How Do You Get Around Cabo (and Is It a Good Idea to Rent a Car)?

From taxis, car rentals, private shuttle, and Uber, getting around Cabo offers convenience and mobility for the adventurous and endlessly curious. With its reputation and world-class attractions, Cabo has made getting around the region easier for visitors to make the most out of the best Baja experience.
How Do You Get Around Cabo
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With the freedom and convenience to access everything it has to offer, Cabo keeps on standing at the forefront of Mexico’s. This slice of Eastern Pacific heaven has every reason for visiting.

Is Cabo San Lucas Walkable?

If you go around the city of Cabo San Lucas, many of its notable spots are within walking distance from each other. Hotel zones, and the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas, however, might take a little more than just walking.

Cabo’s central district, the Downtown, and the Marina are all within walking distance from each other, giving you quick access to Cabo’s main area, and the splendid Marina for cozy restaurants, and sweeping waterfront views.

Some places that are within walking distance from central Cabo San Lucas include, Riu Sante Fe Resort, perfect for families. The famous Medano Beach sits right across from the Marina. Plazas for shopping and dining are also within walking distance from each other, like the Puerto Paraiso Plaza, and Plaza Bonita.

Are Taxis Expensive in Cabo?

Taxis around Cabo can be at the pricier end. You can get between the cities of Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo quickly but at a relatively higher price. However, taxis in Cabo are considered safe for tourists to avail.

Taxis are the more expensive option in Cabo, but if you’re looking for a transport service that gets you places fast and relatively convenient, and don’t mind the price rates, taxis might be a good fit.

How Much is a Taxi Ride in Cabo?

One-way fare between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo can roughly range from 60 US Dollars and up. Getting around cities can range from 8 to 10 US Dollars. And getting from the Tourist Corridor to either of the cities might cost you more than 15 US Dollars.

Do Taxis in Cabo Take Credit Cards?

Taxis in Cabo don’t take credit cards. It’s best to secure Mexican pesos from bank money exchange booths before coming to avoid problems with transportation, US dollars are also accepted. Make sure to have smaller denominations as well.

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers in Cabo?

It’s not customary to tip drivers in Cabo, or even in Mexico in general. They wouldn’t expect it. However, it would be great to tip them if they assist you with your luggage, tipping 10 pesos per bag will certainly be generous enough.

Are Taxis Safe in Cabo?

Taxis are generally safe in Cabo. Local authorities ensure proper driving etiquette and passenger safety. And there’s a taxi union that keeps drivers and driver rights in check.

Is Uber in Cabo?

There is Uber in Cabo, however, they cannot provide airport transport services. This is due to taxi unions imposing restrictions and limitations for other ride-hailing apps that might undermine the livelihood of the local drivers.

Is It Safe to Use Uber in Cabo?

Despite the harrowing from the taxi union, Uber is considered safe and cheaper in Cabo than taxis. According to previous vacationers in Cabo, Uber tends to be used a lot more than taxis, especially in getting around the city.

How Much is the Bus in Cabo?

Public or airport Buses in Cabo are relatively cheaper than taxis and private shuttles in getting around. Most buses charge about 3 to 25 US Dollars, while taxis usually charge from 15 to 60 US Dollars.

Where is the Water Taxi in Cabo?

Most water taxis in Cabo are docked around the Marina. Water taxis can be used to get to and from nearby beaches, and especially to the famous Lover’s Beach, and the Arch at Land’s End.

How Much is a Water Taxi in Cabo?

Water taxis can give you tours around the coast, especially at the famous Land’s End. Most of them charge about 10 US Dollars per head for a 45-minute tour. However, you are welcome to negotiate prices for tours that would last more than 45 minutes.

Do You Need a Car in Cabo?

If you plan to get around Cabo, especially in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist Corridor, renting a car might be a good choice but it isn’t at all necessary.

From taxis, Uber rides, and buses, you can get around easily. But, if you decide to get one, car rental companies around Cabo are abundant.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Cabo?

Car rental costs about 12 to 73 US Dollars per day. You can also rent cars for 12 hours.

Is It Safe to Rent a Car in Cabo?

It is generally safe to rent cars in Cabo, given that the company you’re renting from is reputable and has proper legal registration. As for your end, make sure to have a good grasp of the local traffic laws and exercise safe driving.

Is It Safe to Drive a Rental Car in Cabo?

It’s best to make sure that the rental you’re going to use is in proper condition for your driving. From oils to its mileage, it’s advisable to be knowledgeable about certain technicalities. Make sure that the company you’re getting the rental from has met proper requirements and registration for their units.

Is It Worth Renting a Car in Cabo?

If you want to see Cabo at your own pace, and with your own liberty, it is ideal to rent a car in Cabo. With all its natural wonders, diverse terrain, and incredible spots with gorgeous views it is worth renting a car in Cabo.

Rental companies have reasonably priced units, from sedans to family vans, there are many ways of getting around Cabo with rentals. Just make sure that you’re being safe and smart, a logical consideration could get you far.