What Are the Beaches Like in Cabo (and Where Can You Swim)?

Sitting between the Sea of Cortez, and the rich Eastern Pacific, Cabo boasts many of the world’s best beaches and pristine blue waters that could rival Mexico’s east. Cabo is Baja California Sur’s slice of heaven.
What Are the Beaches Like in Cabo
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With its mild, temperate waters, sunny skies, awe-inspiring rock formations at sea, and celebrity status, it’s hard to miss Cabo on the list of the world’s best. Cabo is a definite rite of passage when you say “Spring Break in Mexico”.

Does Cabo Have Nice Beaches?

With its natural wonders, both on land and in the sea around it, Cabo has many of the best beaches in Mexico, and even in the world. Thanks to its proximity to the Pacific, and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo is gifted with pristine blue beaches, warm temperatures, and sweeping ocean views.

From the famous Medano Beach, Playa del Amor, and the entire stretch of beaches in The Corridor going to San Jose del Cabo with La Playita — Cabo doesn’t have a shortage of the world’s best beaches.

Does Cabo Have White Sand Beaches?

Being at the Baja California Sur of Mexico, Cabo boasts beautiful white sand beaches, just among the best in the country. Situated in the East Pacific, Cabo’s white sand beaches are a perfect fit with the ocean’s pristine Pacific blue.

Which Part of Cabo Has the Best Beaches?

The area that just sits north of Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor has the most number of beaches in Cabo. This 20-mile stretch of beaches is home to many of the areas’ best beaches.

Chileno, Santa Maria, and Palmilla, just some of the best beaches are found along this stretch. All three of these beaches received the Blue Flags award for quality and sustainability.

What Ocean Cabo on?

Cabo sits at the end of the Baja California Sur peninsula that juts out into the Eastern Pacific. Its residence in the Pacific Ocean has given Cabo the beauty of its beaches.

What is the Water Like in Cabo?

Many beaches in Cabo are swimmable and are considered safe. Cabo has some of the best, calm beaches in the world which make it an ideal getaway, however, from June through August can have huge swells, which could be dangerous.

Although dangerous to some, this is peak surf season in Cabo, as the waves are ideal for surfers and other enthusiasts.

The temperatures, however, vary from month to month, and season to season. August to October has the warmest temperatures as January to March has the coldest. Generally, Cabo will always come first to mind, when it comes to the best beaches on this side of Mexico.

Is the Ocean Water Cold in Cabo?

Ocean water typically has highs and lows even in Cabo. Cabo typically has warmer, comfortable temperatures perfect for swimming and diving. But, for a certain stretch of the year, there will colder temperatures, often dropping to 22.7 C or 73 F.

What is the Ocean Water Temperature in Cabo?

Ocean water temperatures in Cabo will usually play around to 27. 2 C or 81 F, as its average highs, while 22.2 C or 72 F are the average lows, its coldest temperatures.

Is the Water Rough in Cabo?

For most of the year, Cabo relatively has calmer seas and swimmable beaches. Apart from the peak surf season of June to August, where seas can be rough due to northern swells.

Can You Swim in the Ocean in Cabo?

While you can swim in the pacific side of Cabo, but with supervision through ocean excursion available in town. It’s best, however, to swim in the Sea of Cortez side, just west of Land’s End, along the coasts of the Tourist Corridor. These areas are generally safer, with the best swimmable beaches.

Is It Safe to Swim in the Ocean in Cabo?

It is generally safe to swim in the beaches and the ocean but it’s best to consider your abilities and the safety precautions of your chosen beaches. So to say, it would be better to research and be well-informed about the many beaches and areas in Cabo that are generally allowed to swim in.

Why Are Some Beaches in Cabo Not Swimmable?

While many beaches in Cabo are safe and swimmable, certain beaches are prohibited for swimming because of their dangerous characteristics. They have steep ocean floor drop-offs that are close to the shore, making stronger waves and undercurrents that may put lives in danger.

Which Beaches in Cabo Are Swimmable?

