Everything You Need to Know About Cayman Brac (Location, Prices, Safety, Things to Do, and Getting There)

If you are looking for something exciting, you must be looking for Cayman Brac. Cayman Brac, located at the Caribbean Sea, is a part of the Cayman Islands. The captivating island of Cayman Brac offers different exciting activities. From diving underwater to climbing rock formations and many more. Suppose you're looking to explore the beautiful island. In that case, the estimated cost for staying on the island for a month is approximately $4000.
Everything You Need to Know About Cayman Brac
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To go to Cayman Brac, the means of transportation is by plane, with flights from Grand Cayman and from Miami. But where exactly is this island, and what are the other things this island offers? Find out more about it here.

What Is Cayman Brac Like?

The small island of Cayman Brac features the natural beauty of marine life and coral reef formations around its shores. This offers different activities for tourists, like snorkeling and fishing. With its natural rock formations, it can also provide rock climbing activities. But what is Cayman Brac known for?

What Is Cayman Brac Known for?

What makes Cayman Brac different from the other Cayman Islands is its terrain. Unlike the other Cayman Islands, it is most famous for its “the Bluff” feature. It is a rock formation made up of limestone that spans the whole island’s length reaching about 141 feet (43 m) above sea level.

Where Is Cayman Brac Located

Cayman Brac is one of the Cayman Islands and Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. It is also a member of the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean. It is located about 5 miles (8 km) east of Little Cayman while 90 miles (145 km) northeast of Grand Cayman.

How Big Is Cayman Brac?

The captivating beauty of the Cayman Brac is a piece of small land, and it is only about 12 miles (19 km) long and has approximately 1.2 miles (2 km) in width. Cayman Brac also has a 14 square miles (36.3 km²) land area.

What Does Cayman Brac Mean?

Cayman came from the Carib word Caymanas which means crocodiles. At the same time, the Brac in its name came from the Gaelic name for a bluff. But how exactly did Cayman Brac get its name?

How Did Cayman Brac Get Its Name?

It all started in 1503 when the famous navigator by the name of Christopher Columbus found Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. He named the islands “Las Tortugas” after seeing that many turtles inhabit the islands.

Sir Francis Drake called it the Caymanas, which is a Carib word for crocodiles, after seeing many crocodiles. It was later renamed the Cayman Islands.

What Is the Population of Cayman Brac?

According to a population record of 2018, Cayman Brac has a population of 2,547. With this population, who do you think lives in Cayman Brac?

Who Lives on Cayman Brac?

Generally, 40% of the people who live in the Cayman Islands are Caymanian people of mixed race of Black African and White European ancestry. Another 20% are black, and another 20% are white. At the same time, the remaining 20% are from various ethnic groups.

What Is It Like to Live on Cayman Brac?

To live in Cayman Brac is to live a happy life. The people live with the crime rate so low and the number of churches around the island.

Being surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries and beaches while having good weather, it is a haven for the people who live here.

What Is the Capital of Cayman Brac?

Cayman Brac, together with Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, forms into one country. Their capital and the largest city is George Town, which is on the Grand Cayman.

Is Cayman Brac Expensive?

Staying in Cayman Brac can be quite costly. A month-long holiday on this beautiful island can range from $3800 to $13500, depending on how many people stay with you.

The apartments from a studio-type to a 3-bedroom house with a garden can be ranging from $1350 to $4000. At the same time, the monthly expenses of 2 people can vary from $2500 to $3000.

Overall, these expenses depend on the place you’re staying, when you go, and so forth.

Is Cayman Brac Safe?

Cayman Brac is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Cayman Brac is practically crime-free, and you can even leave your house’s and even your car’s windows and doors open. You can enjoy the island with tranquillity and peace of mind with this environment.

Is There a Hospital in Cayman Brac?

Faith Hospital is the only hospital in Cayman Brac and services Little Cayman.

Its exact address is 215 Dennis Foster Road, Cayman Brac. You can also note its emergency number (345) 948-2243. Always request updated information upon your arrival.

