What Are the Beaches Like in Saint Martin (and Are There Sharks)?

Beaches in Saint Martin promises white sands, some rocky, most are fine, with divine blue waters with sweeping views of the Caribbean, or the Atlantic depending on which side you’re on. The fabled gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean stay true in Saint Martin, with the island’s total of 37 beaches.
What Are the Beaches Like in Saint Martin
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Many, if not all, of Saint Martin’s beaches, each have certain flavors and quirks to them, offering something for everyone, from singles to families. Given its 37 beaches, you surely can expect to have a special beach you’ll probably go to.

Does Saint Martin Have Good Beaches?

One of the most amazing things about Saint Martin is that it doesn’t only have good beaches, the island has 37+ immaculately beautiful beaches that each has something to offer to everybody. Whether you’re exploring Saint Martin or Sint Maarten, you’ll find that the island is speckled with boundless beauty, making it worthy of its place on must-visit lists.

Straddling in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, right along the Lesser Antilles, having beautiful beaches with picturesque views is a natural theme in the French Caribbean, and Saint Martin’s curious nature makes it an even more deserving place to discover.

You can visit beaches like Long Bay, on the island’s western coasts, one of the French side’s premier beaches, it is the island’s longest beach. However, despite its expanse and length, it’s also one of the quietest beaches on the island, and is perfect for a quiet lounge, and catching sunsets.

Red Bay is one of the most popular, if not the most popular beach on the island. With a lively atmosphere and a vast expanse, it is a perfect go-to beach on the island’s French side. Another one is Nettle Bay, lined by several resorts that align with the waterfront, however, it’s not the best place to swim, but it’s one of the best areas to stay.

The Best Beaches in Saint Martin

Touted as one of the best Caribbean destinations, Saint Martin’s 37 beaches and myriads of curiosities might have something to do with that. 37 might be too hefty for a group of travelers to explore in a given time, however, among these 37 ridiculously beautiful beaches there is always the so-called “cream of the crop”. Some of the best beaches include Orient Bay Beach, Grand Case Beach, Lover’s Beach, and Friar’s Bay.

Also called the “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean” the Orient Bay beach is located on the northeastern coast of the island. Known for its awe-inspiring views and frequent celebrity sightings, Orient Bay may very well have it all. From restaurants, hotels, and shops, Orient Bay Beach is perfect for beach lovers who like to have a side of accessibility to certain amenities.

Another notable beach is the Grand Case Beach. Situated right next to a quaint and charming fishing village of the same name, lined by affordable gourmet restaurants, adds to the beach’s draws. You can lounge around the beach, and you can also explore the village, and learn more about the local life and culture.

Saint Martin has the longest beach on the island, and it also has the smallest by size. On the rocky coastline of Pointe Arago, you can find Lover’s Beach, where it can only accommodate two people at a time, this beach is extremely hard to find.

Friar’s Bay is a protected beach that is perfect for families, where the water is just right for enjoying and playing around. The bay is made famous by two particular restaurants in the area, Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe, and Kali’s Beach Bar, both serving top-notch Caribbean cuisine.

What Is the Water Temperature in Saint Martin?

The water temperatures in Saint Martin peak around 26 to 29 C or 79 to 84 F around early February and tends to get the coldest in mid-August, around 22 to 24 C or 72 to 75 F. All year-round, the warm water temperatures hike up to their warmest at the beginning of February. Water temperatures are always warm, throughout the year but fall to their coldest in late August. But water temperature averages can vary when you’re close to shore.

Is There Scuba Diving in Saint Martin?

The island of Saint Martin, both the French and Dutch sides, is a perfect spot for scuba diving. While the island may seem small, there are over 55 diving sites around it. With this many diving, you can be sure to find spots that are perfect for your experience level, and are easily accessible to some of the major areas of the island.

Diving in Saint Martin is ideal all year round, with no extreme temperatures, and perilous conditions, most of the worry you should have from diving is not about the time, but the number of people. While the hurricane season in Saint Martin of June to November is naturally a no-go, it varies if there are actually weather disturbances coming, or nearby. The peak season of December to February, even up to April, you will be sure to be going with a lot of tourists coming down from the US, and Canada. July and August’s break also sees

Is Diving Good in Saint Martin?

According to divers and other diving enthusiasts, diving in Saint Martin is generally a good experience. Visibility is mostly excellent, except for the rainy/wet season, where despite brief periods of rain, can still affect sunlight causing less visible conditions. Currents vary across the different parts of the island in certain months, so it is best to ask which coasts are ideal during the time of your visit.

But what makes Saint Martin ideal for diving is the average water temperature and experience level required. The highest averages aren’t too warm, and average lows don’t drop too sharply, allowing for conditions that are just right. With a plethora of diving sites, there is a place for everyone, no matter what level of experience, from beginners to experts.

Are There Sharks in Saint Martin?

The Caribbean is home to many species of sharks, most of which are relatively harmless, and often eat smaller sea creatures, some are even bottom feeders. However, there are also known carnivorous sharks lurking around like Tiger sharks and Bull sharks. Sharks aren’t usually a threat in the area, this is made true with a few sharks diving tours available in the area.

What Type of Sharks Are There in Saint Martin?

Most of the sharks you can find in the open sea near Saint Martin are relatively harmless, posing a minimum threat to humans. Nurse sharks and Caribbean reef sharks are the most common species in the area, with Nurse sharks being the most harmless. Bull sharks and tiger sharks are also known to live in the area but attacks are extremely rare.

Are There Shark Attacks in Saint Martin?

After being shark-attack free for more than a decade, a French woman was attacked by an unknown species of shark in the popular Orient Bay Beach in Saint Martin just December of 2020. The woman’s leg was torn off that left her unconscious in the water, and later died after being rescued while her injuries were being treated.

Are There Dolphins in Saint Martin?

Other than sharks, you can also spot dolphins in Saint Martin. You can encounter them via tours available on the island. There are charter companies that offer whale and dolphin watching tours where you may be lucky enough to catch a few pods of them.

Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common species you can find in Saint Martin. They are known to be a larger species that can grow up to 4 meters or 13 feet long. Dolphins are best spotted in the late spring and early summer.