When Should I Visit Anguilla (to Avoid Rain and Hurricanes)?

The summer season is when you should visit Anguilla. The duration of this season is from May to August. Along with the increasing temperatures in these months, seas remain warm and calm.
When Should I Visit Anguilla?
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Light rains or intense hurricanes may occur several months after June 1 has passed. It is best to check the weather forecasts before booking travel to Anguilla.

What Is the Rainy Season in Anguilla?

Late May to mid-November is the rainy season in Anguilla. It has satellite surveillance that gives early warnings for precautions and possible evacuations.

Does It Rain a Lot in Anguilla?

Anguilla has a tropical climate, and it does not rain daily during rainy and hurricane seasons. It is due to its lack of mountains that causes less rain in Anguilla.

How Often Does It Rain in Anguilla?

During the twelve months of the year, there are 7 to 13 days of rain per month in Anguilla. The driest months are February and March, so expect only 1.8 inches (45 mm) of precipitation.

When it is already August to November, there is a possibility of rain that is 3.9 to 4.9 inches (100 to 125 mm).

How Much Rain Does Anguilla Get?

There are about 40 inches (1000 mm) of rain per year in Anguilla. Its rainiest month is during October.

Do Hurricanes Hit Anguilla?

Hurricane season in Anguilla starts from June 1 to November 30. The greater probability of tropical storms and hurricanes is from August to October.

Is Anguilla in the Hurricane Belt?

Anguilla is not part of the hurricane belt of the Caribbean. It belongs to islands with a low risk of hurricanes, i.e. below average. Their ocean waters are calm, and the wind shear is very dry and strong.

How Many Times Has Anguilla Been Hit by a Hurricane?

Since 1950, the hurricane count in Anguilla has been sixteen. Even if hit by Category 5 hurricanes, the whole area and its people are always resilient and prepared. But tourism always reaches a low season after the damage from these hurricanes.

When Was the Last Hurricane in Anguilla?

The last hurricane in Anguilla happened on September 6, 2017. The name of this hurricane is Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm. Its winds were 185 mph (298 kph) which lasted for 37 hours.

The impact made tourism decrease because of damaged homes, hotels, and restaurants. There was significant damage to 90% of government buildings and electricity infrastructure. Less than 100 fatalities occurred with this hurricane.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Anguilla?

Other than December to April, any time is the best time to visit Anguilla. Months mentioned are when the whole place has many visitors due to peak season. Expenses, such as hotel and flight rates, are higher too.

What Is the Best Month to Visit Anguilla?

In planning to visit Anguilla, you might want to choose between the months of May and August. They have better deals and ideal weather conditions than the rest. During these months, the seas are calmer too.