Do Cruise Ships Go to Roatan (a Guide to Docking Locations, Safety, and What to Do)?

Roatan is a beautiful island located in the Bay Islands of Honduras. The island is a popular tourist destination known for its white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, and coral reefs.
Do Cruise Ships Go to Roatan?
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If you’re a cruise passenger planning to visit Roatan, here’s what you need to know about docking there:

Does Roatan Have a Cruise Port?

Roatan Island has two cruise ports: Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay.

Coxen Hole is the original cruise port on Roatan and is located in the west part of the island. Mahogany Bay is a new port that opened in late 2009. It’s bigger than Coxen Hole and can accommodate more cruise ships.

How Many Cruise Ports Are There in Roatan?

Since Roatan Island is quite large, there are actually two cruise ports. The original port is located in Coxen Hole, and a new pier opened in Mahogany Bay in 2009. The two ports feature facilities and amenities that cater to cruise passengers.

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock in Roatan Island?

Different cruise ships dock at Roatan Island’s two ports. Cruise companies such as NCL, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean dock at Coxen Hole. On the other hand, Mahogany Bay is exclusive to Carnival Cruise Lines. Tourists can expect to find a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars at both ports.

Do You Tender in Roatan?

You can expect to tender at both ports in Roatan if your arrival coincides with a ship’s arrival. Tenders are small boats that ferry passengers from the cruise ship to the port. The process is relatively quick and easy but can be a bit wet depending on the weather.

What Port Does Royal Caribbean Use in Roatan?

Royal Caribbean is a cruise company that docks at the original port in Roatan, Coxen Hole. The company offers a variety of cruise itineraries that include stops at the island.

In addition, Royal Caribbean offers a variety of shore excursions that passengers can enjoy during their visit.

Is Roatan a Tender Port for Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean cruise ships usually dock at Coxen Hole. Norweigan cruise lines tender into the island. If you’re traveling with Royal Caribbean, you can expect to dock directly at the port.

Where Does Carnival Cruise Dock in Roatan?

Carnival Cruise has built a new port in Mahogany Bay, exclusive to the company. The fairly new port offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars that cater to cruise passengers.

Like Royal Caribbean, Carnival also has a variety of shore excursions that passengers can enjoy during their visit.

Is Mahogany Bay and Roatan the Same Place?

Mahogany Bay is located on the southern coastline of Roatan Island. It’s a newer port that opened in 2009 and is larger than the original port in Coxen Hole. The new port can accommodate more cruise ships and has more contemporary facilities and amenities.

Is Roatan Safe for Cruise Passengers?

While the people of Roatan are known for being warm and friendly, some areas on the island are best avoided. Use common sense when exploring the island, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Both cruise ports in Roatan are well-protected and considered safe for cruise passengers. However, it’s always essential to take precautions when traveling to unfamiliar places. Make sure to book excursions directly through the cruise line or a reputable local tour operator to ensure your safety.

What to Do in Roatan From the Cruise Ship

There’s no shortage of things to do in Roatan from the cruise ship. You can explore the island on your own or book an excursion through the cruise line.

Some popular excursions include zip lining, diving, and snorkeling. There’s also plenty of shopping and dining to be enjoyed in both ports.

If you love animals, then be sure to visit the Monkey and Sloth Sanctuary at French Cay. You can interact with the animals and learn about their conservation efforts.

Roatan is a beautiful island with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore the jungle, there’s an adventure waiting for you. Be sure to add Roatan to your list of ports-of-call on your next cruise!

Is Roatan a Good Cruise Port?

The island is a good cruise port for exploring its natural beauty. There are a variety of activities to enjoy, both on and off the ship. Cruise passengers will find a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars at both ports. Plus, the locals are warm and welcoming, making it a great place to explore.

However, always use caution, especially when you’re in a secluded area. Most of Roatan is safe for tourists, but a few areas should be avoided.

Overall, Roatan is an excellent port for those looking to enjoy its lush landscape and warm people. If you’re looking for a great island escape, be sure to add Roatan to your list!