Luckily, there are plenty of beaches across Cabo for swimmers and beach bums. Like the Medano Beach, located downtown, the largest swimmable beach in Cabo. You can also go to Land’s End, the Lover’s Beach, or Playa del Amor, with stops to the iconic Arch. Chileno Beach by the hotel zone, a public beach with limited amenities but enough to have a cozy and safe dip.

The relatively secluded Santa Maria Bay, a protected sanctuary is perfect for snorkeling and relaxing. Just across the sister city of San Jose del Cabo, you have Palmilla Beach, a crescent-shaped shore, fit for picnics.

It’s best to look up information portals online to be informed about which beaches are safe to swim in, and what kind of experience each can offer.

What Hotels Have Swimmable Beaches in Cabo?

Most hotels around Cabo are situated along the best coasts and with good reason. Many of these are swimmable and safe, giving guests easy access to these beaches.

Some all-inclusive resorts have swimmable beaches like Breathless Cabo San Lucas and Marquis Los Cabos. Many family-friendly beaches have swimmable beaches too, perfect for a family beach experience like Dream Los Cabos, Hacienda, and Villa Del Arco Beach.

Does the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Have a Swimmable Beach?

Most beach hotels around Cabo do have swimmable beaches, unfortunately, this one doesn’t. To redirect guests from the beach, Hyatt Ziva has several large pools, amenities, and activities perfect for kids, teens, and guests of all ages.

Can You Swim in Ocean at Secrets Los Cabos?

The beach in Secrets Los Cabos, unfortunately, can be dangerous and is mostly unswimmable. The sloping beach has an undertow that could be dangerous for even the experienced swimmers.

Does Dreams Los Cabos Have a Swimmable Beach?

A lot of beaches around Cabo isn’t swimmable, and the beach in Dreams Los Cabos is one of them. The undertow can be quite dangerous to most people, even good swimmers. The waves tend to push back into the ocean that could drag people out, putting them in danger.

Is the Beach at Hard Rock Cabo Swimmable?

The beach at Hard Rock Cabo can be dangerous for swimmers, as there is no continental shelf. The marine geological structure at the tip of the Baja peninsula could make mean waves and strong rip currents.

Does the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Have a Swimmable Beach?

You can’t swim at the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas beach like many beach hotels around Cabo. It’s beach also has a sharp drop-off, which tends to have rip tides and rogue waves. However, Riu Palace is just 20 minutes away from swimmable Medano Beach, basically Cabo’s kilometer zero – the most popular go-to beach in the area.

Can You Swim in the Ocean at Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos?

The beach at Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos tends to have strong dangerous waves and an undertow that can sweep swimmers out to the sea. The beach is usually marked with black flags – pertaining to danger.

Does Breathless Cabo Have a Beach?

Breathless Cabo does have a beach and has one of the safest beaches in Cabo. This makes Breathless Cabo an ideal place to stay at for a Cabo getaway, especially for families.

Can You Swim at Lovers Beach Cabo?

Despite its location trailing off from central Cabo, at Land’s End. Lovers Beach is one of the most visit-worthy places in all of Cabo – and the best beaches to swim at, far off from beaches like the Medano.

Lovers Beach’s location, just nearby the iconic Arch at Land’s End, is in itself a reason enough to explore the area. Apart from its relatively isolated setting makes it an ideal getaway, along with its beautiful beach.

Can You Walk to Lovers Beach in Cabo?

While it’s best to get to Lover’s Beach via boat excursions or water taxis from mainland Cabo, it is also possible to walk there, given you have the proper footwear. Lovers Beach offers pristine blue waters and swimmable coast.

How is Snorkeling in Cabo?

Snorkeling is one of the best and most popular activities to do in Cabo. The secret to having a good snorkeling experience is finding the right spot for exploring – and it could be anywhere from Cabo San Lucas to la Paz.

Tours offer many options for your snorkeling experience, from guided tours to snorkeling cruises, there is no shortage of things to do, and places to discover. Snorkeling sites are mostly around the Sea of Cortez, as this side has many of the best underwater sites.

Does Cabo Have Clear Blue Water?

