How Do You Get to Mazatlan (and How Do You Get Around)?

Sinaloa’s jewel, the Pearl of the Pacific’s fame has brought many visitors to its shores and vibrant city. Now with plentiful ways to get to its charming historic streets and golden beaches, Mazatlan stays at the top ranks of Mexico’s best.
How Do You Get to Mazatlan
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With many ways to get around, Mazatlan prioritizes mobility around its gorgeous streets, as it should. From ECO taxis to the funky pulmonias, getting around the coastal city is always cheap,  fast, and interesting.

Can I Fly to Mazatlan in Mexico?

The cheapest and fastest way to Mazatlan is by flying into the coastal city. Arguably, the most popular choice in getting to Mazatlan. As the Mazatlan International Airport saw 23.2 million passengers which was about a 7.4% increase in 2019.

Mazatlan’s fame has made its airport a bustling hub, from its tourism appeal and its upbeat city life. Having inhabited by more than 500,000 residents, flying to the airport is more than just for tourism.

What Airport Do You Fly Into for Mazatlan?

The airport you fly into Mazatlan is the General Rafael Buelna International Airport or commonly called Mazatlan International Airport. Located a little farther southeast from the city proper, it can only take up to 30 minutes to drive to and from the Centro area.

What Airlines Fly Into Mazatlan?

With its fame and reputation as one of the prime jewels of Pacific Mexico, there are several various domestic and international airlines that fly into Mazatlan. Most domestic flights are catered by Aeromexico, Magnicharters, Mexicana Airlines, VivaAerobus, and Volaris.

While international flights are mostly serviced by American airline companies, namely, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Mexicana, Northwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, US Airways, and WestJet.

Does American Airlines Fly to Mazatlan?

American Airlines fly directly to Mazatlan from various key US cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Flights usually cost from 242 US dollars.

Does Delta Fly to Mazatlan?

Delta Airlines offer direct flights to Mazatlan from various key cities in the US, like Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. Most flights are less expensive starting from 169 US dollars.

Does United Airlines Fly to Mazatlan?

United Airlines offer direct flights to Mazatlan from key US cities, mainly, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Phoenix. Air prices from these cities usually cost around 186 to 407 US dollars, one way.

Is Westjet Flying to Mazatlan?

Westjet offers flights to Mazatlan as one of their featured vacation destinations. Offering cheaper ticket prices flying both from cities in the US area and Canada.

Does Air Canada Fly to Mazatlan?

Air Canada is another Canadian airline that offers flights to Mazatlan. However, Air Canada’s flights to Mazatlan are significantly pricier than WestJet’s. One way tickets are around 500 US dollars, from cities like Vancouver, Minneapolis, Denver, and Calgary.

Who Flies Direct to Mazatlan?

Most flights that serve direct flights to Mazatlan are United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Sun Country,

How Far Is Mazatlan From Airport?

The distance between Mazatlan and the Mazatlan International Airport is 16 km or 9,9 miles directly, while the driving distance is about 19 km or 11.8 miles. The travel time usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on certain variables.

How Do I Get From Mazatlan Airport to My Hotel?

You can get to your hotel from Mazatlan Airport, in 3 common ways: by taxi, by driving using a rental car, and by an airport shuttle or private transfer. The travel time usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes depending on the chosen mode of transportation and certain other factors.

Taxis can cost around 5 to 7 US dollars, sometimes it could cost up to 20 to 40 US dollars, while shuttles typically cost 15 to 20 US dollars per person, while this may be the cheapest option, but it could be the least convenient as there could be many stops for other passengers as well.

Rental car costs depend on varying fees depending on which company, type of car, and the number of days you’re using them. It could be cheap or it could be extremely expensive.

Can You Drive to Mazatlan?

You can drive to Mazatlan depending on your point of origin in the US or Mexico. While it’s completely accessible to drive anywhere from Mexico to Mazatlan, there are still factors to consider. Driving anywhere from Sinaloa and the surrounding states is probably the easiest.

If you come from the southern US the best route is to take Highway 15 through the Nogales Arizona Port of Entry. This national highway will get you through to Hermosillo, Obregon, Los Mochis, Culiacan, then Mazatlan.

Is It Safe to Drive to Mazatlan?

It is generally safe to drive on Mexico’s major highways, and being a polite, safe, and friendly driver, will give you a much better experience. Mexicans tend to be friendly and warm, and they might even help you with different things like guiding you in the right direction.

However, roads in rural stretches of Mexico might be dangerous at night, as road hazards might be more prevalent during the late hours, like crossing animals, and dimly lit roads.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Mazatlan?

Depending on where you’re from, it could take from a 3-hour flight from the capital of Mexico City, or a 15-hour drive from Arizona, a 2-hour and 30-minute  bus drive from Culiacan, or flying for 5 hours from Los Angeles.

