Is It Safe for Tourist to Visit Mazatlan (and When Is the Best Time to Go There)?

Despite Sinaloa’s reputation, Mazatlan is still one of the safest cities and the pride of the state. With Mazatlan’s tourist-friendly culture and beautiful golden beaches, the city has kept its streets and city living safe for everyone, visitors and locals alike.
Is It Safe for Tourist to Visit Mazatlan
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The coastal city’s peak season has attracted many visitors over the years in its temperate waters and historic Old Town, further cementing its place at the top ranks of Mexico’s must-visit. But, other than the city’s peak season’s highs, the off-season months are slowly making their way to many travelers’ itineraries.

How Safe Is Mazatlan?

The Pearl of the Pacific kept its reputation over the years, and some of it is because it has maintained safety and security in its streets and sites. Sinaloa may still have the largest cartel in Mexico, but fortunately, Mazatlan isn’t infested with drug-related conflicts and is considered one of the safest cities in Sinaloa state.

Safety and security for both visitors and locals are kept as a priority. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution as other smaller forms of crimes can still happen to anyone. Pickpocketing is still prevalent in every resort city across the country.

Is the Golden Zone in Mazatlan Safe?

The Golden Zone or Zona Dorada is one of the safest areas in Mazatlan. Visitors can even walk and drive around at night, as the Mazatlan’s pulsating nightlife is in the Golden Zone.

Other than common petty crimes, you should be cautious enough not to get too drunk to get home. This may spell trouble for you as you might have a run-in with the police due to disorderly behavior.

Are There Crocodiles in Mazatlan?

Crocodiles aren’t usually spotted on the beaches of Mazatlan, however, there was one instance in January of 2020 where a 3-meter crocodile was spotted by a storm drain in Mazatlan. Sources said that the crocodile may have come from the nearby estuaries.

Punta Cerritos is speckled with esteros or estuaries that could be natural habitats of crocodiles, however, they rarely get to the beach as the playas aren’t their turf.

Are There Monkeys in Mazatlan?

There are no monkeys loitering around the city and on the beaches of Mazatlan. They can be found together with other various animals in the Sahuatoba Park outside Mazatlan, in Durango. Where the park hosts more than 270 animals from 65 different species.

Is Mazatlan Tropical?

Situated at the coasts of central-western Mexico, Mazatlan is a tropical resort city, where it’s all warm and sunny all year round. Temperatures only slightly drop to milder temperatures during the winter months of December through March.

Is Mazatlan Humid?

Mazatlan is humid most of the year, where the average humidity can be around 65% to 70%. The summer months can be the most humid, reaching up to 80% and the cooler winter months have less noticeable humidity.

Does Mazatlan Have Hurricanes?

Although there is a hurricane season around Pacific Mexico, however, Mazatlan hasn’t been hit by any for the longest time. Mazatlan can only experience tropical rains, especially during hurricane months and the summer season.

What Is the Best Time to Go to Mazatlan?

It depends on what kind of experience you want. December to March is Mazatlan’s peak season, with perfect weather and temperatures, this season sees the highest occupancy. If you don’t mind high prices and tourist crowds, this might be ideal.

Other than the peak season, the months of October to November will have better temperatures, than the previous season of summer, where it’s hot and rainy. The prices are cheap and there aren’t many tourists.

What Should I Pack for Mazatlan Mexico?

Just like any Mexican resort city, packing for a holiday includes all holiday essentials. Mostly, sunscreen, swimsuits, and other beachwear. Casual clothes like simple t-shirts and shorts, and if you like to add a bit of flair, a button-down for men and women can be chic.

Evenings can be cool in coastal cities so make sure to pack light sweaters or sweatshirts. Footwear like sandals and flip-flops are good for walking around the city’s warm vibrant streets. Also, bring other necessities like emergency kits and the usual toiletries.