Is Anguilla a Good Vacation Spot (Facts About Prices, Currency, Where to Stay, and What to Do)?

The island of Anguilla is an excellent choice for a vacation. This island boasts world-class beaches as well as its peaceful and uncrowded surroundings. It is also a perfect place to spend a vacation with your family because the people are friendly and welcoming.
Is Anguilla a Good Vacation Spot?
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The prices here may vary depending on the type of lodging you pick, activities you do, and food you plan to eat. But don’t worry, the beaches on the island are entirely free to use. The primary currency that the people use is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD).

You can stay in various luxury hotels or even in budget-friendly rooms. You can do different activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and day trips. And you should also try the delicacies on the island as well.

Is Anguilla a Nice Island?

Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s nicest islands. Anguilla is a great spot to unwind and relax like the other Caribbean islands. It is overlooking the stunning blue waves and white sand. It exudes the serenity and calmness that only Anguilla can provide.

On the island of Anguilla, you can participate in various activities. Snorkeling, sailing, water tours, and cruising are some of the aquatic activities available. But, day trips and excursions are other options you must try.

After a full day of these activities, it’s time to relax. And Anguilla is home to some of the world’s nicest hotels. You can sleep in opulent hotel rooms that cost anything from $10000 to $35000 per night. But, you can also try one of the many low-cost motels that range from $100 to $150.

While staying on the island of Anguilla, you can also enjoy different cuisine. You can sample a variety of cuisines since they prepare seafood. But if you’re allergic to seafood, do not worry since there is goat meat, the most common meat in Anguilla.

Why Do People Go to Anguilla?

Being one of the Caribbean Islands, Anguilla is undoubtedly a tourist destination for vacationers. There are tons of reasons why people visit the island of Anguilla. And here are some of the reasons:

The Beaches

Anguilla’s beautiful white-sand beaches are consistently ranked among the greatest in the world. It’s difficult to pick a favorite among the island’s breathtaking beaches.

Some of the best places to visit include Meads Bay, Maundays Bay, Crocus Bay, Rendezvous Bay, and Shoal Bay.

And among these beaches, Shoal Bay East is the best beach in the world. It’s simple to understand why as you walk along the shores of this white-sand beach. The clear turquoise waters are calm and clean, and there is not much crowd. It’s a fantastic area for the family to have fun.

The Luxurious Resorts

Different world-class hotel accommodations are available on the island of Anguilla. Some of these world-class hotels are Cap Juluca, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, and The Viceroy Anguilla.

These opulent hotels offer suites, villas, and large rooms. You can enjoy the gorgeous ocean views while staying in these hotels. There are also private plunge pools. Plus, some have extensive spa facilities.

Together with a wide range of amenities, these hotels are surely world-class. These five-star hotels also offer excellent service and luxurious accommodations. And this will surely impress the most discerning families.

The Friendly People of Anguilla

Most of the people of Anguilla are friendly and will welcome you to the island. At the same time, tourists may travel to Anguilla for the beaches and resorts. They return time and time because of the island’s people’s hospitality.

The people of Anguilla adore children. The caring character of staff members and islanders makes tourists who visit Anguilla want to return again and again. And these are mentioned mainly by parents and grandparents as the primary reason for returning.

The Calm Atmosphere

Anguilla is only a half-hour boat journey from Saint Martin, but when you compare the experience, you will feel that Anguilla is out of this world.

Anguilla is not only for the rich and famous people, even though it is a renowned vacation spot for celebrities.

The island’s incomparable nature adds to its allure. You can say that the island has a calm atmosphere since there are no crowds here.

Also, the island exudes a sense of security. The island is not that large and consists only of one main road. The road goes through the island’s center, and there are only a few stoplights.

Buildings around Anguilla have a height limit of no more than the height of a palm tree. This also serves to preserve the island’s natural and calm scenery.

Delicious Dining Choices

The island of Anguilla is the “Cuisine Capital of the Caribbean.” Anguilla is a popular destination for foodies and people who enjoy excellent dining.

There are about 100 eateries on the island, ranging from sophisticated to casual. Beautiful ocean views combined with excellent cuisine are exquisite in beachfront dining establishments. The views from Straw Hat Restaurant and Cap Juluca’s Pimms are charming.

The CuisinArt Resort is famous for its excellent dining venues and hydroponic farm, in which tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and other vegetables grow. Food allergies and dietary requirements are expertly handled at the resort’s restaurants.

