What Fish Do You Catch in Cabo (and is It Expensive to Go Fishing)?

From its historical big Marlin fishing culture after the conquistadors and missionaries, a big catch is not difficult to come by in Cabo as its waters boast fishes like the Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, the region’s pride Black and Blue Marlins, the Striped Marlin, and even the deep-sea’s Grouper, Sea Bass and the Snapper.
What Fish Do You Catch in Cabo
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Situated between the Sea of Cortez and the Eastern Pacific, Cabo is teeming with diverse marine life that fishers and anglers absolutely love. The diversity offers an abundance of fish every season worthy of a good catch, from the small to the 300-pound giants, and from the ocean, off-shore and inshore, Cabo has plenty to offer.

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch in Cabo?

Cabo historically, is a fishing town, thanks to the gifts of the Eastern Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo has an abundance of marine life for fishing enthusiasts. Some of the fishes famous in the area include Yellowfin Tuna, Pacific Sailfish, Dorado, and the Cabo-special Striped Marlin.

Cabo, particularly in Cabo San Lucas, historically was a fishing town know for an abundance of Marlins, and a whole slew of other fishes as well. After the first settlers in the area, the conquistadors came, changed history forever, then was later settled by fishermen from California.

Eventually, the town’s beauty was invested upon by the government and later turned into the famous beach town resort town today. Its fishing culture is still preserved and practiced today, with fishing tournaments, fishing activities, especially deep sea fishing available for tourists to experience.

How Do You Catch Roosterfish in Cabo?

Roosterfish can be found in great numbers in the inshore waters of Cabo San Lucas. You have to first get its attention by luring it with live bait, like a Tuna or a Mullet. You can then apply the bait and switch method or surfcasting.

Bait and Switch can give you greater chances at hooking and catching roosterfishes. Just make sure to immediately toss the bait back in the sea as Roosterfishes tend to circle back to finish wounded prey.

Using a graphite-composite rod, of medium or heavy action, cast out the bait far and then quickly reel it in. This, however, requires more practice because it wouldn’t be easy to pull them out. Roosterfishes are known for their feistiness when hooked, which makes them great and exciting for inshore fishing games.

Can You Keep Marlin in Cabo?

There are certain rules to follow for fishing in Cabo and entire Mexico in general.  In Cabo San Lucas, each angler is permitted to keep up to 5 fish per day. However, it depends on the type and weight of certain fishes. There is a limit of 1 Marlin, and no more than 2 Dorado Sailfish.

What Fish Are in Season in Cabo?

It depends on what month and what particular fish are in high concentration during those months. January is great for Striped Marlin and Dorado in the Pacific. Yellow Fin Tuna for offshore bites, and Rooster Fishes inshore.

Striped Marlins and Yellow Fin Tunas are also great in February, along with bottom catches like Sea Bass, Snapper, and Grouper. Inshore, you have Rooster Fish, Pompano, Jacks, and Trigger Fish. Inshore March, is also great with Spanish Mackerel, Yellow Tail, and Amber.

April has good weather to fish in Cabo, probably one of the best temperatures for fishers and anglers, the best fishes are still Striped Marlins and Dorados, good bites inshore with Yellow Tail, Spanish Mackerel, Skip Jack, and smaller Dorado. May is Roosterfish season, with greater concentrations inshore.

June to July are the hottest months heating up the waters making a great fishing experience, with fishes in high concentration in the ocean and off-shore. Striped Marlins still lead the pack, with surprise catches from big Tunas, Blue Marlins, and Wahoos.

While August kicks off the big fish season in Cabo, with great bites from Sail Fish, and bigger Blue and Black Marlins that weigh up to 300+ pounds. September is considered the best fishing month in a year in Cabo San Lucas. There’s an increase in larger Yellow Fin Tuna, the bigger Black and Blue 300+ pound Marlins.

The weather cools off in the winter months of October to December with October bringing in most of the major fishing tournaments. Larger Black and Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Striped Marlin and Dorado.

What is the Best Time to Fish in Cabo?

Arguably the best time to fish in Cabo is from September to mid-November as the weather begins to cool off for winter, and the bigger famous fishes are in an abundance. Like Black and Blue Marlin, and the Yellow Fin Tuna that can weigh more than 300 pounds.

How Much Does It Cost to Go Fishing in Cabo?

Fishing charters and tours can typically range from 179 US Dollars and up, per group. Sometimes price ranges vary depending on group size and duration, as there are fishing charters and tours that would last for half a day.

Do You Need a Fishing License in Cabo?

If you plan to go fishing on a charter or tour, then you will be required to have a fishing license. Whether you’re going fishing or not. Children under 14 aren’t required. However, you will not be required a fishing license if you fish anywhere from the shore.

How Much is a Fishing License in Cabo?

Mexican Fishing Licenses can range from 200 pesos or 10 US Dollard to 358 pesos or 18 US Dollars. There are plenty of ways to get Fishing Licenses in Cabo, one is on the Marina. You can also get them from fishing charter companies you’re planning to go with.

The best is to get them in advance, to avoid unprecedented delays when you’re already in Cabo. You can apply for a Mexican fishing license through online portals.

How Deep is the Water in Cabo?

Just off the Land’s End, by the Arch, the ocean bottom drops off to an approximate 1,200 feet or 400 meters. This is because there is no continental shelf beyond Cabo.

This sharp drop is also a cause for concern for swimmers and beach lovers as the sharp drop endangers people. The sea at Cabo has been a subject of much worry for visitors, the underwater geography creates dangers.

How Much is Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo?

Prices could vary from charter companies, hours of use, and even the type and size of the vessel. Average prices for deep sea fishing in Cabo can range from 300 to 600 US Dollars.

What Do You Wear Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo?

It’s important to have a base layer that keeps out moisture so that you can keep dry. Make sure to wear 100% polyester with a 50+ UPF rating. As these are specially designed to repel water, stain, and odor. Other pieces like waterproof jackets are also advisable.

On the boat, you can always wear a nylon top to keep cool, and a long-sleeve shirt to protect your arm, especially from the sun. You can also wear sunscreen with SPF 50. Multi-pocketed shirts are also ideal as they can provide extra storage.