Drivers in Puerto Vallarta?

Generally, tipping taxi drivers is not required in Mexico. However, it’s encouraged if they do extra services for you like assisting you with luggage, or waiting for you while you do a quick errand. Taxi drivers may not be expecting anything but it’s good to be kind and generous.

How Much Do You Tip a Cab Driver in Puerto Vallarta?

If taxi drivers do some sort of extra service it would be nice to tip them depending on the service they perform. 10 pesos per luggage would be good enough if they assist you with luggage and anything from 10 pesos as well if you made them wait for you while you do a quick errand.

Are Cabs Safe in Puerto Vallarta?

Cabs in Puerto Vallarta are considered safe, driving conditions and certain traffic laws make ensure passenger safety, tourist or local. However, with the city’s fewer traffic conditions cabs may tend to speed up on certain occasions. Cabs are generally safe if you also know how to observe safety measures like proper seatbelts.

Is Uber available in Puerto Vallarta?

Uber is available in Puerto Vallarta, and a lot of visitors use Uber over local cabs around the city. Uber tends to charge cheaper prices than taxis in the city which is a good deal for visitors especially those looking to get across town more conveniently.

Is Uber in Puerto Vallarta Safe?

Uber is safe in Puerto Vallarta, a lot of visitors even recommend using Uber if you want to have a hassle-free, cheaper and convenient drive across the city.

How Do You Take the Bus in Puerto Vallarta?

Buses in Puerto Vallarta are single-route and one-time fare only, costing around 10 to 35 Mexican pesos. You can take buses in Paradas or Bus Stops around the city, just look for the nearest one to your hotel.

How Much is a Bus Ride in Puerto Vallarta?

Bus prices differ depending on which zone your destination is in. Nonetheless, buses only have single routes and one-time pay fares. Paradas or Bus stops are on designated spots around the city in different zones offering convenience to everyone.

The Nuevo Vallarta to Downtown route costs up to 35 pesos or 1.75 US dollars, from Centro to Malecon. If you’re in the Marina heading downtown, take the Bus Route C7 or a bus that has Centro indicated on the windshield – the total bus fare costs 10 Mexican pesos. The same goes for the route from the Hotel Zone to downtown.

If you’re from the Romantic Zone in Downtown Puerto Vallarta heading to Mismaloya, Vallarta Zoo, and Boca de Tomatlan. The fare for this trip costs 10 pesos, in the bus route C01 – Mismaloya, an orange and white bus.

If you’re from the Romantic Zone downtown heading to Botanical Gardens and El Tuito, take the blue bus at the corner of V.Carranza & Agua. Check the bus with an indication “El Tuito/Botanical Gardens” on the windshield – fare is 25 pesos or 1.25 US dollars.

If you’re heading to Nuevo Vallarta coming from downtown, head east of the Malecon until you see the blue bus stop, and take any that heads north indicating “Walmart”, the fare is 10 pesos. Get off Walmart and look for the larger bus waiting area. Board the bus that says Nuevo Vallarta – fare costs 25 pesos.

How Late Do Buses Run in Puerto Vallarta?

Buses arrive at bus stops around the city every 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes buses run after each other in just 10 to 12 minutes apart. The last trips are on the latest hours of the night, usually around 10:00 or 10:30 at night or 22:00 to 22:30.

Do You Need a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta already has a lot of transportation options all over the city, readily available for locals and tourists. Cars aren’t really a necessity. However, they are also available in car rental companies that are in abundance in the city.

If you choose to rent cars and see the city at your pace, without the hassles of public transportation, car rentals costs from 60 to 85 US dollars for 1-3 days. From compact vehicles, jeeps, and SUVs, there are many options fit for your group.

Is Driving in Puerto Vallarta Safe?

With good roads and no visible traffic, driving in Puerto Vallarta is considered safe. However, there are things to consider when driving in a foreign city like the local traffic rules, there might be nuances with your hometown, and the conditions of your rental.

Is it worth renting a car in Puerto Vallarta?

From the Marina, Centro, Downtown, Romantic Zone down to the Conchas Chinas, given your budget, renting a car in Puerto Vallarta is undoubtedly worth it. Renting a car will allow you to see and explore the city at your pace and conditions.

You can see and experience the ambiance the whole city has to offer. Additionally, the sweeping views from the Bucerias to Mismaloya outside central Puerto Vallarta will show you the wonder of Banderas Bay.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

Renting a car for 1 to 3 days, depending on what kind of unit you’re going to get, will cost you around 60 to 85 US dollars. If you plan to rent out the entire week, it will cost you around 360 to 620 US dollars.

Is It Safe to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

Considering the driving and road conditions of the city, it is generally safe to use a car in Puerto Vallarta. Just make sure to check the compliance measures of the rental companies you’re using. It’s best to choose car rental companies that include insurance in their service.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

Other than the typical requirements such as an international driving license, you also have to be 21 years old to rent and drive a car in Puerto Vallarta, as it is across the entire country.