The Viceroy’s eateries are also highly regarded, such as the Bamboo Bar & Grill.

Renting Villas

Anguilla has over three hundred holiday homes to select from, making it a perfect vacation option for families and groups.

These range from premium villa enclaves with resort-style amenities to private family-friendly retreats, just like the capacious eight-bedroom coastal Ultimacy “Super Villa.” Guests get access not only to the property’s clubhouse and fitness center, but the villas also have children’s playrooms.

These villas also have a nearby beach club with a beachfront restaurant. It also comes with a spa, together with its own private pool. As you go into these villas, there are brick oven pizzas that are freshly prepared and served on-site. Also, some of these villas have babysitting services.

Hotel Rooms on a Budget

The island of Anguilla also has hotels that cater to families on a tighter budget. Some are immediately on the beach. Some are one- and two-bedroom suites at the award-winning Carimar Beach Club, directly located on Meads Bay. Others, such as Paradise Cove, are only a short distance from the seashore.

Even though the island of Anguilla is brimming with so many high-end luxury resorts, it’s comforting to know that Anguilla still offers budget-friendly houses that will suit the needs of family travelers.

Wholesome Family Activities

Dolphin encounters and swimming are some of the most common family activities on the island. The island also features horseback riding.

You can also try the outstanding snorkeling and diving activities in Anguilla’s crystal blue waters. Some of the best places to snorkel are Shoal Bay East, Little Bay, Crocus Bay, and Sandy Island. Not only that but there are also glass-bottom-boat excursions.

One of Anguilla’s most popular family activities is swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery.

In Anguilla, sporting families will find lots to do. One of the most popular sports in Anguilla is Tennis. You can visit the Anguilla Tennis Academy. It’s the place where adults and children will have opportunities to play and learn lessons about tennis.

Sailing is also particularly popular on the island. Sailing is deeply ingrained in the island’s history and heritage.

For some people that play golf, you can also play golf in Anguilla. The island also offers a fantastic 18-hole Greg Norman championship golf course with panoramic ocean views.

Experience Island Hopping

Island Hopping is one of the most popular activities in Anguilla. Mainly to Sandy Island and Scilly Cay, Anguilla’s day tours are very popular. Families can play on the beach, enjoy watersports, and dine on grilled lobster and other delicacies on these tiny islets not far from shore.

Dutch St. Maarten, French St. Martin, and St. Barths are just short boat trips or flights away. These trips are for individuals who wish to immerse themselves in another island’s culture completely. Thanks to the regularly scheduled ferry service, the daily visits to St. Maarten and St. Martin are inexpensive and straightforward.

What Makes Anguilla Unique?

Unlike the other Caribbean islands, Anguilla has its own features that make it unique. The island has 33 beautiful beaches that are not only uncrowded but are also open to the public. And each cove, bay, and sandy shore has its own unique features. You can see rock and coral formations as well as lush tropical vegetation.

You can also visit White bay, which is a protected national park. There is also the South beach, brimming with soft white sands and clear turquoise waters. There is also the Great Bay. With its dramatic drop-offs and steep cliffs, Great Bay is the most well-known. Some other small beaches also have pure white sand.

Because there are few cars on Anguilla, you may take a leisurely drive along any route and stop wherever and anywhere you wish. You’ll witness sugar cane plantations and windmills. But there are no slaves employed in their production. This makes Anguilla a slave-free island.

Saint John’s, the island’s lone city, has a population of roughly 10,000 people. This city offers a variety of activities for everyone. These include shopping and dining in one of the many restaurants. If you’re looking for some excitement, go surf, try fishing, or attempt light diving. Alternatively, simply relax on one of the island’s many beaches.

What Is the Vibe in Anguilla?

The inhabitants of Anguilla contribute much to the beauty of the island. The people of Anguilla are gentle and friendly. As you meet up with these people around the island, you can exchange warm hellos with them. And before long, you will know these people by name.

On the island of Anguilla, the people hold love, family, community, and God in high regard. Which makes them truly good-natured people.

Anguillians have excelled in a multitude of professions including music, sports, and arts. This is because the Anguillians are hardworking, resourceful, and ingenious. And some of the famous Anguillans in the world who made their mark outside the borders of Anguilla include:

  • The legendary artist, and musician – Bankie Banx;
  • The international cricketers – Cardigan Connor, Chaka Hodge, and Omari Banks;
  • Olympic medalist in the long jump – Shara Proctor;
  • Top Anguillian chef and a star on the London culinary scene – Kerth Gumbs

These people are some of the notable Anguillians that symbolize the island’s industrious vibe.