What Is There to Do on Cayman Brac?

With the natural beauty of the island of Cayman Brac, there are tons of things that you should try to do. Here are some:

  • Diving. With the many types of corals and marine life found around the island’s shores, it is one of the best things to do in Cayman Brac.
  • Fishing. Cayman Brac is famous for deep-sea fishing. With the diverse marine life, you can catch different types of fish, from tuna to bonefish and many more. It is also famous for bonefishing, which is available at the south shores of the island.
  • Hiking. You must try the hiking trails and find some unique flora and fauna found on the island of Cayman Brac. Some of the hike trails that you need to try include:
    • Lighthouse Footpath. Located on the island’s eastern side and is a 4 mile (6 km) long trail. It is also known as the Bluff Trail, and it is best suited for bird watching.
    • National Trust Parrot Reserve Natural Trail. This hiking trail is a mile (2 km ) long and boasts different species of birds found on the island. The most famous bird you can find here is the Cayman Brac Parrot, endemic to the island.
  • Rock Climbing. The cliffs on the eastern side of Cayman Brac seem suited for rock climbing. You must try to climb the unique feature of the island, the Bluff.
  • Cave Exploration. You must try and explore the island’s caves and get a glimpse of the underground rock formations. Some of the caves to explore are:
    • Rebecca’s Cave. This cave is the resting place of Rebecca Boden, who passed away at 18 months during the severe hurricane of 1932.
    • Peter’s Cave. It is one of the caves located in the north, where you can enjoy the views of Spot Bay.
    • The Bat’s Cave. A cave filled with flowstone and home to the bats of the island.

Where to Snorkel in Cayman Brac

Snorkeling on Cayman Brac is one of the best water activities in the Cayman Islands. There are many places to snorkel in Cayman Brac, and here are some:

  • Buccaneer’s Beach. Found on the north side of the island. For easy snorkeling, this is one of the best recommendations. This part of the island features views of marine life together with the coral reef formations on the island.
  • Handcuff Reef. Found on the north side of the island. It is recommended for its marine life, and coral reef formations formed 10 to 50 feet deep (3 to 15 m).
  • Wind Sock Reef. Found on the west side of the island where you can snorkel dive on the island. You can find, not only the different types of coral reefs, but you can also find different types of marine life. Things like parrotfish, trumpetfish, and sergeant majors are also found here.
  • Sea Feather Bay. Located on the south side of the island. Perfect for spotting different types of coral reefs and marine life.
  • Lynne Reef. Also located on the north side of the island. Famous for different corals, especially elkhorn coral.

Best Snorkeling in Cayman Brac

Snorkeling in Sea Feather Bay will let you see various types of corals. Corals such as fire coral, pillar coral, elkhorn coral, star coral, brain coral, and many kinds of sponges. You will also spot different marine fishes that are only found here.

Where to Stay on Cayman Brac

The beautiful island of Cayman Brac features up to 4-star hotels. Here are some:

  • Carib Sands Beach Resort. Located at 193 Bert Marson Drive Southside, KY2-2101 Cayman Brac. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Cayman Brac. Boasting the breathtaking views of the ocean. This hotel offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for every vacationer.
  • Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Located at 383 Channel Road Cayman Brac. Garnering excellent reviews, Cayman Brac Beach Resort is one of the finest hotels to stay when in Cayman Brac. Offering amenities like snorkeling and hiking. This three-starred hotel would meet your needs and wants.
  • Brac Caribbean Beach Village. Located at 193 Bert Marson Drive Southside, KY2-2101 Cayman Brac. If you are looking for a simple hotel. Like many of the other hotels found in Cayman Brac, this hotel would offer amenities that will surely meet your needs and wants.
  • The Alexander Hotel Cayman Brac. Located at 403 Gerrard Ave, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. If you are looking for a small but comfortable place to stay in Cayman Brac, this hotel is for you. Offering their services for only a handful of guests, this hotel would tend to your needs quickly.
  • Cayman Breakers Condominiums. Located at 403 Gerrard Ave, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. Offering beachside views, this place is perfect for you. They also provide different activities for you while you stay, like snorkeling and diving. You would also enjoy the views from their sun terrace.
  • Le Soleil d’Or. It is located at 2147 South Side Road, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. With its excellent reviews, Le Soleil d’Or is probably the best hotel you could stay in Cayman Brac. Aside from the amenities such as a fitness gym or the bar, you can enjoy the private pool and exclusive access to the beach.

