What Do I Need to Know About Visiting Grand Cayman (Sights, Hotels, and What to Bring)?

Grand Cayman is a large, protected, beautiful island with adventures and greatness to give. The waters and sands would already let you take activities to appreciate nature more. So here are the things you should know if you’re planning to visit Grand Cayman!
What Do I Need to Know About Visiting Grand Cayman?
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Hotel accommodations are widespread here, but it would be ideal to book on Seven Mile Beach. Its top-rated spots are many beaches, shipwrecks and reefs, museums and galleries, and conservation centers. Fun, relaxation and dining with your loved ones are best spent here. As a tourist, you should bring your set of clothes, devices, important cards, and other personal items.

What Is Grand Cayman Known for?

Grand Cayman is famous for its high-quality beaches and historical landmarks. There are over ten beaches in this area. Also, you may visit different landmarks like its churches, forts, and wrecks.

What Should I Do in Grand Cayman?

Outdoor activities make tourists have the best experience of Grand Cayman. What you should do in Grand Cayman is enjoy a lot and worry less about what it has to offer. You have to be willing to spend your money and time to have a worthwhile journey.

Unique Things to Do in Grand Cayman

There are many water and regular activities in Grand Cayman that people are missing out on. If you want to try something beyond the usual trips of tourists, pick here.

  • Visit the 19-81 Taproom
  • Learn to Surf via Waterman Surf Shop
  • Fine Waterfront Dining at Grand Old House
  • Bioluminescence Tour with Cayman Kayaks

Non Touristy Things to Do in Grand Cayman

The most non-touristy thing to do is go to the underrated or the least-popular places of Grand Cayman. You may not be familiar with the following areas enumerated.

  • Barkers Beach
  • South Sound Beach
  • Cayman Equestrian Centre
  • Secret Beach at Cayman Kai

Things to Do With Family in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has many family-friendly activities to entertain and bring relatives closer. The list below may help you choose which to include on your trip.

  • Boat Trips: Stingray City, sand bar or coral gardens, and Rum Point should be part of your boat trips. Try a private charter for the freedom and flexibility of your tour.
  • Explore the Island: Grand Cayman has many tourist attractions, so it is best to get an experienced local guide. One of the companies you may trust is Cayman Safari Adventures.
  • Become Ambassadors of the Environment: Educational eco-tours are available at The Ritz-Carlton. It includes gardening, cooking, shipwreck snorkeling, and mangrove explorations.

Things to Do With Toddlers in Grand Cayman

It is best to introduce aquatic biodiversity to toddlers that need to discover more. As you plan your itinerary in Grand Cayman, consider the following recommendations.

  • Stop by Stingray City: Toddlers may take pictures with stingrays while on a boat tour. You may contact experienced tour companies such as Kids Sea Camp and Moby Dick Tours.
  • Relax at Seven Mile Beach: Toddlers enjoy the sand and the waters. You may walk around and check out the restaurants or shops in Grand Cayman. Also, they may find the sand and waters delightful.
  • Visit the Cayman Turtle Center: It has educational, cultural, and entertainment programs about turtles. Avail of its Turtle Safari Package or Turtle Adventure Package for turtle interactions.

What Can You Do for Free in Grand Cayman??

You can do many free things in Grand Cayman, both water and land, and below is the list. All these activities are free. What you need is enough time, energy, and courtesy.

  • Hike the Mastic Trail
  • Dive at Ambassadors Divers
  • Meet and Learn from the Locals
  • Play Beach Volleyball at Public Beach
  • Explore the Beaches and Swim in the Seas
  • Take Walk Tours on Downtown George Town
  • Try Bird Watching at Governor Gore’s Bird Sanctuary
  • Appreciate Art in the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
  • Visit Dart Family Park, Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden, and Bodden Town

Are There Dolphins in Grand Cayman?

Dolphins are abundant in Grand Cayman. You may see Oceanic and Bottlenose dolphins, but they do not live there. Lone dolphins are more common than coastal dolphins in this area.

The local group, Keep Dolphins Free, initiated the protection of these through legislation. The Department of Environment has also been very involved with conserving these dolphins.

Can You Swim With Dolphins in Grand Cayman?

Thanks to Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman, you may interactively swim with the dolphins. They call this popular activity the Dolphin Royal Swim. You may do a foot push, the dorsal tow, kiss and hug, and handshake with the dolphins. The price ranges from $140 to $180, and they are open daily from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

How Many Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas Are Left?

As of 2018, there are still more than 1,000 blue iguanas. You may get a glimpse of them in the wild and Salina Reserve.

Why Are Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Endangered?

There are risks like feral predators, domestic livestock, habitat disturbance, and hunting. The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has already partnered with different organizations. They developed the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and Species Recovery Plan. Grand Cayman already has an ongoing conservation success story for their blue iguana.

What Should I Not Miss in Grand Cayman?

It would be best if you focused on a culinary adventure in Grand Cayman. This place is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, and this is not something you should miss. For a real taste of island life, do not go home without trying these foods.

  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Conch Stew
  • Turtle Stew
  • Fish Rundown
  • Fruit Cake
  • Heavy Cake
  • Mudslide
  • Fritters

What Is the Best Area to Stay in Grand Cayman?

The best area to stay in Grand Cayman is a matter of preference, but here are your options with descriptions.

  • Rum Point: It is for tourists who want a secluded getaway. You can kick back, relax, and drink your cocktails peacefully here. It is near some attractions like the Stingray City, Wreck of the Ten Sail, and Cayman Crystal Caves.
  • George Town: It is the epicenter of the Cayman Islands, known for its tax-free shopping district and uncountable dining establishments. It feels like a laid-back-getaway in a small city full of amazing hotels and rental properties.
  • Seven Mile Beach: It ranks first for locals and tourists’ lodging choices because of the beach’s beauty and size. Here, you will not run out of activities to try, but the crowd might bother you.

