Is Grand Cayman a Good Cruise Port (Where to Dock and What to See)?

1.4 million cruise passengers yearly trust Grand Cayman's good cruise port. It is one of the most popular cruise ports in the Western Caribbean. George Town, the central hub of Grand Cayman, is full of Caribbean cruise ships.
Is Grand Cayman a Good Cruise Port?
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You can enter and exit Grand Cayman through the west coast of George Town, its main port. Its three terminals are South Terminal, North Terminal, and Royal Watler Pier. At present, the tenders’ main docking area is the Royal Watler Pier. You will see souvenir shops, land transportation terminals, tour booths, and bars.

Can Cruise Ships Dock in Grand Cayman?

In Grand Cayman, only four cruise ships can anchor at one time. If they reach the limit, the excess cruise ships will be in the harbor.

Where Do the Cruise Ships Dock in Grand Cayman?

The George Town Cruise Terminal is the docking spot of the cruise ships in Grand Cayman. After anchoring, passengers will arrive at the terminal’s pier through their tender boats.

Do Grand Cayman Have a Cruise Ships Dock?

The large bay in front of George Town is the designated cruise ship dock in Grand Cayman. Passengers have to ride on double-decked boats to arrive at terminals.

Does Grand Cayman Have a Pier?

Grand Cayman and the whole Cayman Islands have no modern cruise ship pier. Because of this, they are complicating the transport of ferry passengers.

Do You Have to Tender at Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman only has a port classified as a tender port. Boat ships and commercial tenders carry passengers to and from their vessels.

Where Do Cruise Ships Tender in Grand Cayman?

The northern part of George Town, Royal Watler Pier, is where cruise ships tender in Grand Cayman. It is close to Hog Sty Bay. You will see here some tourist information, souvenir shops, and taxis.

How Long Is the Tender Ride in Grand Cayman?

In Grand Cayman, tender rides usually take ten to fifteen minutes before you arrive at the destination. Yet, the process of filling the tender boats and getting on and off will take an extra thirty minutes.

Where Does Carnival Cruise Dock in Grand Cayman?

Carnival cruises also dock in George Town, Grand Cayman, specifically in its northern part.

Is Grand Cayman a Tender Port for Carnival?

George Town of Grand Cayman is the tender port for Carnival. They established tender ports because ships could not dock at piers.

What to Do in Grand Cayman on a Cruise

There are many water activities to do and places to visit while on a cruise in Grand Cayman. If you have enough time and budget, below is a list that could guide you.

  • Swim at Stingray City: As you reach three feet of the water, friendly stingrays are within reach. Authorities allow tourists to swim with, feed, and take photos with them as souvenirs.
  • Try Snorkeling: Among the best snorkeling sites is Wreck of Cali and Smith’s Cove. They are both located in George Town and filled with beautiful aquatic creatures.
  • Visit Seven Mile Beach: It is “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” because of its soft, white, and coral sand. Seven Mile Beach is on the western end of Grand Cayman.
  • Relax at a Private Beach Charter: Renting a private boat means you are in control of your destination. You can plan about the places you would include while on a cruise.
  • Enjoy Fishing: Deep-sea or fly-fishing, Grand Cayman is your best spot for fishing. Also, you do not need much experience to be successful and delighted in fishing.
  • Scuba Diving: Diving is one of the things that make Grand Cayman loved by tourists. You may want to try this at Eden’s Rock and Devil’s Grotto diving center.
  • Beach Horseback Riding: Well-trained horses welcome you to Grand Cayman to explore the island’s coastline. It is best to ride them on an isolated beach you will choose.
  • Explore the Island: You may do so by walking, riding a bike, or availing a taxi. The island has many colorful and welcoming establishments. Some places you may visit are Craft Market, Heroes Square Walk, and Fish Market.
  • Shopping: Shopping in Grand Cayman is tax-free. Some of your options are watches, jewelry, and precious metals. If you are locally made, you may buy Cayman art, Caymanite, and rum cake.
  • Submarine Tour: As you reach 100 feet (30.5 m) below, witness the beauty of Grand Cayman National Marine Park and Nautilus. There are mesmerizing coral canyons, reefs, and shipwrecks.

What Is There to Do in Grand Cayman Without Excursion?

As a tourist, it would be best to dedicate yourself to their water activities. Nothing compares to Grand Cayman’s incredible aquatic biodiversity. With that, here is a list of activities you should not miss.

  • Visit its Beaches (Seven Mile Beach, Smith Cove, Governor’s Beach, Cemetery Beach, Starfish Point)
  • Dive and Snorkel
  • Stop by at Cayman Turtle Center
  • Admire Cayman Crystal Caves
  • Try Parasailing

Things to Do at Grand Cayman Cruise Port

The best thing to do here is to enjoy and appreciate the history of Grand Cayman. Below are the places you can come to see near Grand Cayman Cruise Port.

  • National Museum
  • Elmslie Memorial Church
  • Fort George
  • George Town Public Library

Other than those, you may enter and admire the Guy Harvey Gallery & Shoppe or drink with your loved ones.

Is There a Beach at Grand Cayman Port?

There are beaches near the Grand Cayman Port. The well-known beaches that surround it are Public Beach and Seven Mile Beach.

How Far Is the Beach from the Cruise Port in Grand Cayman?

It will take anyone a 10-minute drive to reach the two beaches mentioned earlier. You may ride a public bus or taxi, depending on your available cash.

How Much Is a Taxi from Cruise Port to Seven Mile Beach?

The fixed amount of fare from the cruise port to Seven Mile Beach is $12. You may get a taxi from dispatchers near the docks.