Being in the middle of the Sea of Cortez, and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Cabo is blessed with gorgeous blue waters comparable to the east’s Caribbean.

Where Can I Surf in Cabo?

With some of the best surf breaks, surfing in Cabo offers tons of experience and varieties for surfers and other enthusiasts. Some of the best surf breaks around the area include Zippers, the closest break to San Jose del Cabo, Acalpulquito, found on the way to Cabo San Lucas from San Jose del Cabo, El Tule, adjacent to Chileno Bay in the Tourist Corridor, and the most crowded, Cerritos Beach.

Are There Cenotes in Cabo?

There are no Cenotes in Cabo, unlike Quintana Roo. However, Cabo makes up for the lack of fresh-water Cenotes, with awe-inspiring rock formations off the coast. Perhaps the most famous is the Arch or Arco de Los Cabo.

Are There Sharks in Cabo?

Its proximity to the Sea of Cortez, where it hosts a plethora of marine life, can have shark sightings off the coast, and deep out to sea.

Great White sharks have been spotted, but, it doesn’t pose a threat to swimmers. Great White sharks and other large sea-dwelling creatures like the Whale Shark call the Sea of Cortez home.

What Kind of Sharks Are in Cabo?

Various kinds of sharks can be spotted off the coasts in Cabo. Apart from the Great Whites deep out to the Sea of Cortez, like Silky Sharks, Hammerheads, and Mako sharks. Most of them are considered harmless as they only dwell far from the coasts.

Are There Great White Sharks in Cabo?

There are Great White Sharks in Cabo, specifically in the Sea of Cortez, marine biologists found out that there is a substantial population of them in the area.

There is no cause for concern as Great Whites tend to dwell far from the coasts, in search of other marine mammals like seals near Guadalupe. However, make sure that the guided water tours you want to avail to have safety protocols when it comes to areas around the Sea of Cortez.

Are There Whale Sharks in Cabo?

There are Whale Sharks in Cabo you can even swim with them. Several tours offer encounters with Whale Sharks in town, you can check them out from a boat, or even swim with them at a safe distance.

What Time of Year is Whale Watching in Cabo?

Whale watching in Cabo runs from late December through March. Late December up to early January is the time here whales migrate back to the area for mating, as more and more males migrate into the area, whale activity mag increase. However, late January to March is when females start calving, so there are greater chances of seeing baby whales.

Are There Whales in Cabo in November?

You can see whales in November as they are starting to migrate back into the area during this time. They can be seen swimming through Cabo San Lucas from mid-November up to early December where they’ll start to mate.

What is the Best Time of Day to See Whales in Cabo?

Whales congregate and feed during the mornings, which also sees calmer seas and less wind. However, the afternoon up to early evening will have the most activity, this time also has increased winds, rougher seas, and bumpier rides.

Can You Swim With Whale Sharks in Cabo?

Whale Shark encounter tours will let you swim and snorkel with these gentle, beautiful giants. However, you will only be allowed to swim with them at a safer distance if you’re not a professional diver, as their unpredictable movement and size might result in incidents.

When Can You Swim With Whale Sharks in Cabo?

Whale shark tours are only available during whale sharks season that starts from October until March. Whale shark bot tours will take you to La Paz where many of these gentle giants congregate.

Are There Killer Whales in Cabo?

While there have been sightings and encounters of Orcas in Cabo, they are rare. Orcas in Cabo can only be seen 4 or 5 times in a given season.

Are There Dolphins in Cabo?

You can encounter Dolphins at sea as the region sits between the gifted Sea of Cortez and the rich Eastern Pacific. You can encounter different species of dolphins, the Bottlenose Dolphin being the most common if you avail whale watching tours in Cabo.

You can also encounter them, play with them, and have them do amazing stunts for you at the Cabo Dolphin centers with prices that range from 111 to 153 US Dollars.

Can You Swim With Dolphins in Cabo?

The Cabo Dolphin Center offers a wide array of dolphin experiences, like swimming with them or even training them. Dolphin swimming typically ranges from 132 to 153 Us Dollars.