Is Anguilla a Private Island?

Although Anguilla is a small island, it is not a private island. No one person owns the island of Anguilla. Although not considered a country, Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory. Thus, the island of Anguilla falls under United Kingdom sovereignty. Although, it is not formally part of the United Kingdom.

Although Anguilla, itself, is not a private island. Some of the smaller islands of Anguilla are private properties. Some of Anguilla’s islets are up for sale as private property.

Scrub Island is an example of a private island in Anguilla. Scrub Island is 8 square km (3.1 sq. miles), off the eastern coast of the main island of Anguilla. Though privately owned, it is easy to get there by boat.

Which Side of Anguilla Is Best?

The better side of Anguilla is the Eastside. The Eastside of Anguilla is home to the Shoal Bay East Beach. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although the west side has a fair share of attractions.

And with a population of fewer than 15,000 people, most of the island remains as pure as it was in history. It is generally divided into two sections, the West End and the East End, with the capital in the middle.

All in all, both sides of Anguilla are still Anguilla. This means that each side, even though one may be better than the other, is great in its own way.

Surprisingly, driving from one side of the island to the other takes only around half an hour. This makes it very simple to go around. And if you’re visiting Anguilla for the first time, Meads Bay is the ideal spot to stay. Because of its central location, all the best attractions to visit are within a half-hour drive, which makes it convenient.

Where to Stay in Anguilla

To maximize the fun and enjoyment of a vacation in Anguilla. You must book one of the amazing hotels found on the island. And here are some of the most famous hotels filled with good reviews from among the tourists of Anguilla.

Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resorts

Located in Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay Village 2640 Anguilla. This place spans six acres (2.4 ha) of Anguilla’s world-famous northern Caribbean island. This hotel has 76 rooms and suites. This hotel is ideal for family holidays, honeymoons, and even weddings. This hotel also features calm beachside suites and celebration accommodation with a rooftop pool deck.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences

Located in Barnes Bay, West End Village AI-2640 Anguilla. This place welcomes you to stay in one of the 166 villas and resort accommodations. These villas overlook the breaking surf and azure horizons of two of Anguilla’s magnificent beaches. In the coastal spa, you can unwind. You can also sample fresh cuisine here where every sunset is spectacular.

Carimar Beach Club

Located in Meads Bay, West End Village AI2640 Anguilla. Carimar Beach Club is a fantastic seaside resort. It has 24 rooms coming with a distinct interior design.

This place has modern kitchens, a living room, a bedroom with flat-screen cable TVs and WiFi, and a dining area. This place also has a balcony or patio with gorgeous ocean views and spectacular sunsets. The air-conditioned bedrooms come with fresh linens and are also decorated in a Caribbean flair. In the living spaces and bedrooms, all apartments are fully air-conditioned.

On-site amenities include a fresh new fitness facility — tennis courts. This also includes free bikes, free snorkeling equipment, and a free modern laundry center.

Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection

Located in Meads Bay, West End Village 2640 Anguilla. Malliouhana made Anguilla a romantic hideaway when it first opened.

Set atop a bluff that slopes down to exquisite white sands and azure-blue water, the oceanfront resort continues to set the standard for modern-day island splendor.

Malliouhana comes with new features like expensive beachfront suites, a cascading infinity pool, and a beach bar.

Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club

Located in Rendezvous Bay AI-2640 Anguilla. Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club is a haven in the Caribbean.

This place was designed for the most sophisticated guests looking for an authentic island escape. This place is elegant and casual, polished and playful, and unique in every aspect. The resort’s 178 suites are home to a mix of world-class features that put it in a class by itself.

Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort

Located in Meads Bay, West End Village Anguilla. Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort is the condo on the beach in the heart of Meads Bay Beach. Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort has hosted many destination weddings thus they can also cater to large groups. They also feature terraces with views of Meads Bay Beach. Many of Anguilla’s finest gourmet restaurants are also within walking distance.

Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort offers four types of condos such as studio, one, two, and three bedrooms. All condos are air-conditioned and fully furnished. Plus these rooms have fully-equipped kitchens and large living areas. A maid and linen service is also provided on a daily basis.

