Does Puerto Vallarta Have an Airport (and How Do You Get From There to Your Hotel)?

With its already steady rising fame and an intimate and more authentic appeal, getting to and around Puerto Vallarta is yet another reason to love this beautiful port city. From various international and domestic flights served by Puerto Vallarta International Airport, it’s even easier to get here.
Does Puerto Vallarta Have an Airport
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Whether you’re flying in from the USA, Canada, or any other big tourist city in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has seen growing numbers of visitors over the years. The city is not holding back anymore with the airport’s growing capacity to serve passengers coming to the beautiful seaside city.

What Airport Do You Fly Into to Go to Puerto Vallarta?

In going to Puerto Vallarta, you’ll fly into the Puerto Vallarta Ordaz Airport, also referred to as Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International, or just simply Puerto Vallarta Airport. The airport’s code, PVR is also what seasoned travelers like to call the city, other than “PV”.

PVR is an international airport that serves coming passengers to Puerto Vallarta, mostly from the US and Canada. Several various flights from US cities: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and Canada’s key cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton.

How Many Terminals Does Puerto Vallarta Airport Have?

PVR has two terminals that serve international and domestic flights. Terminal A, serving domestic flights has fewer terminals than Terminal B. With 8 gates serving international flights, Terminal B is just adjacent to Terminal A.

Do You Need a Passport for Puerto Vallarta?

Passport is a necessity for travel, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Puerto Vallarta will require passports for international travelers, whether you’re directly flying in from another country or CDMX.

A passport will be the most important document you’ll bring, whether or not you come from countries that have a visa-free policy with Mexico. Your passport will determine your identity, origin country, and eligibility for coming to Mexico, aside from a visa, if it’s necessary.

Do You Need a Passport From Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re a foreigner traveling around Mexico, regardless of nationality, it’s best to have your passport always ready. When traveling around Mexico as a foreigner, chances are customs and other authorities will check up on your documents.

Tourism policies around the world always require passports for identification and eligibility. As a tourist in Mexico, you will also be given a Tourist ID upon your entry to the country and will be asked of you every time you travel around different cities in the country.

Do You Need a Visa for Puerto Vallarta?

When going to Puerto Vallarta and entering Mexico in general, a necessity for a visa depends on the passport you hold. As certain countries have visa-free agreements with Mexico when entering.

If you’re from the USA, Canada, the UK, Schengen Area, or Japan, you don’t have to secure a visa. If you’re not from any of these countries but have a multiple entry visa from them, you will not be needing a visa as well.

How Long Does It Take to Get Through Customs in Puerto Vallarta?

The duration of processing in customs depends on many different variables like your documents, the number of people coming through customs, and others. However, the typical time duration has to be around 20 to 45 minutes.

Is There a Departure Tax From Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

There is an airport departure tax in Mexico of around 18 US Dollars or the equivalent in peso for international and domestic flights. This tax is usually included in ticket prices, but it’s better to check just to be sure. Most of the time, according to visitors, departure taxes are already charged with your ticket.

Is There Free Wifi at Puerto Vallarta Airport?

Puerto Vallarta Airport offers free wifi for passengers, offering convenience for business or entertainment for those long hours of waiting. The airport’s wifi is a service of Telia Carrier, a Swedish telco that recently expanded its services in North America.

How Far is Puerto Vallarta From the Airport?

The driving distance between central Puerto Vallarta and the airport is around 6 km. The airport is located inland in Puerto Vallarta that is conveniently situated near the Marina and only 11 to 12 minutes away from central Puerto Vallarta.

How Do I Get From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Downtown?

The most common way is to get a taxi. Puerto Vallarta Airport has taxi transfers that are conveniently air-conditioned and can be found right outside the terminals. These airport taxi transfers are private and have package deals depending on how many you are in a group. Taxi fares can be around 26 to 55 US Dollars.

A cheaper option is the normal or local taxis just across the highway. You cross the highway via the pedestrian bridge, and hail taxis from there. While you can haggle your prices down, but drivers usually charge half the price of the airport taxis, which is already a great deal.

How Do I Get a Taxi From Puerto Vallarta Airport?

You have two options for getting a taxi from Puerto Vallarta Airport. First is the airport taxis you can find right outside the airport. These taxis can range from 25 to 55 US Dollard depending on where you’ll go and how many you are. Airport taxis are the most comfortable yet the priciest.

Another option is the cheaper one: the local taxis that can be found across the highway from the airport. These local taxis do not charge as high as the ones in the airport, prices typically cost half the prices of the airport taxis. Which is a good deal in itself.

How Much is a Taxi From Puerto Vallarta Airport?

Airport taxi fares can range from 215 pesos or 11 US dollars to 1,150 pesos or 58 US dollars. However, prices vary depending on the distance of the destination and how many you are in a group, as taxis can cater to groups of 1 to 5, and even shared with other people called a  colectivo.

Normal taxis or local taxis typically cost half the price airport taxis charge, which can be an enticing deal for budget travelers.

How Much is a Taxi From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Downtown?

Airport taxis will charge from 175 pesos or 9 US dollars to 720 pesos or 37 dollars going downtown. However, local taxis typically charge way less than that, from 80 pesos or 4 US dollars to 110 pesos or 5.53 US dollars.

How Much is a Taxi From Puerto Vallarta Airport to Romantic Zone?

Heading to the Romantic Zone, airport taxi prices can range from 490 pesos or 25 US dollars to 960 pesos or 49 dollars around the old town or the romantic zone. The cheaper local Puerto Vallarta taxis typically charge around 150 pesos or 7.54 US dollars.

Can You Take an Uber From Puerto Vallarta Airport?

You can take Uber from the airport, however, you can only hail them across the highway along with the local taxis. Only regulated and licensed airport taxis can get passengers outside the airport arrival gates, though local taxis and Ubers are not banned, they are not allowed by law.