Is Punta Mita Worth Visiting (What to Do and Where to Stay)?

Even with its expensive allure, and secluded tranquil life, Punta Mita doesn’t fail when it comes to giving visitors a slice of paradise living, it even says so in its name “Mita” from the Aztec word “Mictlan”. Punta Mita will keep on appearing on Mexico’s best list.
Is Punta Mita Worth Visiting
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From tech billionaires, downtime-seeking CEOs, honeymooners, to families looking for a quiet getaway Punta Mita is a place to be. With sweeping ocean views, world-class service quality, and a well-kept beauty this gated community is worth its price.

What is Punta Mita Known for?

Located north of Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita is a master-planned luxury gated resort community. This 1,500-acre piece of paradise hosts many of the world’s best premier resorts. From golf courses, sweeping oceanviews, and lush greenery that cater to those looking for an opulent and tropical getaway.

Right between the northern spear-shaped peninsula at the northern tip of the Banderas Bay, and south of the Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, aside from its world-class luxury, it’s also known for its big-time clientele, from tech billionaires, celebrities, honeymooners, families, to CEO looking for some R&R with a side of luxury.

Is Punta Mita an Island?

Punta Mita is a spear-shaped peninsula south of Riviera Nayarit, and just a few kilometers up north from charming Puerto Vallarta. Surrounded on three sides by the mighty Pacific Ocean, Punta Mita boasts beautiful beaches on sprawling top-rated resorts like St. Regis and Four Seasons.

This luxury community is home to multimillion-dollar villas, 15 residential communities, two golf courses, tennis courts, lush, green nature, and tranquility that matches with the opulence the peninsula offers. This is considered one of Mexico’s top-of-the-line seaside sanctuaries.

What Does Punta Mita Mean in Spanish?

Punta Mita is Spanish, which means “Mita point” indicating a tip of a geographical body. While the name itself is charming, “Mita” comes from the Aztec word “Mictlan” which means “gateway to paradise”.

Staying true to its Aztec origins, the community of Punta Mita serves just that for every visitor that decided to taste a slice of paradise. With world-class luxury and peaceful ambiance, Punta Mita is a sanctuary that offers paradise living.

Is Punta Mita Safe to Travel to?

With tight security, an exclusive clientele, and a beauty to protect Punta Mita doesn’t joke around when it comes to security and safety. Generally considered safe, the area around and neighboring Punta Mita, Riviera Nayarit, and Banderas Bay are also safe.

Can You Drink the Water in Punta Mita?

Resorts in Punta Mita have filtrated water, however, the entire peninsula doesn’t boast the same quality of water that Puerto Vallarta has. It’s best to stay cautious and stick to bottled water unless you’re in a resort.

Is Punta De Mita Expensive?

Punta Mita is a community of luxury amenities, service, and accommodations, “expensive” is the adjective that’s always attached to it. From impeccable service to lavish and rich resorts, staying in Punta Mita can range from 7,800 a week to 27,000 US dollars per night.

However, the expensiveness might be off-putting to many budget travelers, the soaring prices are also worth it. Staying in Punta Mita is indeed paradise living, as previous visitors would always point out the premier experience they had, couple with an awe-inspiring natural backdrop.

Can You Swim in the Ocean in Punta Mita?

A lot of the beaches in Punta Mita are hard to swim in as they are rockier than Puerto Vallarta. However, some beaches are swimmable outside the area, like the El Anclote, near the Emiliano Zapata zone.

Swimming off-shore is also safe, with relatively gentler waves and no shark sightings. The entire peninsula sits at a shelf so the coasts don’t have sharp drop-off and no dangerous undertows.

Is There Surfing in Punta Mita?

Punta Mita has a few famous surfing breaks, as few areas along Riviera Nayarit and the Banderas Bay have good wave breaks that attract seasoned surfers from around the world.

Where Can I Surf in Punta Mita?

The Cove is probably the most frequently recommended by surfing guides in Punta Mita, offering prime surfing experiences. El Anclote is perfect for longboard surfing as the waves here tend to be slow and long. La Lancha is the nearest to Punta Mita, a perfect spot for longboard surfing.

Is Four Seasons Punta Mita All Inclusive?

Four Seasons Punta Mita, being one of the two crowning resorts for more than a decade in Punta Mita, offers an all-inclusive feature.

With its sprawling property, quality amenities, superb service, two fine-sand beaches, two swimming pools, and access to the community’s famous golf course. Four Seasons Punta Mita has managed to wow its visitors, which is up to par in any Four Seasons in the world.

How Many Rooms Does Four Seasons Punta Mita Have?

Four Seasons Punta Mita has 139 modern Mexican casita room for that slice of standard luxury living complete with high-end amenities, and furnished balconies or terraces.

The resort also offers 38 premier suites with upscale luxury living, with one or two bedrooms, with living rooms and a terrace, and plunge pools.

Is the St Regis Punta Mita All Inclusive?

St. Regis Punta Mita doesn’t offer an all-inclusive option. However, as the other crowning resort in Punta Mita, St. Regis boasts yet another sprawling property with an even larger white sand beach, and posh, well-manicured property.

With high-end villas, each with its own private pools, and luxurious features, St. Regis is the tightest competition to the already awe-inspiring Four Seasons, yet what it lacks in all-inclusive services it makes up for other premier features.

St. Regis Punta Mita boasts a butler service, even in entry-level rooms, six restaurants and bars, and free wifi parking, which Four Seasons doesn’t offer.

How Many Rooms Does St Regis Punta Mita Have?

St. Regis Punta Mita offers a total of 120 top-rated rooms and suites all with butler service, quality facilities, and features, like air-conditioning, balconies, and for upscale high-end suites, private pools with fun features.