Cruises to Curacao (Where to Dock and What to Do)

One of the hottest, if not the hottest destination in the Caribbean, cruising to Curacao just makes sense. Especially with its hurricane-free climate all year round, some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, and interesting locals, and culture, and especially the exciting capital of Willemstad, everything here is a draw.
Cruises to Curacao
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The city of Willemstad has a shape that best caters to docking ships, it’s almost as if the divine intended it to be a hot destination. The Megapier Terminal is just a drive away from the best sited of the city and a little more skip away from the island’s best natural features: the beaches.

Where Do the Cruise Ships Dock in Curacao?

The Port of Willemstad is a vast port complex that serves as the main and largest port of the island. It also houses a wide variety of facilities for different types of maritime vessels. The Megapier Cruise Terminal at the entrance to the St. Anna Bay right at the coast of Willemstad is where cruise ships and other vessels dock.

The cruise terminal sits right at the historical quarters of the city, Otrobanda. Upon disembarking the ship you’ll be instantly met by the island’s colorful historical building and quirky local culture, with the help of warm, multilingual, friendly locals. Just a short walk away from the terminal also is the Renaissance Resort complex, complete with a resort, hotel, and a mall, full of interesting things to do.

One of the magic of Curacao’s Willemstad is its charm in drawing and welcoming tourists into its quirky island, filled with a mix of cultures and vibrant life, and an even more interesting nightly party scene – if you’re ship stays long enough.

What Is There to Do in Curacao on a Cruise?

Curacao may be the biggest among the ABC Islands, but it is relatively bigger than, let’s say the Yucatan Peninsula? If you wish to explore a lot of Curacao within a day, you can certainly do so. To be exploring one area of the island, or even just the city of Willemstad is a crime. You must explore at least one or a few of the island’s several lovely beaches. To miss out on the island’s pristine beaches is to miss out on quintessential Curacao. Kontiki and Mambo Beach are the closest to the piers.

And while you’re at the nearby beaches, make sure you can explore some of the interesting outdoor features of the islands like the Hato Cave. It may be situated north of the island, but it can only take less than 15 minutes to drive. The Hato Cave is the oldest most prominent cave on the island.

If you only feel like exploring the city, well, Willemstad has everything you can expect in a vibrant and interesting city. From the pier, you can already see the amazing sights and attractions of Otrobanda. Take public transportation and get to the other side of the docks, to Pietermaai District, where the shopping is on the next level.

The whole city is filled with things to do, places to see, and even things to learn as Curacao has a long and colorful history and a slew of mixed influences.

How Far Is the Beach from Curacao Cruise Port?

When you want to go on a cruise shore excursion and explore some of Curacao’s nearest beaches, your best bets are Cabana, Mambo, Blue Bay, and Jan Thiel beaches. All of them are about four, six, and seven miles away from the cruise port respectively.

What Is There to Do at Curacao Cruise Port?

There isn’t much to do in the Megaterminal Cruise Port in Willemstad except for the open-air terminal. You can find an information booth, restrooms, a taxi stand, tour operators, and a couple of stands that sell refreshments and souvenirs. If you decide to go deeper out into the city, you can take a taxi to the city and explore the many districts and areas that always have something different to offer for everybody curious enough.