Does Anguilla Have Nice Beaches (and Is It Safe to Swim There)?

Every beach in Anguilla has a uniqueness to present tourists. They are all lovely beaches because of their sand, water, establishments, and environment. Among the Crown Jewels of Anguilla are Meads Bay, Shoal Bay East, and Rendezvous Bay. The west also has its hidden gems like Barnes Bay and Long Bay. Katouche is only one of the stars of the east. At the end of the day, all beaches of Anguilla are local treasures.
Does Anguilla Have Nice Beaches?
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Safety should not be one of your worries in swimming at Anguilla beaches. When the weather is good, the waters are good, and being nearer the shore is an assurance of your safety there.

How Many Beaches Does Anguilla Have?

Anguilla has 33 beaches. This island is about 16 miles (26 km) long and 3.5 miles (6 km) wide. Below is the complete list of the beaches of Anguilla.

“Barnes Bay, Black Garden Bay, Captain’s Bay, Corito Bay, Crocus Bay,

Dropsey Bay, Island Harbour, Junk’s Hole, Katouche, Limestone, Little Bay,

Little Harbour, Lockrum Bay, Long Bay, Maundays Bay, Meads Bay,

Merrywing Bay, Mimi’s Bay, Pelican Bay, Prickly Pear, Road Bay,

Rendezvous Bay, Sandy Island, Sandy Ground Beach, Sandy Point Bay,

Savannah Bay, Seafeathers Bay, Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay West, Sile Bay,

The Cove, West End Bay, Windward Point”

Which Side of Anguilla Has the Best Beaches?

The eastern part of Anguilla has promising underrated beaches. If you do not like going to the most searchable and crowded beach of Anguilla, take note of the following. They all provide quiet and calm yet filled with activities to book.

  • Katouche
  • Crocus Bay
  • Little Bay
  • Savannah Bay
  • Junk’s Hole
  • Windward Point

Where Are Anguilla Beaches Located?

Anguilla Beaches are in the eastern Caribbean Sea, and you may locate them in the northern part of the Leeward chain of islands. Anguilla is a small island with many offshore islets as a part of it.

Where Is Maundays Bay Anguilla?

Maundays Bay is in the western part of Anguilla, near Meads Bay and Rendezvous Bay. Landmarks close to it are Gull Pond and Pimms Restaurant. It is at least a mile (1.6 km) with a crescent moon shape that faces the island of Saint-Martin.

Where Is Anguilla Cay?

Anguilla Cay, the northern and second-largest of the Anguilla Cays, is a part of Bimini, Bahamas. It is on the western end of its Cay Sal Banks. The Cay Sal Island and Anguilla Cays are 55 miles (88.51 km) away from each other. Anguilla Cays have 2 to 3 major islands and some smaller islands too.

Where Is Meads Bay Anguilla?

People may find Meads Bay on the western end of Anguilla. You may get to this uncrowded beach via taxis or walking when you stay near it. Beach chairs, towels, filtered drinking water, and water sports are accessible here.

How Long Is Meads Bay Anguilla?

The length of Meads Bay is 2.20 miles (3.54 km). It goes from the historic Maluhani Hotel to the rocky part where they built the Viceroy Hotel.

Are All Beaches in Anguilla Public?

The 33 beaches in Anguilla are all open to the public. You may park in any resort’s parking lot, with no to little charge, and walk through it. It is advisable to park along the road for easy access to the beach.

Chairs, tables, and umbrellas are available for rent to those who are not guests of hotels. It would help if you considered bringing your own to enjoy the sun, sand, and water for free.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Anguilla Beaches?

Five days or less of a stay in Anguilla may cost $300 for an individual. Good package deals are from May to August at lower rates. Hotel prices are also lower in September and October.

Going to Anguilla itself is expensive due to connecting flights. It is best to book to areas like St. Martin-St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Antigua, or St. Kitts. Afterward, you can ride a ferry to save costs.

Renting villas and preparing your food are cheaper options as well.

Are Anguilla Beaches Safe?

The beaches are safe to explore around the whole day. While there are few reported crimes, always take care of your belongings when on beaches.

If you get ill, resorts have on-call physicians, and Anguilla’s primary hospital is in The Valley. Emergency evacuation to other islands is their measure for severe medical issues.

Can You Swim in Anguilla?

No one prohibits swimming on the beaches of Anguilla, and weather conditions may prevent people from swimming in the waters. Anguilla’s rainy season starts in May and ends in mid-November. Hurricanes usually begin on June 1, so plan when to book your travel here.

Is It Safe to Swim in Anguilla?

It is safe to swim in Anguilla, and no one has reported major incidents involving its waters. But, it is not advisable to venture far in the waters because of different sea animals. As long as the waves are not too harsh, you can swim on its beaches with no worries.

Are There Sharks in Anguilla?

There are sharks in Anguilla, but no shark attacks have occurred yet. Such sharks lurk around the deeper and farther water. These sharks are more harmless than we think, and there are rising concerns with slaughtering.

Most locals think they threaten human lives, labeling them as mindless killers. But, they are an integral part of the oceanic food chain. Their extinction could lead to different ecosystem issues, such as an unbalanced population of sea animals.

People should understand their value and conduct better solutions for people’s safety. It is a massive misconception that sharks kill humans here as there are no significant attacks in Anguilla.

What Sharks Are in Anguilla?

There are tiger sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and nurse sharks in Anguilla. Tiger sharks are common in the Caribbean because they like tropical and temperate weather. Caribbean reef sharks prefer inhabiting coral reefs as they are reef predators. Nurse sharks are the least harmless because of being slow-moving bottom-dwellers.

Are There Dolphins in Anguilla?

You can see and be with dolphins when you travel to Anguilla. Dolphin Swim at St. Maarten, Anguilla, offers fun activities for your dolphin adventure. Swimming, belly rides, and Boogie Push are favorites of tourists. Being here adds to your memories and knowledge from marine mammal specialists.