Is Anegada Worth Visiting (and What Should I Know Before Going)?

Anegada, a small island off the coast of the British Virgin Islands, is a worthwhile tourist destination. You can participate in various activities here, such as snorkeling along the nearby reefs. You can also rent a car and drive around the island. Even though this island is small, it provides just as much, if not more, as the other Caribbean islands.
Is Anegada Worth Visiting?
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You should plan and book your accommodations before arriving on the island. You should also plan ahead of time for the various activities that this island offers. Even if the environment is secure, you must take precautions to protect yourself and your valuables.

Where Is Anegada Island?

Anegada Island is an island that belongs to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Anegada Island is the most northern island of the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands’ Anegada is also the northernmost of the Lesser Antilles. The Lesser Antilles is a chain that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. And since Anegada island is among the British Virgin Islands. It lies around 80 miles (130 kilometers) east-northeast of Puerto Rico. It is also about 15 miles (24 kilometers) north of Virgin Gorda.

What are the British Virgin Islands?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI), sometimes known as the Virgin Islands, is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. They are located to the east of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the north of Anguilla. The islands are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and within the Lesser Antilles’ Leeward Islands, part of the West Indies.

The British Virgin Islands is mainly composed of the main islands of Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, and Jost Van Dyke. Also, more than 50 lesser islands and cays make up the British Virgin Islands. And all in all, there are a total of 16 populated islands.

Is Anegada a Country?

Since Anegada Island is a part of the British Virgin Islands, it is not a country. And these British Virgin Islands are a part of the British Overseas Territories. This means that Anegada Island is a territory of the United Kingdom located in the Caribbean.

How Big is the Island of Anegada?

Anegada Island has an area of about 15 square miles (38 square kilometers). Next only to Tortola, the island of Anegada is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands.

Who Owns Anegada Island?

The United Kingdom owns the island of Anegada. Even though it is miles away from the United Kingdom, Anegada is still considered a territory of the UK. This is because Anegada Island is a British Overseas Territory.

British Overseas Territories are one of the fourteen territories outside of the United Kingdom. These territories are under the United Kingdom’s sovereignty but are not part of the UK.

What Is the Capital of Anegada?

Since Anegada Island is part of the British Virgin Islands, it does not have its capital. Despite being a group of islands, the British Virgin Islands is still a territory. The British Virgin Islands has its own capital. The British Virgin Islands’ capital is Road Town, located on the island of Tortola.

What Is the Population of Anegada?

Anegada has a population of 285, according to the 2010 census. These individuals only dwell in The Settlement, Anegada Island’s main and only town.

In comparison to the other principal islands, Anegada has significantly fewer residents despite the fact that the population of the British Virgin Islands as a whole is small.

What Does Anegada Mean?

Anegada means “Drowned Land.” The island of Anegada got its name from Christopher Columbus. This is because other islands near Anegada Island are mountainous, while Anegada is flat, having a high point of 28 feet (8.5 m) above sea level.

Is Anegada Safe?

Like the other British Virgin Islands, such as Tortola Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and more than 50 other islands, Anegada is safe. The Caribbean has seen a few high-profile incidents in its time.

Parts of this region have become vulnerable to crime, violence, and gang activity resulting from a lack of economic development, high unemployment rates, and drug trafficking. Nonetheless, the tropical region usually is safe to explore.

Although most vacations to the British Virgin Islands, such as Anegada, are safe. There are still some significant crimes that happen sometimes. These include armed robbery.

Tourists must consider taking standard measures. Tourists should also consider not wandering alone. Also, tourists should keep from carrying essential goods or leaving their stuff unattended.

Is It Safe to Sail in Anegada?

One must take precautions when sailing in Anegada. Dangerous reefs surround Anegada, which have claimed the lives of over 150 ships. Today, boats somehow still sink on the reefs of Anegada regularly.

Utilizing a nautical chart will ensure a safe and happy journey if you’re sailing to Anegada.

What Is Anegada Known for?

Even though the island of Anegada is small and even has a small population. There are still things that you must visit here because Anegada is well known for these tourist spots:

The Horse Shoe Reef

Being the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef in the world, the Horse Shoe Reef became a popular attraction in Anegada. The reef spans almost 18 miles (29 km), making it the largest reef in the Caribbean.

Horse Shoe Reef is famous for having diving attractions that particularly highlight the many shipwrecks in the past. Some of these shipwrecks include MS Rocus, which occurred in 1929, HMS Astraea, which occurred in 1808, and Donna Paula, which sank in 1819.

