Is Cancun a Good Party Place (Everything You Need to Know Before Going Out at Night)?

Cancun is a great party destination. Dubbed the “Spring Break Capital of the World”, Cancun boasts a great nightlife with lots of bars, clubs, discos and lounges that offer an endless array of entertainment options. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a happening spot with drinks and music to enjoy.
Is Cancun a Good Party Place
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The party truly never stops in Cancun.

By day, the beaches and pools at all-inclusive resorts host contests, live DJ sets and other activities.

At night, the bars and clubs come alive with plenty of music and dancing.

Whatever your nighttime pleasure, you are guaranteed to find it in Cancun.

Read on for the ultimate guide to nightlife in Cancun.

What is there to do in Cancun at Night?

Here are is a list of fun things to do in Cancun at night:

  • Go on a Bar Crawl: Taking a walk through the bar zone in Cancun is a great way to explore and indulge in a couple of drinks. Mandala is a good place to start, as it never gets too crowded. It’s also not too loud, which means that you can still meet and chat with people.
  • Salsa Dancing: To experience the best Latin beats, head over to Mambo Café and dance to live music bands playing salsa, bachata and merengue. It’s a cool way to meet new people as you’ll need a dance partner. Popular with locals, the place is not too loud therefore you can still talk.
  • Hit the Disco: If you enjoy crowds, noise and dancing, Cancun’s discos are just the place for you. More than just a disco, they also offer artistic shows performed to exciting music. And of course there are the free bars! The best discos in Cancun are Coco Bongo, The City and La Vaquita.

Where is the Nightlife in Cancun?

The nightlife in Cancun is at:

  • The Nightclubs: Cancun is world-famous for its mega-clubs, which include establishments such as Coco Bongo, The City and Dady’O. Offering nightly entertainment until around 6am, these venues boast a capacity for thousands. And for a cover charge of US $60-80, revelers can enjoy unlimited drinks. But Cancun’s nightclubs offer much more than drinks and dancing. There’s something new happening every couple of minutes, from fantastic circus performances to bikini contests, mime artists, bubble balloons and giant video screens.
  • The Bars: Cancun nightlife also happens at the many famous bars that guarantee a great night out. Most of these bars offer food during the day. But at night they are transformed from a restaurant into a bustling bar with lots of entertainment. Typically closed around 3am, these bars offer the regular pay-by-the-drink deal, as well as open-bar deals which are available from US $30. Popular Cancun bars include establishments such as La Vaquita, Senor Frogs, Congo Bar or Carlos N Charlie’s.

What Part of Cancun is the Party?

Located at the end of the Hotel Zone, Punta Cancun is the party zone of Cancun.

The epicenter of the city’s nightlife, Cancun’s infamous party zone of Punta Cancun is home to world-famous bars and nightclubs such as Coco Bongo, The City, Dady’O, Senor Frogs and Mandala Beach Club.

Clubs within Cancun’s party zone generally open at around 9pm, partying until around 6am, the whole year round!

The best time to visit the party zone is during Spring Break when the clubs are packed with party animals out to enjoy fun festivals, DJ sets, live performances, bikini contests, circus acts, and more.

What is the Drinking Age in Cancun?

The drinking age in Cancun is 18 years old.

Under Mexican Law, it is illegal for persons under the age of 18 to drink alcohol in Cancun. Minors caught drinking by the police in Cancun can be fined or arrested.

Can You Drink in Public in Cancun?

No, you cannot drink in public in Cancun.

Under Mexican law, it is illegal to drink in public. Drinking in public on the streets of Cancun can cause you to be fined or arrested by the police.

What Time Does Cancun Stop Selling Alcohol?

Businesses in Cancun that sell take-away alcohol with closed containers, such as wineries, liquor stores, mini-supermarkets, self-service stores and convenience stores are allowed to sell alcohol from 10am to 11pm on Monday through Saturday and from 10am to 5pm on Sundays.

Open establishments in Downtown Cancun that offer alcoholic beverages, such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs, are allowed to sell alcohol from 11am to 11pm on Monday through Saturday and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays.

Businesses within tourist areas such as the Cancun Hotel Zone that have an extended sale permit are allowed to sell alcohol from 11am to 3am on Monday through Sunday.

Is Alcohol Expensive in Cancun?

Like most tourist destinations, alcohol in Cancun is generally expensive.

That said, just how expensive the alcohol is will depend on the brand you buy, as well as when and where you are drinking it.

