How Do You Get Around in Grand Cayman (in the Easiest, Cheapest, and Safest Way)?

Renting a car from the beginning of your trip to Grand Cayman will give you ease, savings, and safety. A bus is your next best option, but it is a hassle when you are not alone. Taxis here are also already known to be expensive. You can bike and walk, but it would exhaust you before reaching your first destination.
How Do You Get Around in Grand Cayman?
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Grand Cayman covers the most significant part of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. From the word “grand” itself, living here is not affordable and tolerable for all. Its bluest water is home to thriving aquatic biodiversity and crystal caves. It has many land attractions too, such as Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and Cayman Motor Museum.

How Do People Get Around in Grand Cayman?

People get around in Grand Cayman through buses, taxis, rental cars, bikes, and their own feet. You decide which and how many of the following best fits your capabilities and needs.

Are There Taxis in Grand Cayman?

Taxis are always available from Owen Roberts International Airport to places you visit. There are more than 15 taxi operators available in this place.

How Do I Get a Taxi in Grand Cayman?

You may contact taxi companies to get a ride.  They are accessible at the airport, cruise ship terminals, and resorts of Grand Cayman. Here are the contact details of some known taxi companies:

  • Truly Blessed Taxi (345) 517 2274
  • Ace (345) 777 7777
  • Super Cabs (345) 888 8888
  • Crown (345) 916 0111

However, we still advise you to obtain their updated contact upon your arrival.

How Much Is a Taxi in Grand Cayman?

Taxi rides would only cost you between $7 and $105 worth of fare. You can use the CI:GO digital fare calculator app for a more accurate estimate. It shows the routes, number of passengers, and the actual fare required in US or Caymanian dollars. It might seem pricey, but it is due to the cost of fuel and living in Grand Cayman.

Do Taxis in Grand Cayman Take Credit Cards?

Not all taxi drivers take credit cards for payment. So, if you are planning to travel here, make sure you always have cash on hand.

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers in Grand Cayman?

It is not mandatory for passengers and expected by the taxi drivers to tip them. Yet, a 10% to 15% tip is the regular tip they accept when offered.

Does Grand Cayman Have Uber?

The Cayman Islands Government banned this ride-sharing service. They consider Uber a threat to the local taxi community.  Statistics show that taxi drivers cover a large voter base in Grand Cayman. If the government welcomes Uber, some of them might lose votes in upcoming elections.

A similar ride-sharing mobile app named “Flex” serves as Uber’s alternative. It is not yet prospering much in Grand Cayman, so it does not always assure convenience.

Does Grand Cayman Have Public Transportation?

Grand Cayman’s primary public transportation option is the public bus system. You can find the bus depot in downtown George Town, and it is where the route starts. Note that these buses operate from 6 am to 11 pm (until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays).

Bus stops are present in major routes, but anyone can flag down a passing bus at any location. You must prepare fare money ranging from $2 for shorter distances to $5 for long distances to Cayman Kai or East End.

Is Grand Cayman Walkable?

Grand Cayman allows people to walk around the town, especially on its infamous Seven Mile.  Many tourists prefer walking in its main town. It brings peace, and they get to discover attractions.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Grand Cayman?

There is no harm from people you pass by as you walk, but it has random elevations that could make you trip. Also, walking at night could be more dangerous because of unseen bumps on your way.

Is Grand Cayman Bike Friendly?

If you are a biker, you can cycle around Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman has remarkable cycle routes and beach trails for recreational cyclists. If you want a challenge and extensive physical exercise, try the 50-mile (80-kilometer) East End Loop.

Also, this place has made bike tours part of their tourism. Below are the bike tours obtainable in Grand Cayman.

  • ECO Rides Cayman
  • West Bay Loop
  • Cayman Islands Motorcycle Tours
  • Adventura Cayman
  • Paddle Wheel Adventures
  • Pedalz Bike and Snorkel Tours
  • Triformations
  • Cayman Bike Company

Can I Rent My Own Boat in Grand Cayman?

It has a lot of rental businesses in Grand Cayman for a more independent and private adventure. Some of Grand Cayman’s finest boat rental companies are below if you want to rent your boat.

  • Crazy Crab Private Boat Charters
  • Islandlife Watersports
  • Cayman Private Charters
  • Sealand Adventure Tours
  • Point Blue Sailing
  • Cayman Yacht Charters
  • Mango Jam Charters
  • Cayman Fantasy Watersports
  • Get Bent Charters
  • Captain Charlie

What Is the Best Way to Get Around Grand Cayman?

To have a stress-free and worthy journey, the best way to get around Grand Cayman is through a rental car. You do not have to worry about which transportation to use or from which stop to wait for a ride. With a rental car, you can plan your days and take enough time on every spot you wish to visit.

A day with a rented car could cost you an estimate of $27. Trusted and well-known vehicle rental services you may contact are the following:

  • Marshall’s Rent-A-Car
  • Andy’s Rent-A-Car
  • Cayman Auto Rentals