Saint Martin vs. Saint Kitts & Nevis (The Famous vs. The Underrated)

Despite being two of the “saints” in the Caribbean, Saint Martin, and Saint Kitts & Nevis are two very different islands in the way that one is severely famous, the other one is criminally underrated. Saint Martin has always been on top of the so-called travel lists, while Saint Kitts & Nevis is a lesser-known island that packs a ton of draws.
Saint Martin vs. Saint Kitts & Nevis
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Saint Kitts & Nevis’s relatively lesser-known name has kept a certain charm that is best reserved for eager travelers. The island’s draws await those keen travelers who prefer traveling off the beaten path. Saint Martin’s myriad beaches and a plethora of cultural curiosities make it an ideal holiday destination that roars around the international traveling community.

What are Saint Martin and Saint Kitts & Nevis?

Thanks to regular waves of tourists coming in from the colder European mainland, Saint Martin, together with its Dutch twin, Sint Maarten, constantly makes a buzz to the international traveling community. Even seasoned jet setters know its many draws and charms. Saint Kitts & Nevis on the other hand is quainter, and underrated, making it extra special while packing a punch.

Saint Kitts & Nevis may be lesser-known compared to its bigger neighbors in the Caribbean, but breathtaking Saint Kitts and Nevis, offer the right combination of picturesque landscapes, a pinch of adventure, a rich curious history, and a whole lot of resort relaxation.

While both the islands were former colonies by European powers back in the age of conquest, Saint Kitts & Nevis is often lovingly called the “Mother Colony” as it was the first island to be established as a colony by both the British and then the French. The entire Leeward Islands, if not the entire Caribbean region was imprinted with European influences, thanks to centuries worth of occupation.

Now, Saint Martin remains to be a part of France, as an overseas collectivity, having its own level of autonomy, and dependency, from and to the French Republic. Saint Kitts & Nevis on the other hand, is a sovereign island state divided into two islands, Saint Kitts Island and Nevis Island, which has its own head.

Just like the rest of the Caribbean, both islands have an interesting history, even more, interesting locals, gorgeous pristine beaches, and lines of resorts all over. Saint Martin isn’t exactly the cheapest as it uses the Euros and the economy’s link to mainland France, however, one of Saint Kitts & Nevis’s best-kept secrets is its cheap prices, probably one of the cheapest among the region.

Where are Saint Martin and Saint Kitts & Nevis?

Located in the Lesser Antilles, in the eastern Caribbean, both Saint Martin and Saint Kitts & Nevis are situated along the Leeward Islands in the northeastern reach of the region. The islands neighbor each other, along with a slew of other small islands like Saint Barts, Antigua & Barbuda, as well as Anguilla and Montserrat to the south.

You can easily get in between the islands because of their proximity. But despite this distance, Saint Kitts & Nevis isn’t as touristy as Saint Martin-Sint Maarten, as the former has kept its charm lowkey in comparison to other islands in the region. Saint Kitts & Nevis can be considered one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, along with Curacao, and various other smaller players, as they have relatively kept their charm without the seasonal overwhelming swarm of tourists annually.

How far is Saint Kitts & Nevis to Saint Martin?

Only neighboring to the south, Saint Kitts & Nevis is approximately 81 km or 50 miles south of Saint Martin, directly. You can easily get in between these islands due to their proximity, along with other smaller islands like Saint Barts, and Anguilla to Saint Martin’s north.

How Do You Get From Saint Kitts & Nevis to Saint Martin?

Despite the close distance, you can only get to Saint Martin from Saint Kitts & Nevis, or vice versa by one way: flying. You can purchase flight tickets to Saint Martin with a few airlines like Winair, Air Anguilla Services, and Air Sunshine. Tickets are also cheap as they can cost around 300 to 400 USD, with flight time typically taking around 30 minutes to an hour/

The Charms of Saint Kitts & Nevis

Saint Kitts & Nevis’s relative quainter charm lies in its underrated name, and lesser-known reputation because it helps keep the island’s untainted mystery. It takes a special kind of traveler to decide to visit one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, and should you decide, you will be surely surprised, but don’t tell anyone just yet.

Like most countries in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts & Nevis have been occupied by former European colonial powers that have imprinted their culture that eventually made their way to the modern-day Caribbean. Saint Kitts & Nevis have been occupied many times by the English, and the French, which gave made it a distinct Anglo-Franco heritage.

The island was still a part of the United Kingdom with full internal autonomy until 1971 after a rebellion resulted in a secession until the inhabitants achieved independence in 1983. However, just as the British left, the island was left with Anglo-Saxon architecture, English traditions, and language gave it a certain twang, which is in itself a big draw.

Brits coming to the island will find it easy to navigate the island because of the influence the old English settlers left on the island, and of course, driving on the left side of the road. On top of that, the island was left with several ancient British fortifications that remain to be some of the best attractions on the island.

The island’s interesting cultural and historical makeup is not the only thing worth noting, as Saint Kitts & Nevis’s natural aspect is also a thing to behold, it is even perhaps its best feature. Beautiful and exotic tropical birds are present in the huge population in the forests of the island. There are also the famous monkeys that were brought to the island by the pirates, some accounts even say it was the French.

Thanks to all new road networks and systems on the island of Saint Kitts where exploration is a breeze for those who love to drive around at their own pace and their own plotted scenic route, where you can surely appreciate the island’s natural beauty. You can also come up to the locals quite easily if you can speak English well, as the local population speaks a certain kind of English, with traces of creole in their accents and slangs.

By the name Saint Kitts & Nevis, the sovereign island state isn’t just a single island, but two. Separated by a narrow strait in between, the larger Saint Kitts is the cosmopolitan, touristy, hustle-and-bustle side, while Nevis is the more laid-back, relaxed, and conservative part. You can easily explore either side by boat that tailors to your liking.

The Difference Between Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Martin

Saint Martin makes all the buzz on this side of the Leeward Islands, because of its varied cultural landscape thanks to its opposing Dutch side to the south, making up most of the island’s territory and landmass. With this, you can explore so much and learn a few cultural and historical lessons while you’re at it, not to mention all the shopping.

Saint Kitts & Nevis on the other hand is a quaint, quieter, lesser-known island that packs a ton of draws not commonly known among many travelers, or so we thought? Because of its underrated beauty, being among Caribbean giants, Saint Kitts & Nevis is often overlooked, but this has made the island one of the region’s best-kept secrets.

With two islands, with distinct vibes, and a myriad of beaches to explore, Saint Kitts & Nevis is criminally underrated. But thanks to its relatively lowkey name, the island itself isn’t crowded with tourists, unlike other bigger players in the region, and probably the best one is its lower prices compared to most of the islands in the Caribbean.

Which is Better – Saint Martin or Saint Kitts & Nevis?

Saint Martin offers various flavors with a European flair, that is more relaxed, with a tropical flair, and in a slice of paradise. If you’re the type to look for a perfect blend of Europe and the tropics then Saint Martin is the place to be. Or if you’re the type who prefers a lowkey place, with lesser people, and uber cheaper prices, with two islands each with a different attitude, then Saint Kitts & Nevis is worth the visit.

Comparing islands, and deciding which is better takes away the full face of the region’s beauty. It is best to do the necessary research before deciding to visit whichever island, as having all the relevant information gives you an idea of what the island is really like. You can then go from there; you get to decide what you want to experience based on what you already know.