Here are some tips for enjoying inexpensive alcohol in Cancun:

  • Alcohol is more expensive in certain areas of Cancun. For instance, a beer on the beach may cost you US $2-3, while a beer from a street vendor should be about two-thirds of this price. However, expect to pay double the price at a big name club in the Hotel Zone.
  • Alcohol is cheaper at stores such as Walmart Cancun, as well as most stores in Downtown Cancun. To save on costs, it is recommended that you stock up on alcohol that you can store in your hotel room for pre-drinking before you go out clubbing.
  • Imported alcohol brands are generally more expensive than local alcohol brands.
  • Alcohol prices tend to rise during Spring Break, as well as in the high/peak tourism season in Cancun. For lower alcohol prices, go clubbing during “Happy Hour.”
  • Most all-inclusive resort packages include unlimited free drinks.
  • Many clubs in Cancun offer an “Open Bar” pass which means that for one entrance fee, unlimited free drinks are included. At most nightclubs in Cancun, the open bar ends at 3am. However, should you decide to stay longer than that, you will have to pay for your drinks.
  • There are also tours that include unlimited free drinks. For instance, the Booze Cruise takes you sailing from the Hotel Zone to Isla Mujeres at one price that lets you drink all you want. There are also land tours that take you via private van or limo transfer to various clubs at one price which allows you to drink all you want.
  • If you opt for the pay-by-the-drink deal, be sure to keep count of your drinks and check your bill carefully. It is recommended that you always pay for each round of drinks.
  • Finally, beware of shot girls who roam the club looking to sell shots! Although fun, they can be very persistent. Agree to one shot and they’ll keep on pouring – and they usually don’t take no for an answer. You can easily find yourself with a shots bill of several hundred dollars!

How Much Does Beer Cost in Cancun?

Here is an overview of beer prices in Cancun:

Local Beer (0.3 Liter Bottle) 0.96
Local Beer (0.5 Liter Bottle) 1.20
Imported Beer (0.3 Liter Bottle) 1.90
Imported Beer (0.5 Liter Bottle) 2.30

Does Walmart Cancun Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Walmart Cancun sells a wide selection of alcohol brands.

Is It Safe to Party in Cancun?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to party in Cancun, as long as you stick to the tourist areas.

Cancun’s tourist areas, which include the Hotel Zone, are the safest areas to party as they are regularly patrolled by tourist police.

In addition, they are normally highly-populated and well-lit with happening bars and nightclubs.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Cancun at Night?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to walk around Cancun at night, as long as you stick to the tourist areas.

The touristy places of Cancun are generally safer at night as they are patrolled by tourist police. Moreover, they are often highly-populated and well-lit with active bars and clubs.

That said, if you must travel a long distance at night, take a taxi instead of walking around Cancun.

How Much Are Clubs in Cancun?

Here is an overview of entrance fees/cover charges for clubs in Cancun:

The City 35
Palazzo 30 – 35
Dady’O 30 – 35
Congo Bar 10
Mandala 35
The Black Pub None
La Vaquita 35
Carlos N Charlie’s None
Shah None
Señor Frogs 0 – 35
Coco Bongo 70 – 150
Mambo Cafe 5 – 10

What Do You Wear to Clubs in Cancun?

What you can wear to clubs in Cancun will depend on which club you are going to.

Most clubs in Cancun don’t have a dress code. However, some clubs have attire requirements for patrons such as formal, semi-formal and casual/no beach wear.

Whatever you decide to wear, be sure to dress lightly, as the clubs tend to get rather hot, which can make you very uncomfortable.

Most female partygoers in Cancun wear light dresses or tank tops with skirts or jeans, while most male revelers wear t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts with shorts or jeans.

Avoid wearing sandals or your favorite shoes as you may get stepped on a lot at the packed clubs.

Is It Safe to Go Clubbing in Cancun?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to go clubbing in Cancun, as long as you do so within the tourist areas.

Cancun’s tourist areas which include the Hotel Zone are the safest places to go clubbing in Cancun.

This is because these touristy areas are patrolled regularly by tourist police. They are also well-lit with busy bars and nightclubs filled with people, and the venues also have security guards in place.

What is the Best Party Hotel in Cancun?

