Is Zihuatanejo Worth Visiting (and Is It Safe)?

With interestingly burrowed shores, gentler beaches, and quaint town life, Zihuatanejo offers a unique flavor in the Guerrero state. Zihuatanejo’s beauty and authenticity provide an interesting twist with Ixtapa’s touristy energy, which makes it all worth it.
Is Zihuatanejo Worth Visiting
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Zihuatanejo, is one of the Guerrero state’s safest areas, as tourists tend to frequent the area, mostly staying Ixtapa. Locals have made it safer for tourists offering an authentic Mexican experience, together with a sweeping backdrop of the Pacific.

What Is Zihuatanejo Known for?

Zihuatanejo, lovingly called “Zihua”, is a charming coastal town right up the Pacific Coast, neighboring the planned resort city of Ixtapa is a beautiful slice of a tropical paradise. The coast is burrowed deep inland which makes the beaches of Zihua more gentle, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

With its beautiful beaches and calmer waves, Zihua is best for those looking for an easygoing beach town getaway. Compared to Ixtapa’s touristy high-rise features, Zihuatanejos’s completely contrasting feel offers a more authentic and boutique experience.

What Does Zihuatanejo Mean in English?

There are two acceptable accounts origins for the name “Zihuatanejo”. One account might be from the Purepecha language, meaning “water of the yellow mountain.

While the other one is from the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs, meaning “place of women”. Referring to the “women goddesses” referring to the home of “goddess women”.

How Do You Pronounce Zihuatanejo?

With its influences from the Aztec, or other local historical civilizations, and Spanish, Zihuatanejo might be a bit difficult for native English speakers to pronounce. Zihuatanejo is pronounced as “zee-whah-tah-ne-ho”.

What Is the Population of Zihuatanejo?

With steady rising fame and one of the best destinations on the western coast of Mexico, Zihua has about 120,000 residents. On certain seasons, that number balloons due to other Mexicans moving in from, and other expats having a taste of the Zihua life.

Is Zihuatanejo Safe for Tourists?

Despite Zihuatanejo being in the Guerrero state which is known for having a high crime rate and violence, the town still has kept its town safe. As the town is frequented by tourists every year, Zihua has managed to keep violence and crime at bay from their town.

However, the neighboring resort city of Ixtapa is relatively safer, you can stay in the touristy area for peace of mind.

Are There Sharks in Zihuatanejo?

Sharks can be frequently spotted around the waters near the coast of Zihuatanejo. There have been recent Shark attacks as well in 2019. Most attacks happen during colder water temperatures and deeper parts of the beach.

Is Troncones Safe?

Troncones, a small beach village near Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and is one of Guerrero state’s charming jewels, is relatively safe. As frequented by visitors staying in its lovely hotels and the touristy, and safer Ixtapa, Troncones is popular among those looking to enjoy the coasts of Guerrero state.

Safety will only depend on one’s consideration of certain factors like benign cautious and vigilant. Don’t go to dimly-lit areas at night and don’t talk to sketchy people as well. Always, always err on the side of caution.

How Dangerous Is Zihuatanejo Actually?

Apart from the potential threat of sharks on the waters that are often spotted in the area, Zihuatanejo is generally safe for everyone. However, just like in any touristy city in the world, smaller, petty crimes are always prevalent so it’s better to watch out for culprits like pickpocketers and robbers.