What Is Xplor Park (and Is It Better Than Xcaret)?

Xplor Park is like Xcaret but more physical, and equally fun and exciting. Xplor’s claim to fame is it’s many zip lines and its outdoor excursions that rival Xcaret’s, with an evening twist for a more fun time.
What Is Xplor Park
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Xcaret offers so much, with its diverse attractions it’s difficult to narrow down your options. While Xplor offers a specific flavor, offering an option that appeals to those looking for a physical and outdoorsy kind of fun and adventure.

What Is the Difference Between Xplor and Xcaret?

Xcaret feels more of a theme park than a place for exploring. Xcaret is perfect for mixed age groups as there is something for everyone. It’s relatively more laid-back and easy for everyone who’s endlessly curious.

Xplor is perfect for those looking to spice up their adrenaline and loves outdoorsy activities. This park is all about zip lines, swimming in underground rivers, and plenty of activities that take guarantee fun and high energy. It’s more for the younger ones, ages 14 to 45, especially if they’re physically active.

Which Is Better – Xplor or Xcaret?

It depends on what kind of experience you want to have, and the package deals you prefer. Xcaret is more laid-back, easy, and satisfies the curious, as there are animals in the park, a beach, swimming pools, and an evening show that hosts a musical ensemble about Mexico.

Xplor is perfect for those who love mini excursions, and fun-filled adrenaline activities. Think zip lines, underground rivers that are fully subterranean, and cave tours on an amphibious vehicle.

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie and physical, Xplore is your best bet. And if you’re more curious and laid-back, Xcaret is ideal for you.

How Much Does Xplor Cost?

Xplore costs around 130 US dollars for adults, older than 12. Kids aged 5 up to 11 get half the adult price, which is around 65 US dollars. And, younger kids of 5 and below are free of charge.

Is Xplor All Inclusive?

An Xplor ticket is worth its price as it is an all-inclusive admission. From zip lines, amphibious vehicle tours, underground expeditions, to unlimited snacks, buffet lunch, lockers, and other facilities.

How Long Does It Take to Do Xplor?

Doing Xplor, with all its activities and tours and explorations, will take about a total of 4 hours. The park opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to take breaks, and move on to another activity.

What’s the Difference Between Xplor and Xplor Fuego?

Xplor Fuego is the exact same park as Xplor. It’s Xplor but at night, as all its highlights take place at night. However, with Xplor Fuego, there are fewer people as most prefer to do daytime activities.

Xplor Fuego admission is also cheaper, and the park is open from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Since it’s at night, activities are fewer because of visibility and safety, and hours are also condensed – which means they tend to be shorter.

Although it’s still all-inclusive, especially with food and snacks. The buffet menu at night is different are have more choices than the daytime menu. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are still available at night.

What Time Does Xplor Fuego Start?

Xplore Fuego admission starts from Monday to Saturday, same as Xplor. The park opens from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM, giving you a total of 6 hours in the park as opposed to the daytime’s 8 hours.

Where Is Xplor Fuego?

Xplor Fuego is the exact same park as Xplor. It’s Xplor, but night. Although the same, there are significant differences with the activities in the park at night like the reduced number of activities, fewer hours, and a different buffet menu.

However, the entire place is lit quite beautifully at night adding a twist to the park, perfect for photo ops. There are also fewer people at night which may be appealing to some.

How High Are the Ziplines at Xplor?

Two zip line circuits that stand in Xplor are 45 meters high, with a distance of 3.8 km or 2.4 miles. These features provide are what makes Xplor’s zip lines so interesting, plus each circuit has 7 zip lines. The depth of the water landing is 8 meters below ground level.

How Deep Is the Water at Xplor?

XPlor’s underground river varies between 2 to 16 feet, and the use of life jackets is mandatory. The underground river in Xplor is slightly different from that of Xcaret’s. Xplor’s underground river is a subterranean system that is completely below the ground, that is, it doesn’t have air openings like Xcaret’s.

What Can I Bring to Xplor Park?

Xplor Parks activities and attractions require comfortable wear perfect for physical activities, and excursions. Bring shirts, tank tops, and shorts for mobility and comfort. Swimsuits and swimming shorts are also ideal because many activities in the park may get you fully wet.

It’s also great to invest in some water shoes as they can be perfect for different terrains, and they don’t easily slip off. Should you choose to bring anything else, make sure they support your ankles and soles, and they can be strapped to your feet.

Sunscreens are also a necessity, most activities will expose you to the sun for a long time. It’s important to protect your skin and avoid bad tan lines. However, it’s best to use biodegradable sunscreens to protect the environment.

Does Xplor Have Lockers?

Xplor admission tickets can avail you of two lockers, together with other facilities and amenities around Xplor.

How Much Are Water Shoes at Xplor?

Water Shoes have priced around 30 US dollars which can be expensive. Buy a pair wherever you’re from or anywhere in Playa del Carmen, they can be cheaper than the ones sold at Xplor.

What Else Should I Bring to Xplor?

It’s also ideal to bring another pair of footwear other than water shoes. If you’re not doing any activities, like taking breaks or eating at the buffet it’s best to slip on some sandals or any other footwear that are comfortable.

How Do I Get to Xplor Park?

Xplor is neighbors with Xcaret park and Xenses. You can get there by any mode of transportation available in Playa del Carmen where the greater Xcaret Park is located. If you’re from outside Playa del Carmen, like Cancun, or Tulum, you can get there by taxi or bus.

How Do I Get From Playa Del Carmen to Xplor?

You can get to Xplor by taxi or bus, which can only take 10 to 15 minutes. Taxis can be hailed anywhere around Playa del Carmen, however, it’s best to take them in sitios or taxi ranks across the city. Buses have certain stops across the city as well, especially along major roads and highways.

How Far Is Xplor From Cancun?

Xplor is 56.3 km or 35 miles away from Cancun. You can get to Xplor by taxi, bus, or rental car via the Federal Highway 307. It only takes about an hour to get there, given certain traffic conditions and other variables.

How Far Is Xplor From Tulum?

Tulum is 54.7 km or 34 miles south of Xplor. It only takes less than an hour to get there by bus, taxi, or rental car via Federal Highway 307.

Which Is Better – Xplor or Xel Ha?

Xplor is more about adrenaline-filled activities and tours along with aquatic-geological formations like caves and underground rivers. Xel-ha is all about water, like snorkeling, and other water activities. In a way, Xplor is more land-based, while Xel-ha is aquatic.

It depends largely on what you want to experience while on Xcaret. While both have their own flavors, both offer fun and entertainment that the vast expanse of Xcaret Park promises.