How Do You Get to Punta Mita (and Which Airport is Closest)?

From private transport services by some of the best resorts, an effective bus system, and friendly local taxis around Nayarit and Banderas Bay, getting to Punta Mita is easy. With a guaranteed luxurious final destination, it may boast opulent seclusion but its gates welcome you to a sprawling piece of paradise.
How Do You Get to Punta Mita
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With its popularity among the luxury-loving tourists, Punta Mita has made its communities more accessible via its neighboring major cities, especially charming Puerto Vallarta with its airport that serves visitors coming to Punta Mita.

What Airport Do You Fly Into for Punta Mita?

The nearest major airport that serves all the nearby cities is PVR, or the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, or simply just Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Located at approximately 31 km or 19 miles southeast of Punta Mita in Puerto Vallarta.

Another airport that you could get to near Punta Mita, if you’re flying in from Mexico City (CDMX) is the one in Tepic – Tepic Airport or TPQ, located about 101 km or 63 miles northeast of Punta Mita. However, Puerto Vallarta Airport is the only nearby airport that serves both domestic and international flights, so if you’re from outside Mexico, PVR is the airport for you.

What Airport is Closest to Punta Mita Mexico?

Located just 31 km or 19 miles southeast of Punta Mita, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport also known as the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport with the IATA code of PVR is the nearest one.

How Do I Get From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Punta Mita?

There are 3 main ways to get to Punta Mita from Puerto Vallarta. You could take a bus, taxi, or a rental car, and drive from there. However, if your hotel already has airport transfer services included, like Four Seasons or St. Regis, then you’re all set.

The driving distance between the Puerto Vallarta Airport to Punta Mita is approximately 39.8 km or 24.7 miles. Depending on your mode of transportation, the average travel time will take about 45 minutes in getting between them.

How Far is Puerto Vallarta From Punta Mita?

A straight line distance or “as the crow flies”, from Punta Mita to Puerto Vallarta is approximately 33.14 km or 20.59 miles. The driving distance, however, is about 43.9 km or 27.3 miles, and will usually take almost an hour depending on driving and road conditions.

How Long is the Drive From Puerto Vallarta to Punta Mita?

On average, it will take about 55 minutes to get to Punta Mita from Puerto Vallarta given certain factors like driving speed, and traffic conditions.

How Much is a Taxi From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Punta Mita?

Aside from airport transport services by hotels and resorts, taking a taxi is the quickest way to get to Punta Mita, with prices averaging from 14 to 18 US Dollars, with an average travel time of about 32 minutes.

How Far is Punta Mita From Sayulita?

The distance between Punta Mita and Sayulita is approximately 13 km or 8 miles, as the crow flies. If you want to take the road in getting between them, the road distance is approximately 16.6 km or 10.3 miles, with an average of 28 minutes of travel time.

How Do I Get From Punta Mita to Sayulita?

There are 3 common ways to get to Sayulita from Punta Mita. The cheapest is by taking the bus which also takes the longest.

The most convenient and fastest is by taking a taxi, with a slight difference with bus prices. And a by driving by taking a rental car, which might be the most expensive, given the rental fees and gas.

How Far is Cabo From Punta Mita?

Being on the same side of Mexico, the western coast, Cabo and Punta Mita are relatively close to each other, with an approximate straight distance of 505 km or 313.8 miles. If you take the long road, the driving distance is about 1,231 km or 764.9 miles.

How Far is Cancun From Punta Mita?

Being at the opposite coasts of Mexico, the distance between Cancun and Punta Mita is approximately 1,943 km or 1,207 miles, as the crow flies. While it would be an ideal Mexican adventure to drive across central Mexico, the driving distance is about 2,448 km or 1,521 miles.

How Far is Punta Mita From Los Angeles?

As the crow flies, the distance between Punta Mita and Los Angeles is approximately 1,935 km or 1,202 miles. While you can take the long road from Los Angeles to Punta Mita, the distance is about 2,479.9 km or 1,540.9 miles.

Is There Uber in Punta Mita?

Uber isn’t available around Punta Mita and Nayarit. The nearest major city that has Uber in Puerto Vallarta, you can try and take Uber from there, especially if you’re from the airport going to Punta Mita.