You have plenty of options and ways to get to Mazatlan with varying times of duration, all of which are relatively easy as Mazatlan lies in the central regions of Mexico which makes it accessible to and from any point in Mexico and the southern US.

How Do You Get From Cabo San Lucas to Mazatlan?

You can either take the bus-ferry mode of transportation or fly directly from San Jose del Cabo Airport to Mazatlan International Airport. From Cabo San Lucas, you can take a taxi or a bus from La Paz Ferry Wharf, to Mazatlan Ferry Terminal.

Flying directly to Mazatlan from Cabo Airport usually take around 4 hours, and 30 minutes for taking a taxi or a shuttle to your hotel in Mazatlan. A ferry to Mazatlan Ferry Wharf can take around 12 hours from La Paz Ferry Terminal.

How Far Is Mazatlan From Los Cabos?

The distance between Mazatlan and Los Cabos is approximately 342 km or 212.5 miles, directly. Taking the long road to Cabo, the driving distance is about 3,042.7 km or 1,890.6 miles.

Is There a Ferry From Cabo to Mazatlan?

The ferry wharf of Cabo is in La Paz Ferry Terminal, 160 km or 99.4 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas. La Paz has regularly scheduled ferries to Mazatlan that could usually take around 12 hours of sailing.

How Long Is the Ferry From La Paz to Mazatlan?

With a distance of 416 km or 258.4 miles, taking a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan usually takes approximately 12 hours.

How Much Is The Ferry From Mazatlan to La Paz?

Ferries from Mazatlan to La Paz can cost around 100 to 300 US dollars, depending on which ferry company you’re going with and if you’re taking a car ferry or a regular one.

How Do I Get From Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan?

There are several various ways to get to Mazatlan from Puerto Vallarta, from taking a bus via Tepic, drive a rental car, fly from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Mazatlan Airport. Transport prices range from the cheapest 27 to the relatively priciest 180 US dollars.

You can drive a rental car, or take a bus from Puerto Vallarta that takes you north to Tepic, where it takes you further north through Nayarit then to Mazatlan. Puerto Vallarta International Airport has flights that take you to Mexico City Airport then to Mazatlan Airport that takes 4 hours.

How Far Is Puerto Vallarta From Mazatlan?

The distance between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan is about 315 km or 195.7 miles, directly. The driving distance is approximately 446.8 km or 277.6 miles.

How Far Is Mazatlan From Guadalajara?

The distance between Mazatlan and Guadalajara is approximately 422 km or 262.2 miles, in a direct line. Should you take the long road, the driving distance is about 475.1 km or 295.2 miles.

How Far Is It From Nogales to Mazatlan?

The distance from Nogales to Mazatlan is approximately 1005 km or 624 miles, in a direct line. The driving distance is around 1,172 km or 729 miles.

The Nogales Border is the most common point of entry from the US if you ever decide to take the long road going to Mazatlan from the southern United States. Driving usually takes two days, given that you take several stops along the way.

How Far Is Mazatlan From Tijuana?

The distance between Mazatlan and Tijuana is approximately 1,466 km or 911 miles, directly. Taking the long road from Tijuana to Mazatlan is about 1,173 km or 729 miles.

Driving from Tijuana to Mazatlan is another common route should decide to take a long road trip. However, you can get to Mazatlan for 3 days with several stops.

How Far Is Mazatlan From San Diego?

The distance between San Diego and Mazatlan is approximately 1,490 km or 926 miles, in a direct line. If you decide to take the long road from San Diego to Mazatlan, the total driving distance is about 1,938 km or 1,204 miles.

How Do You Get Around in Mazatlan?

Getting around Mazatlan can typically involve, rental bicycle, rental cars, local taxis, city buses, and their famous “pulmonias”, Mazatlan’s golf-cart looking small taxi that easily takes you around town, especially around the Centro zone.

How Much Is a Taxi in Mazatlan?

From airport taxis, ECO taxis, and pulmonias, Mazatlan has different types of taxis that offer mobility allowing you to experience Mazatlan the local way.

Typically, airport taxis are more expensive than most, fares are usually around 25 to 45 US dollars, depending on which zone your destination is. ECO taxis or the local taxis fare depending on your agreement with the driver as they’re not metered.

Pulmonias, golf-cart looking taxis is a famous touch in Mazatlan, probably unique only to the Pearl of the Pacific. However, pulmonias are typically more expensive than ECO taxis, and you have to haggle for a price before riding.

Is There Uber in Mazatlan?

Uber is available in Mazatlan, and for tourists, they tend to be cheaper and relatively safer, however, the only available option is the UberX, the budget option.