Best Hotels on Cayman Brac

Some of the best hotels on Cayman Brac are:

  • Le Soleil d’Or. This is a 4-star hotel featuring views of the ocean. Gathering a perfect rating from online reviews. This is the best and should be your first option when picking a hotel on Cayman Brac. Found at 2147South Side Road, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac.
  • Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Gathering an excellent rating of 4.5/5 from online reviews, this is one of the best options out there.

Best Cayman Brac Dive Resorts

Cayman Brac Beach Resort is the best Dive resort in Cayman Brac. This beach resort features the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck just a short boat ride away. Now that you know where to stay when in Cayman Brac, let us find out where to eat when in Cayman Brac.

Where to Eat on Cayman Brac

When in Cayman Brac, you should try the island’s cuisine. And here are some of the places to eat in Cayman Brac.

  • Star Island Restaurant. Located on West End, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. They offer Caribbean cuisine and Seafood.
  • Barry’s Golden Jerk. Located next to Edd’s Place, Cayman Brac. They offer Caribbean and Barbecue-themed foods.
  • Captain’s Table. Located on the South Side Road West End, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. They offer Caribbean and Southwestern-themed foods.
  • Barracudas Bar & Restaurant. It is located on Brac Reef Beach Resort Bert Marson Drive Cayman Brac and offers American-themed foods and pizza.
  • Tipsy Turtle Bar. Located on Brac Reef Beach Resort Bert Marson Drive Cayman Brac, it offers Caribbean cuisine and Bar-themed foods.
  • Asian House Restaurant. Located on #2 Avistar Plaza, Airport Road, West End Cayman Brac, it offers Chinese- and Asian-themed foods.
  • Pat’s Kitchen. Located on Polack Drive Cotton Tree Bay Cayman Brac. They offer Caribbean-themed foods.
  • PoPo Jeb’s. Located on West End Near The Airport, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac. They offer pizza and fast food.
  • Coral Isle Restaurant. Located on West End Near The Airport, KY2-2001 Cayman Brac, they serve Caribbean-themed foods.
  • Island Prime Steaks & Seafood. Located on 383 Channel Road Cayman Brac Beach Resort Cayman Brac. And has a Steakhouse offering and Seafood.

Best Restaurants on Cayman Brac

One of the Best Restaurants on Cayman Brac is Star Island Restaurant. It ranks first in restaurants that offer Caribbean-themed foods. Another one is Barry’s Golden Jerk which ranks second. And Captain’s Table, which ranks third.

How Do You Get to Cayman Brac?

Getting to Cayman Brac is easier to get into compared to other less-visited islands in the Caribbean. The main island Grand Cayman is such a popular tourist destination. From Grand Cayman, you can fly to Cayman Brac.

On the other hand, you can also fly directly to Cayman Brac through flights from Miami.

Does Cayman Brac Have an Airport?

Sir Charles Kirkconnell International Airport is one of the three airports in the Cayman Islands. It is formerly known as Gerrard-Smith International Airport. And is the current airport located in Cayman Brac.

What Airlines Fly to Cayman Brac?

Cayman Airways and Cayman Airways Express are the only airlines that fly in and out of Cayman Brac. They fly using Saab 340B turboprop planes, and another plane they use is the Twin Otter turboprop plane. Also, some limited flights are using Boeing 737-300 planes.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Cayman Brac?

To travel to one of the Cayman Islands, you need a valid passport. This is due to the 2007 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It is a joint plan of the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to prevent terrorism.

Although, Americans do not need passports to enter the Cayman Islands. But even though they do not need a passport when entering, they still need to bring their passport to re-enter the United States.