Shoal Bay Villas

Located in Shoal Bay Village Al-2640 Anguilla. Shoal Bay Villas Hotel is a hotel with rooms that comes with a flat-screen TV, fridge, and kitchen. The guests will also stay connected due to the free wifi in this hotel. In addition, the guests can also use the pool. There is also free parking for guests who have a car.

While in Shoal Bay Villas, you can visit some of the local seafood restaurants. These restaurants are all within walking distance of Shoal Bay Villas, such as Beach Bar at Elodias Beach Resort, Madeariman Bar & Restaurant, and Tropical Sunset Restaurant & Bar.

Shoal Bay Villas is sure to make your vacation to Shoal Bay a memorable one, whether you’re visiting for business, pleasure, or both.

La Vue Boutique Inn

Located in Back Street, South Hill Al2640 Anguilla. The La Vue Boutique Inn has a magnificent view of Sandy Ground Beach. The hotel’s comfortable and inexpensive lodgings are ideal for a short or long vacation on the island of Anguilla.

Each room of the hotel has a small kitchen that comes with free WiFi, cable TV, a private bath, and a balcony. Every visitor can enjoy the breathtaking seaside view from their table in the open-concept dining area.

There is also a fully-equipped conference room for meetings and wedding receptions. You may also unwind by the pool.

And when you’re ready to explore the island, the white-sand beaches of Anguilla are just a short drive away. The golf course, art galleries, airport, ferry terminal, and Anguilla’s Heritage Sites are also within easy reach.

Anguilla Great House Beach Resort

Located in Rendezvous Bay, The Valley 2640 Anguilla. The Anguilla Great House is located in the center of the lovely beach, together with its casual ambiance and gingerbread-laced homes.

Serenity Cottage

Located in Shoal Bay Village Anguilla. Serenity Cottages is found on one of the world’s best beaches. Look no further for a private romantic vacation with beautiful sunsets. The brilliant blue waves and white powdery sand of Shoal Bay beach are practically a stone’s throw away from each home.

Each cottage was thoughtfully built to provide a classic yet contemporary architectural style. It evokes the pleasant and warm atmosphere of Anguillian life. The Serenity Restaurant also offers breakfast, lunch, and supper for the ideal dining experience.

Belmond Cap Juluca

Located in Maundays Bay, West End Village AI – 2640 Anguilla. Belmond Cap Juluca is a haven for ultimate relaxation. Filled with suites that stretch across Maundays Bay’s hidden cove opening onto pure white sands only feet from the Caribbean Sea.

This place comes with a sea view infinity-edge pool. It also features the ‘Arawak’ spa, new fitness center, rustic beach bar, and vintage food truck. It also comes with three beautiful restaurants.

There are also colorful native plants found in tropical surroundings. These plants are blending with the place’s innovative designs.

Which Celebrities Go to Anguilla?

A tropical paradise with pure white sand and clear turquoise waters. Anguilla is unquestionably a paradise on earth. And because it has one of the best beaches in the world, it is a popular destination for celebrities to relax and enjoy their vacation. And some of the celebrities who visited Anguilla include:

  • Paris Hilton. Anguilla is Paris Hilton’s “secret island.” While staying on this island, she always kept her location secret. Sources say that she stayed at Cap Juluca with her boyfriend and friends.
  • Justin Timberlake. The famous singer is so fond of Anguilla that he included a line about it in one of his most popular songs. “But forget your face, I swear I will, St. Barths, Anguilla anywhere I chill,” says one line in “My Love.”
  • Liam Neeson. For years, the renowned actor has visited Anguilla. He visited first with his beloved wife Natasha. But after his late wife died, Liam returned with friends and family. He is usually seen at Cap Juluca. And sometimes he eats in the Straw Hat.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z. When the power couple was still dating, they began visiting Anguilla. Though their location when staying on the island is kept secret. People have seen them strolling along the beach, and taking boat tours of the island.
  • Denzel Washington. This renowned actor is a frequent visitor to Anguilla. He purchased the “celebrity” villa on Shoal Bay West. This makes him a frequent guest on the island of Anguilla.
  • Sandra Bullock. Sources say that the renowned actress and her friends stayed at the Viceroy. She made full use of the hotel’s luxurious amenities. Sandra spent her days swimming with baby Louis in the pool. And staying in a private villa.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio. This well-known actor caused quite a stir throughout the island. Leo borrowed Steven Spielberg’s luxury yacht. This is to visit Anguilla with his girlfriend and a crew of friends. He was visiting Prickly Pear and Sandy Island.
  • Paul McCartney. The famous singer goes to Anguilla via private jet with his girlfriend. He and his girl enjoy strolling the beautiful beaches.
  • Michael Jordan. The greatest-of-all-time basketball legend stays at the famous Viceroy. When in Anguilla, MJ likes to ride bikes with his friends and smoke cigars.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Anguilla?

