Saint Martin vs. Anguilla (The Famous and the Famously Expensive)

Lying close to each other, these islands go head-to-head when it comes to having that famed Caribbean experience. Saint Martin, the famous French-Dutch island, is one of the most sought-after or rather the more visited islands in the region, while Anguilla’s reserved for the moneyed set is an underrated pearl.
Saint Martin vs. Anguilla
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Several if not all islands in the Caribbean have draws that are often too similar to each other causing a lot of confusion, and missed opportunities for travelers from all over. Saint Martin and Anguilla may look the same, but their subtle differences in culture, natural beauty, and overall vibe can tell them apart and are often their best draws.

How Far Is Anguilla From Saint Martin?

Straddling along the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, Anguilla is approximately 18.68 km or 11.61 miles north of Saint Martin. The French-Dutch shared island of Saint Martin is just a stone’s throw away from the British Overseas Territories of Anguilla, leaving so much room for an extensive and fun itinerary that could hit not one, but three incredibly beautiful locales on this side of the Caribbean.

Anguilla’s obvious accessibility from Saint Martin and vice versa allows eager travelers and wide-budgeted holidaymakers to explore even just a few of the Caribbean’s best. Visitors to Saint Martin have the luxury to experience two cultures and countries on one tropical island and have the accessibility to travel to Anguilla.

How Do I Get From Saint Martin to Anguilla?

With its proximity to each other, practically one telescope view away, you can get in between these islands in three common ways: by fly, by ferry, and sea shuttle. With the distance of 18.68 km, or 11.61 miles you can get easily get in-between them via ferry which roughly costs 103 to 122 USD, one way, which typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour, excluding other logistical factors.

On the other hand, sea shuttles can be pricier, where one-way trips can take cost around 118 to 127 USD. You can take a ferry or sea charters to Anguilla from Saint Martin, with ferry companies like Gotcha Garfield Sea Tours, Calypso Charters, GB Ferries, Link Cat Ferry, Funtime Charters.

If you’d rather prefer a much quicker way to get to Anguilla from Saint Martin, you can take a flight, which typically takes 10 to 20 minutes. The cheapest flight tickets can cost around 95 to 700 USD, roundtrip. However, you can only fly with Anguilla Air Services and will have to look for their availabilities.

Can You Take a Boat From Saint Martin to Anguilla?

Despite being separately controlled by European states, the islands of Anguilla and Saint Martin are so closely tied not only by distance but by tourism, there are plenty of boat charters that can take you in between them, sometimes even including Saint Barts.

The only catch with private boat charters is that they are often extremely expensive. These types of charters are best reserved for the high rollers of the Caribbean, with prices ranging over the thousands.

Boat charter companies often have itineraries that are ideal for seeing the entire Caribbean stretch between Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, and Saint Barths with luxury services and amenities aboard top-of-the-line motor yachts, which often include exciting stops to watch dolphins and free-diving somewhere in the beautiful Caribbean blue.

You can take these famously posh rides with Xisle Boat Charters or Yotha, among a few.

If you’re more of a laid-back budget traveler type, you can always opt for boat or ferry charters that can take you from Saint Martin to Anguilla like the Anguilla Ferry, from Marigot in Saint Martin. One-way trips often cost 25 USD. Anguilla charters from Sint Maarten with Calypso Charters, Link, Gotcha, Funtime, and G/B Ferries semi-private can cost around, 50 to 65 USD per person, one way.

How Long Is the Ferry Ride From Saint Martin to Anguilla?

Ferry trips usually take around 40 to an hour depending on sea conditions, and other logistical factors. Ferry trips are available from 8:15 AM to 7:00 PM, sometimes last trips can be as early as 6:00 PM.

With Saint Martin-Sint Maarten being so close to Anguilla, taking a ferry and see much of the Caribbean waters in between are often recommended by seasoned travelers as you get to see the majesty of the Caribbean Sea in all its glory, especially during the day and can make for a more scenic route that a fast-tracked journey by air.

How Much Is The Ferry From Saint Martin to Anguilla?

One-way trip tickets vary depending on the company; however, public or even semi-private ferry charters are the cheapest way to get in between Anguilla and Saint Martin. Public ferries from Saint Martin to Anguilla often costs more than 20 to 80 USD, and can only take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Where Does the Ferry From Saint Martin Arrive on Anguilla?

Most of the ferries from Saint Martin is from the capital of Marigot, on the French side of Saint Martin, only a few charter companies sail from Dutch Sint Maarten, and will all dock in the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, and visitors disembarking there will have to take a taxi to their accommodations on the island. Ferries from Saint Martin take around 40 minutes to get to Anguilla, and have available trips from 8:15 AM to 7:00 PM, with a 45-minute interval.

Which is Better – Saint Martin or Anguilla?

Two exquisite islands that are some of the bests of the region, Saint Martin and Anguilla may both be slices of tropical heaven, that offers that proverbial Caribbean experience so deciding which is best is left for those who have decided on whatever it is that they want from an island experience.

Saint Martin’s Charm

Saint Martin has always been one of the Caribbean’s most fascinating curiosities, thanks to its rich, and blended history, and modern-day bicultural landscape with the French and the Dutch sharing one island. This gives seemingly endless cultural features for visitors to explore and learn about, plus, the island is speckled with some of the most beautiful beaches and beach towns in the region.

Thanks to the island’s French-Dutch parentage, French Saint Martin, and the Dutch Sint Maarten offers curious first-time visitors to the island’s diverse cultures and attitude that further adds to this top destination’s tourism game, not to mention the multilingual locals.

Little Big Giant Anguilla

Anguilla’s 26 km or 16-mile-long island stretch packs small gems and charms that seem to draw a lot of tourists in over the years. First off, apart from the immaculate beaches speckled all around its coasts, the island is also known to be a tax haven, which attracts high-rollers, and big investors to the island making it one of the well-heeled travelers’ best-kept secrets in the Caribbean.

This small stretch of an island, albeit longer than neighboring Saint Martin, is a gold mine for snorkelers, thanks to its well-protected beautiful coral reefs that have played an important part in the region’s abundant marine life. But, don’t be fooled by the abundance of seafood here because on this island, goat meat is king.

Saint Martin may not only have the French side, but because of the loose borders and both countries belonging to the European Union, you can also enjoy the Dutch side of Sint Maarten. However, Anguilla on the other hand also has 33 beaches that seem to give you tons of reasons to visit, all 33 of them. These beaches are also lined with luxury-level resorts, that perfectly complement the island’s spectacular natural beauty.

At the end of the day, what floats your boat, will ultimately decide which you would rather visit, or which you would deem better, or even best. However, it takes a little bit of research as well, as it paints you a picture of what these islands are like. The best kind of traveler is always well-informed.