Here is a list of the best party hotels in Cancun:

  • Grand Oasis Cancun: Ask anyone which is the best party hotel in Cancun and the answer will be the Grand Oasis Cancun! Located at the heart of the Hotel Zone, this huge resort offers plenty of entertainment options for guests looking to party. There are 14 bars, an outdoor pool, many live shows, bands and DJ sets, not to mention the rather generous all-inclusive drinks package.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: One of the top all-inclusive resorts in the region, Hard Rock is also one of the hardest partying hotels in Cancun. Busy and lively, the hotel has music on offer from morning until late at night, free drinks served round the clock, and 2 popular swim-up bars. During Spring Break, expect foam parties and pool parties with big international artists.
  • Temptation Cancun Resort: One of Cancun’s most risqué establishments, Temptation Cancun Resort is an adults-only property that welcomes uninhibited guests over 21 years of age. The vibe here is unabashedly sexy, attracting many singles and even swinging couples, with topless-optional areas, themed nights, DJ sets, lingerie shows and even foam parties.
  • Oasis Cancun: Everything you’ve ever heard about Spring Break comes to life at Oasis Cancun! Boasting a beautiful beach and strong party vibes round the clock, the hotel even has official “party staff” to keep the party going. Alcohol flows freely at the 11 bars, including 3 swim-up bars, a nightclub and a massive pool that’s always packed with revelers.
  • Beach Palace: If you’re looking for day-and-night entertainment, look no further than Beach Palace. There’s lots of fun to be had throughout the day at the 3 pools, 3 swim-up bars and gorgeous beach. The hotel offers all-inclusive alcohol and many dining options. The rooms are nicely decorated and equipped with liquor racks and double whirlpool tubs.

Is Grand Oasis Cancun a Party Hotel?

Yes, Grand Oasis Cancun is a party hotel.

Situated smack in the middle of the Hotel Zone, this massive resort offers a great base for visitors who want to get out and explore Cancun’s vibrant nightlife

That said, Grand Oasis Cancun also has plenty to do on-site for guests who came to town with the aim to party.

In addition to fourteen bars, the resort boasts an outdoor pool that is always busy (and can even get wild).

There are also lots of entertainment options at this one-stop party spot, including live shows, bands and DJ sets, as well as a generous package for all-inclusive drinks.

Is Hard Rock Cancun a Party Hotel?

Yes, Hard Rock Cancun is a party hotel.

Although Hard Rock Cancun attracts all types of holidaymakers, the rock-themed mega-resort also welcomes travelers looking to party.

Situated right at the center of the Hotel Zone, Hard Rock Cancun offers all-inclusive food and drink, as well as 2 swim-up bars and great live music entertainment.

Although designed for high-energy getaways, Hard Rock Cancun also offers space to rest up between your partying sessions.

They have an excellent spa, and plenty of beach space. There’s also an infinity pool that offers breathtaking beach views.

Is Cancun Good for Singles?

Yes, Cancun is good for singles.

In fact, Cancun is one of the hottest Mexican destinations for traveling singles.

Cancun’s lively party, beach and lounge vibe has a lot to offer the singles crowd. It’s the perfect spot to spend a weekend away with friends or even on your own.

The best place to soak up the sun in the company of other singles is at an adult-only resort.

Here you’ll find open bars, daytime activities and nightly entertainment that provide a lot of excitement and encourage mingling among guests.

What is the Best Cancun Resort for Singles?

Temptation Cancun Resort is the best Cancun resort for singles.

At Temptation Cancun Resort, there are absolutely no holds barred. It’s all about getting wild at this adults-only all-inclusive resort.

There are designated areas which are tops-optional, including the “Sexy Pool,” and the night entertainment has a risqué vibe to it.

The décor is just as vibrant, with a variety of rooms to choose from. These include the Plush Hot-Tub Room with Pool Views, and the Seduction Beachfront Suites offering 24-hour room service.

Ideal for a weekend getaway with the girls or guys, the beaches and pools at Temptation offer endless parties.

What is the Best All Inclusive Resort for Singles?

Temptation Cancun Resort is the best all-inclusive resort for singles.

Situated near Playa Tortugas, Temptation Cancun Resort is the ultimate all-inclusive, adults-only playground for singles who like to party. They even have a special package for divorcees and their friends!

By day, take part in watersports or hang out at the topless optional beach and pool areas where you can meet like-minded revelers. At night, Bash nightclub is the center of the action, hosting the resort’s infamous themed nights, along with live DJ sets.

The Sexy Pool is popular for its nude underwater mural, swim-up bar, and wild parties. The rooms are decorated in bold colors and curves to create a sexy atmosphere. There are 6 bars that serve alcohol round the clock; as well as 7 restaurants, a gourmet café, and a late-night snack bar.

Is It Safe to Travel to Cancun by Yourself?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel to Cancun by yourself, as long as you stick to the tourist areas.

The touristy places of Cancun are generally safe as they are patrolled by tourist police both day and night.

Moreover, they are often highly-populated with other tourists out and about at the bustling bars and nightclubs.

Is Cancun Fun for Spring Break?

Yes, Cancun is fun for Spring Break.

Each year, college students and recent graduates flock to Cancun in their thousands for the best Spring Break celebrations.