While most celebrities are frequently seen in Anguilla. The locations where they stay are often unknown to the general public. These celebrities sometimes stay in hotels. Some have their own private villas where they can stay. However, some celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Sandra Bullock stayed at the Viceroy while on the island of Anguilla.

Is It Expensive to Visit Anguilla?

You can visit Anguilla without spending too much money. Though it is true that staying in Anguilla will cost most people a lot. And many of the hotels and places to stay in Anguilla are luxurious. For that reason, many people believe that visiting Anguilla will be expensive.

Apart from these luxurious hotels and places to stay in Anguilla that are expensive, there are some other hotels and places to visit that are less expensive.

How Much Does It Cost to Vacation in Anguilla?

To begin with, you can travel to Anguilla without a private jet. Ferries can take you to Anguilla. Anguilla is about 20 minutes by boat from St. Maarten. The ferry to Anguilla costs approximately $25.

While exploring the island appears to be quite expensive, there is a solution. You can save money by renting a car or a van while visiting Anguilla. A car rental in Anguilla will cost around $50 per day. In addition, obtaining a driver’s license in Anguilla will cost you around $25.

There are more hotels in Anguilla that will cost you less money than the well-known luxury hotels in Anguilla. These are the hotels that are usually owned by locals. These places still offer the best of Anguilla while also allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture.

There are many places in Anguilla where you can sample Anguillan cuisine without spending too much money. And these are Anguilla’s local restaurants and beach bars.

Now we all know that the main attraction of Anguilla is its beaches. But worry not, all the beaches of Anguilla will cost you nothing. You can enjoy the different beaches in Anguilla absolutely for free.

What to Do in Anguilla

Since Anguilla is in the Caribbean, it is full of world-class beaches. You can do sailing, swimming, and even underwater activities like diving. Not only that, there are many tourist spots to visit on the island too. Anguilla is truly a magnificent island full of activities for you to explore. And here are some of the things you should try to do when in Anguilla:

Visit the Beaches

Some of the beaches that you can try are:

Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay East is one of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. It is also one of the quiet and uncrowded beaches in Anguilla. This beach is full of brilliant and smooth white sand.

The waters of the beach offer some of Anguilla’s most spectacular coral gardens. It is also populated by hundreds of iridescent fish. And this beach is the most ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Meads Bay Beach

One of Anguilla’s most popular beaches is located in the west end. Seas filled with clear and tranquil waters, a dip in this beach is surely refreshing. This beach also has a 1-kilometer (0.6 mi) stretch of white sand that gives your toes a feeling of walking on soft, finely ground wheat.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Rendezvous Bay is a beach full of coconut trees around its shore. Its beach boasts a 4-kilometer stretch of white sand and clear turquoise waters. This beach is calm and is ideal for families with young children. This is a haven for those who like to swim, collect shells, and sunbathe. This is also a nice beach to wander along at sunset.

Maundays Bay Beach

Maundays Bay Beach is a magnificent expanse of fine white sand and aqua-blue sea. The tourists may enjoy wonderful snorkeling and swimming in the beautiful sea when the weather is calm. Sailboats and windsurfers may also explore the bays on breezy days.

The famed Cap Juluca luxury resort is a prominent landmark along this beach. This lovely beach is also a favorite wedding location.

Experience the Unique Nightlife

To experience one of Anguilla’s greatest nightlife destinations, you must go and visit the Sandy Ground Village. Sandy Ground Village is a great place to get a feel for the native island ambiance.

Bird Watching

Birders should pay a visit to Road Salt Pond located behind the Sandy Ground Village, which is home to egrets, stilts, and herons.

Visit Some Dive Sites

The dive sites on the island of Anguilla are full of diverse types of corals. Divers will be surely thrilled to learn that Anguilla has a double reef system.

