What to Do on Little Cayman (and Where to Stay and How to Get There)

Despite being the least popular of the Cayman Islands, the diving sites here are the greatest. It is the calmest paradise of sand and coral. If you desire an escape from your reality, this is for you. The size of the island makes it possible for a simple and quiet stay for tourists.
What to Do on Little Cayman
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There are about ten hotels in Little Cayman and choose one that best suits you. By this, check their services, rooms, and rates. You may stay at the best hotels such as Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirate’s Point, and Southern Cross Club. If you are now convinced to go to Little Cayman, book a flight from Cayman Airways.

What Is Little Cayman Known for?

Little Cayman is the smallest and most peaceful of the Cayman Islands, where diving is famous. The waters of Little Cayman belong to the top three diving sites in the world. People also call it the “Gem of the Caymans.”

Where Is Little Cayman?

You will find Little Cayman in the west of the Caribbean Sea. It is approximately 5 miles (8 km) west of the West End of Cayman Brac and 60 miles (96 km) northeast of the East End of Grand Cayman. Also, you may locate it in the south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.

What Country Is Little Cayman?

Little Cayman is not a country, but it is a British Overseas Territory. So, the United Kingdom has control over this and the other Cayman Islands.

How Far Is Little Cayman From Cuba?

There is a 193-mile (311-km) distance between Little Cayman and Cuba. Travel time will take five hours via airplane ride. It costs $170 to $1,800.

What Is the Capital of Little Cayman?

Salt Rock is the capital of Little Cayman. It has its name because of the rocky shoreline. You may visit this because it is one of the island’s known dive sites. Many people thought that its capital was the Blossom Village.

How Big Is Little Cayman Island?

Little Cayman Island is 10 miles long and 1 mile wide (16.1 by 1.6 km). It is the smallest among the Cayman Islands.

Do People Live on Little Cayman?

Some people visit and live in Little Cayman. But, most of this island is still uninhabited because of its size and lack of civilization.

Who Lives on Little Cayman?

There are local Caymanians and expatriate workers from Jamaica, Philippines, Honduras, and other American countries. Most of these workers focus on the tourism of Little Cayman.

What Is the Population of Little Cayman?

As of 2018, Little Cayman has a population count of 270. Of this number, approximately 170 are its permanent inhabitants.

Is Little Cayman Safe?

People trust Little Cayman because it is a safe and clean island. Also, people residing here are mostly friendly and helpful to everyone. There is almost no crime that may affect tourists.

Best Time to Visit Little Cayman

It is more beneficial to be in Little Cayman between March and June. The weather is perfectly tropical, and the rates, especially for accommodation, drop.

Best Time to Dive on Little Cayman

April and May are the best time to dive in Little Cayman. June to November are the hurricane season. Also, the rest of the months have cool temperatures, which are not ideal.

Things to Do on Little Cayman

You must explore this island by visiting land attractions and trying water activities. Below is a list of things to do on Little Cayman.

  • Wall Dive at Bloody Bay Wall
  • Last-Day Dive at Mixing Bowl
  • Swim and Relax at Point of Sand Beach
  • Hire a Kayak and Access Owen Island
  • Get to Know the Local Indigenous Species at Little Cayman Museum
  • Dive at Randy’s Gazebo
  • Visit Bobby Pond Nature Reserve
  • Plunge at Marilyn’s Cut
  • Come to See Little Cayman Baptist Church
  • Spend Time at Tarpon Lake

Best Snorkeling on Little Cayman

Based on popularity, the following are the best snorkeling in Little Cayman. A snorkeling trip may cost you about $25 to $30.

  • Bloody Bay Marine Park
  • Preston Bay
  • Blossom Village
  • Little Cayman Wall
  • Thee Fathom Wall

How to Get to Little Cayman Island

Getting to Little Cayman Island needs an airplane ride via Cayman Airways. Its only airport is on the southwest tip of the island, Edward Bodden Airfield. It has daily inter-island flights from both Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman.

Best Way to Get to Little Cayman

Your most efficient option to reach Little Cayman is through a domestic flight. A plane can only accommodate 15 people. It means you will be coming first to Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac.

What Airlines Fly to Little Cayman?

Only Cayman Airways fly to Little Cayman. A round-trip ticket’s price starts at $382, depending on where you are. All flights have at least one stop and four hours of travel time. If you want cheap flights, check Kayak’s website.

Where to Stay on Little Cayman

Here are some suggestions you should consider staying at when in Little Cayman.

  • Sir Turtle Beach Villas
  • Little Cayman Escape
  • Blossom Village
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort
  • The Club at Little Cayman
  • Pirate’s Point
  • Southern Cross Club
  • Conch Club Condos

Best Hotels on Little Cayman

The best hotels in Little Cayman are Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirate’s Point, and Southern Cross Club. To convince you, here are some descriptions of each.

  • Little Cayman Beach Resort: This boutique chic diving resort in front of the beach has 40 one and two-bed cottages. It has a homey aesthetic interior, mod cons, pool, and more. Also, it offers relaxation services and physical activities.
  • Pirate’s Point: It is a family-friendly accommodation with a great beach view and diving center. You will love its suites, freshwater swimming pool, and gourmet restaurant. They recommend this for those who want active adventures and total relaxation.
  • Southern Cross Club: This 14-room Caribbean-style hotel is a paradise for couples. It has romantic candle-lit dinners, water activities, a swimming pool, and good food.

Best Dive Resorts on Little Cayman

Pirate’s Point has certified dive professionals to administer short resort courses, complete certification, and advanced training. They have customized boats, high-quality gear, and dive computers. Also, they have planned activities that will improve one’s diving skills.

How Much Is a Trip to Little Cayman?

A one-week stay at Little Cayman requires $1,820 for a solo traveler and $3,640 for a couple. The flight will cost you much, and an unforgettable experience on this island needs a lot of spending.