Is Mazatlan Expensive (and What Can I Buy There)?

With its famed moniker as the Pearl of the Pacific, Mazatlan is still a cheaper place to go. Relatively, cheaper than the bigger and celebrity-famous resort cities like Cabo and Cancun. Yet, with all the many charms of Mexico, Mazatlan still manages to wow visitors with its appeal and little quirks and gems.
Is Mazatlan Expensive
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Mazatlan’s historic Old Town, lovely golden beaches, and pulsating nightlife may just be some of the city’s famous charms. From the city’s original and locally made beer, their own twist to famous Mexican pastries and candies, Mazatlan’s still has a ton of hidden gems that visitors can revel on.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mazatlan?

A budget meal on fast food restaurant costs around 100 Mexican pesos, while it can climb to 183 pesos for a lunchtime menu with a drink in the business district. Grocery products like milk, chicken, tomatoes, apples, and other necessities could range from 17 to 64 Mexican pesos.

Housing can range from 4,500 to a staggering 14,500 Mexican pesos depending on the type of unit, and the number of bedrooms. Utilities can cost you 770 pesos, and the internet is around 300 pesos.

While you can always budget your money and maximize your Mazatlan living experience. But in comparison, Mazatlan tends to be 20% cheaper than Cabo, Guadalajara, or Mexico City. If you take a look at it, Mazatlan is definitely on the generally cheaper side.

How Much Is a Beer in Mazatlan?

A 16 ounce of domestic or local beer in the supermarket can cost around 24 pesos, while an imported beer is around 40 pesos.

Do I Need Pesos in Mazatlan?

When you’re heading to Mazatlan or anywhere in Mexico, it’s best to have pesos on hand, at least enough to get you to your hotel. Transportation tends to take only pesos, and using US dollars might put you at a disadvantage or gives you more hassle.

You can withdraw pesos using several ATMs around the city, as they dispense Mexican pesos. Casas de Cambio or exchange houses may be good but chances are, exchange rates might be high.

Can I Use Us Dollars in Mazatlan?

Some establishments accept US dollars, especially restaurants, and other cantinas, but it’s recommended to use pesos to avoid hassles and disadvantageous exchange rates. You can withdraw pesos using several ATMs around the city, as they dispense Mexican pesos.

How Much Do You Tip in Mazatlan?

You can tip restaurant servers and waiters with 10% or 20% of the total bill if it’s not already included in the service charge. Make sure to check the bill first. You can tip bartenders 10 to 20 pesos, or 10% to 15% of the total bill.

It’s customary to tip bellhops 25 to 50 pesos as they assist you with baggage, or even just showing you to your room. Housecleaning should be tipped 25 to 50 pesos per day, and make sure to tip each day, your housecleaning attendant might change on your last day.

What Can I Buy in Mazatlan?

You can buy souvenirs and other products in Mazatlan, some of which are the city’s specialty. Coconut Marshmallows by the Garcia Family used to be commonly called Pedos de Monja or “Nun’s Farts”, are Suaves coated with coconut, and you can buy them at outdoor candy stands all over town.

A staple and local product to Mazatlan, the Pacifico Beer is a must-try. Made by a local businessman in 1900, Carl Melchers, with German Evers and Jorge Clauseesn, actually called Cerveza Pacifico Clara. You can buy this Coca-Cola tasting drink at any corner store market.

Jamonicllos is Mazatlan’s version of Dulce de Leche, made outside town. Made by cooking down unpasteurized cow’s milk with brown sugar. You can buy them at the Central Market.

You can buy the Venados de Mazatlan Jersey, Mazatlan’s baseball team that won the 2016 Mexican Pacific League, its a unique memorabilia and it shows you respect and celebrate the city’s culture.

Señor Frog’s clothing first opened in Mazatlan in 1983. A clothing franchise that has been a staple of Mazatlan for more than 30 years. Now having locations all over the world, there’s nothing quite like buying from the town where the brand was born.

Where Can I Buy Groceries in Mazatlan?

When buying groceries in Mazatlan there are few recommended spots, other than the famous family supermarkets like Gigante and Sam’s Club – which is, apparently, membership-only. Mazatlan also has a Walmart, which could be a familiar option for North Americans.

But if you’re looking for fresh produce, and seafood there are many recommended spots around town. Ley Supermercado offers a great selection of local and Mexican-produced food, and they also offer free local snacks in some of the stores.

Mega Supermercado, a Costco owned supermarket, offers a wide variety of US products, and several other products that you can’t find anywhere else in Mazatlan.

Mercado Jose Maria Pino Suarez is Centro Historico’s best, when buying fresh fruits and vegetables you can also revel in its vibrant colors. This supermarket has been around since 1900. You can shop for a variety of products, from wet goods to souvenirs.

How Much Money Should I Take to Mazatlan?

You should plan to budget around 500 Mexican pesos a day on your vacation in Mazatlan. According to past visitors, 450 to 500 Mexican pesos a day or 23 to 25 US dollars would be enough to cover expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Mazatlan?

A week-long stay would cost about, on average spending, would be 3,500 Mexican pesos or around 180 US dollars. If you’re traveling as a pair, it would cost you around 6,500 Mexican pesos or 330 US dollars.