Is Seven Mile Beach Nice (and Is It Really 7 Miles Long)?

Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine honored this beach as “The Caribbean’s Best Beach.” It is also the top 1 out of the 11 things you must do in the Cayman Islands. This coral-sand beach is the most admired and most developed area of Grand Cayman.
Is Seven Mile Beach Nice?
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It has a crescent-shaped shore and clear waters to appreciate its aquatic biodiversity. Despite its name, it is not 7 miles long.

What Island Is Famous for Its Seven Mile Beach?

Grand Cayman Island is where the famous Seven Mile Beach is. It makes this island a must-visit for tourists.

Where Is Seven Mile Beach Located?

This beach is part of the Cayman Islands, a self-governing British Overseas Territory. It is in the Caribbean Sea.

What Side of Grand Cayman Is Seven Mile Beach at?

The west side of Grand Cayman is the location of Seven Mile Beach. Most tourists prefer this side because of unlimited things to do, such as snorkeling.

What City Is Seven Mile Beach in?

Seven Mile Beach is a public beach on the north part of George Town. It is the city capital of the whole Cayman Islands.

How Long Is Seven Mile Beach?

The Seven Mile Beach is only 6.3 miles (10.0 km). Still, it is the longest beach in the Cayman Islands.

Where Does Seven Mile Beach Start and End?

The south of Seven Mile Beach is in George Town, and its north is the district of West Bay. George Town is Grand Cayman’s capital, and West Bay is a residential neighborhood.

Is There Public Access to Seven Mile Beach?

The public may access the whole Seven Mile Beach. They consider this as public property. Your way to access this beach is along the hotels and condominiums of the West Bay Road.

Is Seven Mile Beach Free?

Anyone who enters Seven Mile Beach does not need to pay anything. It is free to enjoy, but different activities and services there need payment.

Is 7 Mile Beach Good for Swimming?

Seven Mile Beach is a good swimming spot, especially in the central part. It has calm water and a mild current. During summer, people love swimming at its western end. It turns to a low-hazard beach with expected low waves.

Is Swimming at 7 Mile Beach Safe?

Swimming there is safe as long as you are on the attached inner bar. Seven Mile Beach is rip-dominated with a deep through on the outer bar. The beach has the Shoalhaven Heads Surf Lifesaving Club and summer lifeguards.

How Do I Get to Seven Mile Beach?

Riding public buses is your most convenient way to get to Seven Mile Beach. They operate daily, and a bus departs every five minutes. You should wait for the Line 1 bus.

How Far Is 7 Mile Beach from the Cruise Port?

The distance between the Cruise Port and Seven Mile Beach is 2.7 miles (4.3 km). But, it may change to 3.70 (6.0 km) miles or 3.90 miles (6.3 km) if taking a different route.

How Do I Get to Seven Mile Beach from a Cruise Ship?

Your transportation alternatives are bus, taxi, and excursion from the ship. The public bus will cost you the cheapest, which is only $2.50. Ship excursion is $50 per person.

How Much Is a Taxi from Cruise Port to Seven Mile Beach?

The taxi rate from Grand Cayman Cruise Port to Seven Mile Beach is $15. Taxis are waiting at the port, but you may call Ace Taxis at 777-7777.

Can You Walk to 7 Mile Beach from the Port?

Many people have already tried walking from the port to the Seven Mile Beach. It is a 2-mile (3.2-km) walk that will take 30 minutes.

How Far Is 7 Mile Beach from the Airport?

Owen Roberts Airport of Grand Cayman is four miles (6.4 km) away from this beach. If you take the Esterly Tibbetts Highway, it is a 9-minute ride on the road. Via West Bay Road will need 12 minutes because of an extra .20 miles (1/3 km).

How Much Is a Taxi from Grand Cayman Airport to Seven Mile Beach?

Your taxi fare from Grand Cayman Airport to this beach will range from $30 to $40. It applies to four passengers or less sharing the same taxi.

Where to Stay on 7 Mile Beach

For a worthwhile stay, you have to book an all-inclusive resort or hotel. Here are some options with brief descriptions to guide you.

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Address:389 West Bay Road
Contact Number: +1 345-949-0088
Rate per night for two: $570

This resort’s basic amenities are a full-service spa, fitness center, pool and are pet friendly. Its interior is a combination of rustic and tropical.

The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa

Address: 30620 Seven Mile Beach
Contact Number: +1 345-945-3800
Rate per night for two: $700

This resort features a private beach, beach-front dining, and full service-spa. Its interior has Caribbean elegance from its coastal design and local Caymanian flair.

Sunshine Suites Resort

Address: 1465 Esterly Tibbetts Hwy
Contact Number: +1 345-949-3000
Rate per night for two: $330

This resort has a five-star service, freshwater pool, and Sunshine Bar & Grill. Its interior embodies its name through the color yellow.

Regal Beach Club

Address: 431 West Bay Road
Contact Number: +1 345-945-6189
Rate per night for two: $370

This club offers a tennis court, a full fitness room, outdoor BBQs, and freshwater pools. Its interior lets you feel the private sanctuary.

If you are interested in these resorts and hotels, you may contact them to get their updated contact number and rates.