Is It Safe to Go to Puerto Vallarta for Tourists (and What About Tap Water and Mosquitoes)?

From its potable water, healthy population, swimmable beaches, safe streets, and authentic vibe, Puerto Vallarta ranks high as one of the safest places to visit this side of Mexico. The jewel of Banderas Bay might be smaller than fun Cancun, or famous Cabo, it’s definitely big on safety and fun.
Is It Safe to Go to Puerto Vallarta for Tourists
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With its growing fame, Puerto Vallarta has kept safety as part of its unique charm that not many places can boast about. Puerto Vallarta’s safety adds to its many qualities that make it one of the most visit-worthy places in Mexico.

How Safe is Puerto Vallarta?

Popular among seasoned travelers and expats to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, according to many, is a safe place to visit and even live in. Ranked as one of the safest places to travel to in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination.

Its laid-back, authentic feel, and a strong sense of local community, add to the already charming qualities of Puerto Vallarta. Other than criminal threats, Puerto Vallarta is also shielded from hurricanes that tend to brew near the Pacific Ocean.

Is It Safe to Cruise to Puerto Vallarta?

Being ranked as one of the safest destinations to visit and live in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a must on the list of cruise stops around this side of Mexico. Travel, in general, is safe for tourists, not just in Puerto Vallarta but in other port cities and resort towns in Mexico as well.

Can You Drink the Tap Water in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has a very good municipal water purification system making it perfectly safe to drink. The water has been rated for 17 years, so it’s not a problem if you get water straight from the tap.

Puerto Vallarta is also known for making good quality potable water as part of their culture, which brings in visitors. However, some establishments like hotels and restaurants serve treated water in bottles as well. It’s also perfectly fine to take them.

Is It Safe to Drink the Water in Puerto Vallarta?

Rated as perfectly safe for human consumption for 17 years, water in Puerto Vallarta is not a question. One of the two only popular holiday destinations in the country to have been awarded this distinction.

Can You Have Ice in Puerto Vallarta?

The water and ice in the different establishments in Puerto Vallarta should be perfectly fine to consume. Puerto Vallarta boasts one of the vacation destinations in the country that has safe potable water in Mexico.

Is It Safe to Have Ice in Puerto Vallarta?

It is completely safe to have ice in Puerto Vallarta, whether it’s made from treated water or the tap, they are safe. This is because the water in Puerto Vallarta is treated by a quality purification system that’s been providing safe drinkable water for a long time.

Are There Lots of Mosquitoes in Puerto Vallarta?

Mosquitoes are prevalent in beach towns where there are certain humidity and moisture. However, certain regions see more mosquitoes in certain seasons, especially during the rainy months. June to October tend to see the most, being the rainiest months.

Sub-tropical regions in the south like the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucatan experience swaths of mosquitoes more than other states. Mosquitoes decrease from late autumn up to winter months.

Do You Need Bug Spray in Puerto Vallarta?

To be sure, and safe, it’s best to pack bug sprays, mosquito or bed nets are available to some hotels. Shops and specialty stores around the city also sell bug sprays readily available for both visitors and locals.

It’s best to know more information about mosquitoes in Mexico, through research, and asking about it from locals, who likely has more experience with mosquito bites.

Is Puerto Vallarta Zika Free?

Although there are reported cases of Zika virus in Mexico, currently there is no outbreak whatsoever. However, it wouldn’t be advisable for those expecting a child to travel in places with reported cases to ensure safety.

Dengue and flu season are still prevalent during the rainy season of June to September so it’s best to plan accordingly.

Are There Poisonous Snakes in Puerto Vallarta?

There are species of poisonous snakes that are native around Banderas Bay not just in Puerto Vallarta. Poisonous snakes that can be found around PV is the Mexican rattlesnake, and the fer-de-lance, or as locals call it cuatro narices or four noses,  a deadly venomous pit viper.

There are a dozen species of coral snakes that can be found in the waters as well, with bands of black, yellow, and red. Most of these snakes can only be found in the wild where there are no humans around, not in the places you’ll likely visit and stay.

Are There Scorpions in Puerto Vallarta?

Scorpions can be found in the jungles outside of populated areas in Puerto Vallarta, underneath the thick vegetation. The Alacranes or scorpions that can be found in Puerto Vallarta have different colors, the light yellow ones having the most painful sting.

Scorpions tend to stay away from places with many humans, however, they’re nocturnal nature will have them crawl into houses or rooms in a semi-rural setting. Take the precaution of checking your spaces if you stay in these areas.

Are There Alligators or Crocodiles in Puerto Vallarta?

There are no reported sighting of Alligators running loose around Puerto Vallarta as they tend to dwell on bodies of fresh water. Crocodiles, however, can swim out to sea, especially if they dwell on rivers that have an opening out to the sea. The Marina area where they can usually be spotted.

There are also places to actually visit them in Puerto Vallarta, where you can view them in their natural habitat and learn more about them. The University of Costa Preserve keeps watch of crocodiles for research and of course, their preservation as well.

Is Puerto Vallarta Dangerous for Tourists in Any Way?

Petty crimes and certain natural threats will always be the common denominator of every resort city in Mexico and around the world. Puerto Vallarta, however, is ranked as one of the safest cities in Mexico.

With potable water, safe city streets, swimmable beaches, and its hurricane-sheltered location Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place for your charming Mexican getaway.