Go to Hell in the Cayman Islands (and Enjoy the Visit)

The Cayman Islands has a lot to offer to its tourists. However, aside from the standard beach trips, there are also unique tourist destinations where you can stop by during your tour of the island. One of these destinations is a place called “Hell” located in Grand Cayman.
Go to Hell in Cayman Islands
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Tourists visiting the Cayman Islands never miss the chance of taking a glimpse of what “Hell” looks like in Grand Cayman. You can even send postcards from “Hell” to your friends and loved ones.

Is There a Place Called Hell in the Cayman Islands?

Yes, there is a place called Hell in the Cayman Islands. But on the contrary, it doesn’t resemble the literal description of Hell as we “know” it.

What Is Hell in Grand Cayman?

“Hell” is a tourist attraction in Grand Cayman that is known for its black limestone formations. Salts and limestone deposits formed the “Hell” 24 million years ago which gave its blackish color and spongy rock look. The entire Hell in Grand Cayman stretches about 2 acres or the size of a one-and-a-half football field.

Why Is It Called Hell?

The origin of its name is still debated even today. There were many versions of the name and why it was called.

Most locals in Grand Cayman coined the limestone formations as hell because of their black color, making it resemble “hell” down below. Other people insisted that there was a British General who discovered the area while he was hunting. He then shouted “Oh, Hell” when he missed his shot. There was another version that claimed that a British Commissioner also discovered the rock formations. He also shouted, “My God, this must be what hell looks like!” upon looking at it. Hence, the name “Hell”.

Where Is Hell in Grand Cayman?

You can visit Hell at 93, Hell Road, West Bay, Grand Cayman. There are a lot of modes of transportation you can use to reach the destination. If you rented a car during your Grand Cayman trip, then it is more convenient for you since Grand Cayman is open at any time of the day. There are also taxis around, but they are quite expensive if you have a tight budget. Public buses are way cheaper, but you need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes on the side of the road. If you are on a cruise ship, you can book a Grand Cayman tour which includes Hell in its destinations.

How Far Is Hell from Georgetown?

Hell is 6.8 miles away (10.9 km) from Georgetown. It usually takes 13 – 15 minutes to reach Hell when riding a taxi or a rented car. Public buses take a little bit longer since they would make stops along the way.

How Far Is Hell from Grand Cayman Port?

Since Grand Cayman Port is at Georgetown, it is also approximately 6.8 miles (10.9 km) from Hell. Cruise Ship passengers usually start their destination to Hell from the port. Private tours with their own shuttles get there much faster than tourists who take local transportation services. However, it is more expensive than commuting.

Hell Excursion

Tourist visits in Hell are usually short since there are only a few activities that you can do in Hell. Tourists immediately go to the souvenir shops and the post office nearby after looking at the black limestone formations. Then, they proceed to their other main destinations such as Grand Cayman’s beaches or shopping at Seven Mile Beach. If you are planning for an island tour in Grand Cayman, check its itinerary if it includes a short stop at Hell so that you will not miss it.

Hell Souvenirs

When you visit Hell in Grand Cayman, you can buy some souvenirs of your experience in Hell that you can gift to your friends and loved ones.

After witnessing the black limestone formations, there is a small gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs from Hell.

Where Is the Post Office from Hell?

There is a Post Office from Hell that you can visit and send some postcards to your friends and loved ones. They are beside the souvenir shops in the area.

Postcard From Hell

You can buy postcards from Hell at the Post Office located near it. The postcard says, “sent from Hell”. This is the common souvenir bought by tourists during their trip to Hell.