The Horse Shoe reef also makes getting to Anegada difficult. Unlike in the other British Virgin Islands, sailing in Anegada is frequently forbidden by charter companies. Tourists who dare sail to Anegada must be familiar with the island and/or must have a captain on board who can offer expert navigational expertise.

The Large and Rich Salt Ponds

On the western end of Anegada, the rich salt ponds are another famous tourist spot. Here, you can see flocks of pink flamingos.

Thousands of Caribbean Flamingos lived in these ponds in the 1830s. But in the 19th and 20th centuries, they became hunted for food and feathers. And in the 1950s, they had all but vanished.

There are also other endangered animals here, including the rock iguana native to Anegada and several species of turtles.

What to Do on Anegada

Despite being a small island. Anegada has a ton of activities for tourists to try. While here in Anegada, you should try to:

Explore the Island

Renting a vehicle, be it a car or a scooter, is the best way to explore the island of Anegada. With a small population, the roads are rarely congested. This makes exploring the island a pleasure for tourists.

Snorkel and Dive Under the Horse Shoe Reef

The Horseshoe Reef is Anegada’s most famous snorkeling destination. It’s the world’s fourth-largest reef, filled with tunnels and caverns. It is widely known for its rich corals and marine life, though it is only accessible by boat. Tourists can plan a boating expedition with a veteran navigator or captain. Otherwise, you will have a hard time sailing on these reefs.

Try the Different Delicacies of Anegada

If there’s one thing Anegada is widely known for, it is lobster. Through this, Anegada is also known as the Caribbean’s lobster capital. It is also Anegada’s most famous export and is a must-try for any visitor to the island.

Anegada also hosts the British Virgin Islands Lobster Festival in November. Almost every restaurant in Anegada offers lobsters as part of their menu. It’s great for lunch or dinner.

Get to Know the History of Anegada

Anegada’s history, like other Caribbean islands, dates back to the time of the Arawaks. These are the people who inhabited the island thousands of years ago. One piece of evidence is the conch shell mounds with a height of one to ten feet (0.3–3.0 m) on the island’s eastern end. There are piles made up of fossilized conch shells arranged like small mountains. The best way to see them is on tour around the east end of the island.

Try the Different Water Activities in Anegada

Anegada is widely regarded as the premier kitesurfing location in the British Virgin Islands. The island has world-class conditions that make it possible to do kite surfing regularly.

Anegada Beach Club has a kitesurfing school on site. On the beach in front of the resort, they also offer kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding aside from snorkeling.

Can You Stay on Anegada?

Yes, you can stay at a hotel when in Anegada. And because the small island of Anegada has much to offer to tourists, it is common for tourists to settle the night in one of the hotels in Anegada.

Where to Stay on Anegada

With tons of activities to do, you must find and book a hotel before going to the island. Worry not because here are some suggestions for you:

Anegada Reef Hotel

With many amenities such as air conditioning and a refrigerator, you won’t be looking for another place to stay. There is also an on-site restaurant. You can also visit the Horse Shoe reef easily when staying here. Pam’s Kitchen is also not far from this place if you’re looking for a cafe. There is also free parking for the people who stay in this inn.

Four Diamonds Park Villas

There are 4 villas in Four Diamonds Park Villas. Each independent villa features two bedrooms, a dining room, a living area, a bathroom, a balcony, and a kitchen. The villas are ideal for vacationers and tourists and can cater to around four people.

The villas are also near beaches, restaurants, and stores. Some of the amenities of this hotel include a pool, Wi-Fi, grill, air-conditioned bedrooms, and a gazebo.

The villas allow the guests to unwind and enjoy the mild breeze of the peaceful environment. Guests can get a close-up view of the flamingos from the raised gazebos.

Loblolly Beach Cottages

Its location is the deciding factor in Loblolly Beach Cottages. This place is ideal because it is on one of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous beaches and coral reefs. If you step out of the cottage, you can enjoy the feel of the sand on your feet. You can easily enjoy relaxing, stargazing, snorkeling, or even touring the island.

Cow Wreck Beach Villa

Staying in the Cow Wreck Beach Villa lets you enjoy the perks of being 20 feet away (6.1 m) from the beach. Enjoy walking on the beach shores and get your breakfast at a nearby bakery in the morning. There are also restaurants near the villa for you to enjoy your lunch and supper.