What Is the Main City in Grand Cayman?

George Town is the capital of Grand Cayman. You can find it on the west side of the island, with an area of 29 square kilometers (11.2 sq. miles).

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Grand Cayman?

Normally, celebrities will stay in luxury hotels they can afford. Here are some of the hotels where you might see a celebrity.

  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa
  • The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Can You Get Married in Grand Cayman?

Authorities allow tourists to get married there because of their special licenses. You should select a Marriage Officer beforehand to guide you. They are of help in arranging the certified copy of a non-resident’s marriage license. You will pay $200 for this license, and here are the requirements:

  • Proof of citizenship and age – Passport or certified copy of the birth certificate with photo
  • Proof of marital status (legal divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable)
  • Cayman Islands Immigration Department card or international embarkation card for cruise ship passengers
  • Non-resident marriage license (Special Marriage License)

Does Grand Cayman Have All-Inclusive Resorts?

Since tourists prefer all-inclusive resorts, Grand Cayman has many of these. This type of resort covers the essentials on the payment of the tourists. It includes accommodation, food, and activities. Their benefits to tourists are safety, affordability, and stress-free.

What Are the All-Inclusive Resorts in Grand Cayman?

They might seem expensive, but the following all-inclusive resorts below are worth your every penny.

  • Wyndham Reef Resort
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Is Margaritaville Grand Cayman All-Inclusive?

Margaritaville Grand Cayman belongs to the list of all-inclusive resorts found at the southernmost point of Seven Mile Beach. It is your typical all-inclusive experience with good nightlife.

The beach is not as pleasing as the rest, but they have four pools for kids, adults, and activities. It offers food and drinks from its full-service restaurant, deli, pizzeria, and lobby.

Is Westin Grand Cayman All-Inclusive??

The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa is not all-inclusive. But, it has access to scuba diving, shopping, and golf. It also features an array of facilities, such as the largest freshwater pool. Despite not being all-inclusive, its guest rooms and suites bring nature to you.

Is There Sandals in Grand Cayman?

There is no Sandals Resort in Grand Cayman. There are only Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua, Saint Lucia, and Curacao.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Grand Cayman?

A 7-day trip to Grand Cayman costs $1,320 alone, $2,370 with a partner, and $4,450 for a family of four.

Why Are Grand Cayman Hotels So Expensive?

Grand Cayman’s government levies tourism taxes, business registration fees, and import duties. Other than that, its dollar is higher than the US dollar.

What Should I Bring to Grand Cayman?

Bring your essentials, clothing, accessories, and toiletries as you travel to Grand Cayman. For the essentials, grab your passport, cards, cellphones, confirmations, prescriptions, and money. Clothes you will pack should include summer outfits, underwear, and sleepwear. Accessories must be not too expensive to lose yet appropriate for tropical places. Toiletries are up to you but always take your sunscreen and insect repellant.

What Should I Pack for a Week in Grand Cayman?

A week there requires more than seven pairs of clothing, personal items, documents, and gear. You have to expect the worst scenarios to know how many extras and necessities to pack.

Will My Phone Work in Grand Cayman?

For your phone to serve its primary purpose, you must use a Cayman SIM Card. To avoid international rates, only connect to Wi-Fi or put your phone in airplane mode. Also, contact your carriers for bundle options. You may use landline phones of where you are staying if you need to call someone.

Do US Cell Phones Work in Grand Cayman?

Phones from the US will need a temporary data plan connecting to the local network. Grand Cayman’s reliable cellphone network providers are Digicel and LIME.

Does Verizon Work in Grand Cayman?

The Verizon travel pass works in Grand Cayman. Your device’s roaming settings must be on to use its data and voice services internationally. The charge increases as you activate and use it.

Is Grand Cayman Considered International?

Grand Cayman must be considered international. Thus, international rates will apply to your calls from the US.

Is It Long Distance to Call Grand Cayman?

Calling Grand Cayman from the US is not long-distance. It classifies as long-distance if it is a national or domestic call.

How Do You Call Grand Cayman From the US?

You must dial 1, followed by 345 country code and the local number. The dialing format is 1 345 *** ****.

How Much Does It Cost to Call Grand Cayman?

The standard rates from the US are 13.6 ¢ per minute to a landline and 18.2 ¢ per minute to mobile.

What Plugs Are Used in Grand Cayman?

Type A and B are the power plugs and sockets in Grand Cayman. They provide the standard voltage of 120V along with a standard frequency of 60Hz. The place uses three-pin plugs, but their outlets may accept a two-pin American plug.

Do I Need a Converter for Grand Cayman?

You will need a step up power converter if you are not from the same continent or the United States.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Going to Grand Cayman?

You need to gather information on the dos and don’ts and the whys and hows in Grand Cayman. First, you have to know if Grand Cayman is safe and enjoyable for you. Second, you need to see if you can accomplish the requirements and budget required. Lastly, pack your stuff and have a good time on your trip.

Past tourists of Grand Cayman would like to enlighten you about the following:

  • There are more advantages to staying on the west side of the island.
  • They close most establishments on Sundays.
  • This place has no piers.
  • They drive on the left side.
  • Buses get you around this place easier.

Why Should I Go to Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is your best option for a tropical getaway as it has year-round sunshine. It showcases pristine beaches, impressive aquatic biodiversity, unique cuisine, and world-class resorts.