Particularly wrecked ships that are intentionally sunken are also popular on the island. These sunk ships produced thriving artificial reefs which are home to diverse marine life such as turtles, eels, and stingrays. Some marine parks are also home to sharks and barracuda. Here are the seven marine parks that encircle the island:

  • Dog Island
  • Prickly Pear
  • Seal Island Reef System
  • Little Bay
  • Sandy Island
  • Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System
  • Stoney Bay Marine Park

Explore the Archaeological Site

The most important archaeological site in Anguilla is the Fountain Cavern. There, you can see the two freshwater lakes. Along with several Amerindian petroglyphs waiting for you 15 meters (49 ft) belowground in a cave. The most notable of these is a towering stalagmite etched in the shape of “Jocahu,” the Taino Indians’ supreme God.

Day Trips in the Islands

The island of Anguilla is also famous for its day trips. Here, you can visit the offshore islands of Anguillita, Prickly Pear, and Sandy Island.

  • Sandy Island is a great spot for snorkeling. Snorkeling in its turquoise lagoon is the best thing to do here.
  • The craggy shores of Anguillita don’t have much in the way of beaches. But Anguillita is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. Divers can expect to observe marine life such as turtles, eels, stingrays, sharks, and even among the small walls and caves.
  • Swimming and snorkeling in the waters of the turquoise ocean as well as relaxing on the beautiful beach are popular activities in Prickly Pear.

Visit the Heritage Collection Museum

If your interests are the history of the island of Anguilla, then worry not. The Heritage Collection Museum is a fantastic site to learn more about Anguilla’s past. From the days of the Taino to the present. Historians trace the island’s history through different relics. These relics are historic postage stamps.

Can You Surf in Anguilla?

Yes. Anguilla’s beaches are available for surfing. Despite the fact that Anguilla’s modest waves make it unsuitable for surfing, the sport still thrives. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is the most popular style of surfing in Anguilla.

Kitesurfing is a water sport that involves surfing with both your hands and feet. This is where you hold a giant kite and push yourself through the water using the harnessed wind.

What Is the Currency of Anguilla?

The primary currency used on the island of Anguilla is Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The usual three-letter code for Eastern Caribbean Dollar is XCD, but sometimes it can be EC$. And the exchange rate for 1 US dollar is 2 Eastern Caribbean dollars.

What Currencies Are Accepted in Anguilla?

The currencies accepted in Anguilla are US dollars and Eastern Caribbean Dollars. And if you forget to exchange the currency, worry not because there are places in Anguilla that host foreign-money exchanges. Also, the majority of restaurants accept US Dollars. And most ATMs also dispense US Dollars.

Can I Use USD in Anguilla?

Yes. One of the two currencies used in Anguilla is the US Dollar. You can use USD in restaurants in Anguilla. You can also use it on their ATMs.

Is Anguilla on Eastern Time?

The time zone in Anguilla is not Eastern Standard Time. And, despite being a British Overseas Territory, Anguilla’s time is not Greenwich Mean Time.

Anguilla is among the Caribbean islands, thus it is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. Atlantic Standard Time is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. While Atlantic Standard Time is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Is Monday a Holiday in Anguilla?

Anguilla, like many countries, celebrates Easter Monday. And Easter Monday is a public holiday in Anguilla as it is in many countries. It is a public holiday that falls within the Easter season. It is a Christian holiday that occurs the day after Easter Sunday.

What Do You Need to Travel to Anguilla?

To travel to Anguilla you must take note of these entry requirements.

  • All visitors to Anguilla must have a passport. To enter Anguilla, visitors must have a passport that is valid beyond their departure date. This passport as well as return and onward tickets must also be valid.
  • Green Cards. Green Card holders in the United States must have both a valid green card and a passport from their country of origin. Visas are still required in some cases for entry into Anguilla.
  • Nationals of some countries must also have visas or direct airside transit visas in order for them to enter Anguilla.

Why Go to Anguilla?

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful island of Anguilla. This location has many things that you would not find in a busy city. Relax and enjoy the sea breeze as you stroll along the powdery white-sand beaches.

While in Anguilla, you can also take part in a variety of water sports. Swimming and surfing in the clear turquoise waters is a must. On the island’s dive sites, you can explore the reefs and swim with the various marine life. In Anguilla, you can also go boat sailing or one-day excursions.

You should also try the various cuisines that are unique to Anguilla.

All in all, Anguilla is a place that you should definitely visit because this island is more than just a vacation destination.