Is Anguilla a Safe Place to Visit (Crime, Zika, and Drinking Water)?

It is one of the safest places to travel in the Caribbean. Over 15,000 locals live here in Anguilla. Its area is about 36.4 square miles (102 square kilometers). The rareness of crime here is not an assurance of safety. To avoid any crime, always take care of your valuables while in this place.
Is Anguilla a Safe Place to Visit?
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Zika Virus has a history in Anguilla, but it is all controlled now. For concerned individuals, you must prepare yourselves to avoid mosquito bites.

Drinking water is also a controversial issue in Anguilla. Make sure you research it before choosing your source of drinking water.

Is There Crime in Anguilla?

There are some petty and violent crimes in Anguilla from time to time. According to CrimeGrade, a crime may occur every 13 days and 11 hours, on average.

How Is the Crime in Anguilla?

Per Year, its rate of crime is 32.12 per 1000 residents, according to CrimeGrade. There is high safety of walking in the daylight, but it lowers to 62.50% in the nighttime. Committed crimes are usually in retail areas where few people live.

Based on the FBI’s 2021 records, there is an estimated 3,563 total crimes on 100,000 people in Anguilla. Of these numbers, 433 are violent crimes, and 3,129 are property crimes.

How Many Murders Does Anguilla Have?

There are 6.8 murders per 100,000 people in Anguilla. Last 2021, there have been two incidents of murder.

Does Anguilla Have Zika?

There is no ongoing Zika Virus outbreak in Anguilla. Mosquitoes spread Zika Virus infection. Its symptoms are rashes, itch, minimal fever, headache, irritated eyes, and body pains.

Applying insect repellents with 50% DEET and wearing protective clothing will avoid bites. Mosquitoes also are not prevalent with mosquito nets and air conditioning.

Is the Water Safe to Drink in Anguilla?

Tap water is not safe for drinking, so buying and drinking from bottled water is a better option. Rain and wells connect to underground aquifers and desalination plants for processing drinking water.

A health threat results from pollution in distilleries, processing facilities, and operations. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention labeled this water unsafe for consumption. Also, the Numbeo water drinkability and accessibility index gave it a score of “very low.”

People have not recently reported health issues with drinking tap water. But, bottled water is available everywhere in Anguilla. It is best to choose this instead of risking an upset and sensitive stomach while traveling.

Is It Safe to Travel to Anguilla?

Anguilla is considered as a safe place to travel to. Royal Anguilla Police Force enhanced their training course under a development plan. The island’s only hospital is Princess Alexandra Hospital in The Valley and some clinics.

If you want to be extra cautious, you should travel between May and August. There are better deals and weather during these months.