How Far Is Maroma Beach From Cancun (and Is It Worth Staying at One of the Hotels There)?

Fun and underrated, Maroma is only down south of fun Cancun and stone-throw away from Playa del Carmen. This small beach town offers beautiful beaches that rival the bigger cities of the Riviera Maya.
How Far Is Maroma Beach From Cancun
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While the bigger players that are Cancun and Playa del Carmen receives all the hype, Maroma beach offers an idyllic getaway that is perfect for newlyweds, lovers, and even friends. From its all-inclusive resorts to its charming blue waters, Maroma Beach might be small but it offers a haven just the same.

Is Maroma Beach Public?

While most of the beaches across Mexico are easily accessed by the public, Maroma Beach, however, it can only be accessed through certain points. You can only have access through a local hotel reservation or a restaurant reservation, across the many establishments that dot the beach.

The easiest public entry point in Maroma beach is the public beach club located far away at the south end of Maroma beach. The best area of Maroma beach is in the central part, where Maroma Resort & Spa, Catalonia Playa Maroma, and Secrets Maroma are located.

What Is There to Do at Maroma Beach?

There’s not much to do outside of the All-inclusive resorts that line Maroma Beach. The activities provided by the resorts are all you need in Maroma.

All-inclusive resorts like the famous Secret Maroma Beach has plenty of activities lined up for their guests like foam parties, boating, snorkeling, and even kayaking. However, you can get off the beaten path of package activities and itineraries.

The popular activities whenever you’re in Maroma are beach horseback riding with Rancho Baaxal, where you’ll ride a horse and tread through the jungle and the beach. Spa sessions are quite well known in Maroma, offering top-tier services for those looking to loosen up.

You can also lounge or walk around Maroma beach, where its lovely stretch of white sand and clear blue waters rival that of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. You can also chill, or have fun with other tourists and locals in the many bars and restaurants that line the beach.

When Did Secrets Maroma Beach Open?

Secrets Maroma Beach opened in 2008. This luxurious all-inclusive resort has served visitors in Maroma for more than a decade and remains one of the best resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Is Secrets Maroma Beach Adults Only?

Once awarded for Best Romance in Mexico, Secrets Maroma Beach is an all-inclusive adults-only resort. Commonly know for honeymooning newlyweds, long-time lovers, and friends, Secrets Maroma Beach offers luxury and privacy for its guests.

How Many Rooms Does Secrets Maroma Beach Have?

Secrets Maroma Beach has about 412 suites that come with luxury features and facilities. Each suite has flat-screen TVs, bathrooms with jetted tub, a living area, and a lovely terrace or balcony.

Is Secrets Maroma All Inclusive?

One of the best All-inclusive resorts on the eastern coast, Secrets Maroma is an all-inclusive resort that caters to adults only and offers an unlimited-luxury service that includes free Wi-Fi access, limitless meals at any of the resort’s 9 restaurants, and pre-planned activities for your liking.

What Is Preferred Club at Secrets Maroma?

Preferred Club adds more perks to the vanilla Unlimited-Luxury service in Secrets Maroma Beach. Preferred Club is a type of access that is available in all Secrets Resorts and Spas.

This upgrade includes access to the Private Preferred Club Lounge, a Preferred status, and amenities that grants you daily continental breakfast, hors d’oeuvres, and fine liquors in the lounge.

You also have upgraded mini-bar service and bath amenities. In addition, Preferred Club grants services like private restaurants, pools, or bars.

Is Preferred Club Worth It at Secrets Maroma?

According to most visitors, Secrets Maroma Beach without the Preferred Club upgrade is already a very memorable experience as it is. Preferred Club offers all that and more, however, it will largely depend on what kind of experience you want to get.

While you can get everything you’ll ever need with an ordinary booking, especially with the Unlimited-Luxury service for all, there are certain perks that the Preferred Club exclusively has. Preferred Club can only be worth it if you’re willing to go extra.

What Is There to Do at Secrets Maroma Beach?

Secrets Maroma Beach has on-site activities like foam parties, spa sessions, and art classes. Apart from the lovely beaches, tours, and spas available across Maroma Beach, there are many activities in all-inclusive resorts that are worth doing.

Secrets Maroma Beach hosts a famous foam party that is a definite must-do when you stay in the resort. You can also attend the “Art, Wine & Cheese” activity, where you can paint while enjoying wines and assorted cheeses.

There are also water activities available for guests like the SUnrise Kayak where you’ll meet the rising sun while kayaking across the water. Another water activity is taking a sailing board through the turquoise waters of Secret Maroma Beach.

If you’re looking to cozy up, and have a lazy day, the secluded Nest Zone is ideal for you. You can enjoy your favorite book, cuddle up with someone, or simply take a nap. If you want a chill, yet luxurious day at the beach you can lounge on the beach beds, make sure to reserve a spot first.

How Far Is Secrets Maroma Beach From Cancun Airport?

Secrets Maroma Beach is approximately 35 km or 21.7 miles from Cancun Airport, directly. Taking the Federal Highway 307 from Cancun Airport to Secrets Maroma Beach, the driving distance is about 40.6 km or 25.2 miles.

How Far Is Secrets Maroma From Playa Del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is only 19.1 km or 11.8 miles south of Secrets Maroma Beach. Driving to Playa del Carmen would only take about 24 minutes.

How Many Rooms Does El Dorado Maroma Have?

El Dorado Maroma, one of Maroma Beach’s premier resorts, has 98 suites. Each of these suites, bungalows, and villas face the pristine waters of Maroma Beach, making up for a worthwhile stay.

Is El Dorado Maroma All Inclusive?

El Dorado Maroma is an all-inclusive resort that offers the perfect getaway as the resort itself is a beachfront resort that has sweeping views of the Caribbean.

How Far Is El Dorado Maroma From Cancun Airport?

El Dorado Maroma is approximately 36 km or 22.3 miles from Cancun Airport, directly. Via the Federal Highway 307, the driving distance in between is about 40.3 km or 25 miles, slightly south of Secrets Maroma Beach.