By day, the fun is on the beaches that host bikini contests and pulsating live DJ sessions. By night, the action is at the bars and nightclubs that offer lots of entertainment options.

There are also infinite tours and activities to keep young travelers well entertained throughout their vacation.

What Month is Spring Break in Cancun?

Spring Break in Cancun takes place during the month of March.

From mid-February to early April, Cancun becomes a hub of party activity as thousands of college students descend upon the city to celebrate Spring Break.

Where Should I Stay in Cancun for Spring Break?

Here is a list of hotels in Cancun where you can stay for Spring Break:

  • Grand Oasis Cancun: Arguably Cancun’s biggest Spring Break hotel, the Grand Oasis Cancun is a mega-resort that is part of a 2-hotel complex. Priding itself on great entertainment, the hotel is located right in the middle of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. It has “Official Party Staff” on-site, 14 bars and an outdoor pool that provides endless entertainment.
  • Temptation Cancun Resort: Temptation Cancun Resort is just the place to go for fun-seeking singles and couples looking to indulge in much more than just tequila shots at the swim-up bar! This is an adults-only, topless-optional property that caters to uninhibited guests over 21 years old, with themed swimming pools, nightly risqué live shows and provocative contests.
  • Melody Maker Cancun: Nestled on a gorgeous stretch of beach in the Cancun Hotel Zone, Melody Maker Cancun is one of the more modern hotel options for Spring Break. The pool is the center of the action at Melody Maker, with a large central whirlpool, a busy bar and pulsating music. On weekends, the Melody Maker goes wild with live DJ sets at its popular Delirio Day Club.
  • Beach Palace: If you’re seeking an all-inclusive experience at the heart of the Hotel Zone’s party strip, look no further than Beach Palace. Although many bars and clubs are literally outside of this resort’s front door, you don’t have to leave the property to get your Spring Break on! Nestled on a beautiful white-sand beach, Beach Palace offers 3 pools with lots of lively activities.
  • Krystal Cancun: Busy and bustling, Krystal Cancun is the perfect choice for spring breakers who fancy a lot of daytime action. The resort also offers great access to the Hotel Zone’s most famous bars and clubs which are right next door, including Coco Bongo, Mandala and The City. The atmosphere is lively for pre-gaming, with live music and DJ sets throughout the day.

How expensive is Cancun Spring Break?

Plan to spend around US $96 per day on your Spring Break vacation in Cancun.

This includes US $6.75 on meals, and US $7.92 on transportation. The average hotel price in Cancun for a couple is US $158.

Therefore, a one-week trip for 2 to Cancun during Spring Break will cost an average of US $1,348.

Is Cancun Safe During Spring Break?

Yes, Cancun is perfectly safe during Spring Break.

With the exception of opportunistic crimes such as petty theft, pickpocketing and bag-snatching that are typical of major tourist areas, crimes against tourists are rare in Cancun.

Moreover, the risk of experiencing crime in Cancun is lower if you stay within the well-populated tourist areas which are generally safe.

Where Do College Students Stay in Cancun?

College students in Cancun stay at:

  • Grand Oasis Cancun: At the Grand Oasis Cancun, there’s lots of things for college students to do. Boasting the longest swimming pool in Cancun, this massive all-inclusive resort offers food, drinks, gym access daily entertainment and activities. There’s always a beach party happening at the Grand Oasis, along with Vegas-type shows, a Coyote Bar and live bands.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: Music loving college students simply must stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. This all-inclusive beachside resort property offers endless entertainment with lots of amenities. Guests can enjoy 2 swim-up bars in the pools, games such as beach volleyball and Ping-Pong, nightly shows and themed parties. There are also 6 restaurants and several bars.
  • Temptation Cancun Resort: College students over 21 years old can book a room at the Temptation Cancun Resort. Dubbed the “playground for grown-ups”, Temptation Cancun Resort is an all-inclusive and topless-optional property, which makes it suitable for uninhibited holidaymakers. It has 7 restaurants, a nightclub and offers nightly risqué entertainment.
  • Oasis Cancun Lite: The sister hotel to the Grand Oasis Cancun, Oasis Cancun Lite is a budget-friendly choice for college students. Situated at the same complex as the Grand Oasis, the all-inclusive resort is equally vibrant, although its amenities are more basic, with limited bar and restaurant access. The vibe is young here, making it perfect for travelers who want to mingle.
  • Melody Maker Cancun: Boasting a relaxed vibe, Melody Maker Cancun is the perfect resort for college students looking to party at night and unwind during the day. The resort boasts a fantastic location along the main beach in the city, with close proximity to Cancun’s liveliest nightclubs. Its all-inclusive package includes 24-hour room service, food, drinks and gym access.