Does Vieques Have Good Beaches (and Which Side of the Island Has the Best Ones)?

As an island located in the Caribbean, Vieques has good beaches. Each beach's personality can suit your taste and the activities you want to do while staying on the island. You can swim, surf, snorkel, and even lay down on its sand while listening to the calm waves!
Does Vieques Have Good Beaches?
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The south side of Vieques has the best beaches. You may consider visiting here and witnessing the beauty of Navio Beach, Black Sand Beach. Don’t forget to include Sun Bay Beach and Playa Grande Beach.

How Many Beaches Are in Vieques?

Lying on the east of mainland Puerto Rico, Vieques has 40 beaches. Each beach has its unique characteristics, so you have plenty of options on which beach to visit.

The famous beaches on the 21-mile-long island of Vieques are among the finest in the Caribbean. Some are Sun Bay Beach, La Chiva Beach “Blue Beach”, Playa La Pata, and Playa Grande Beach.

Does Vieques Have Clean Beaches?

Vieques has clean beaches. The National Wildlife Refuge protects some of its beaches.

Vieques beaches’ are clean and perfect for activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

Are Vieques Beaches Safe?

Beaches in Vieques are safe. It is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. You can roam on its beaches.

However, it is still advised not to leave your valuables unattended. Look after your things and lock your car doors as petty theft still happens.

Can You Swim in Vieques?

You can swim in Vieques. The island is famous for its beaches like any other island in the Caribbean. Each coast of Vieques has different kinds of beaches. You may choose depending on your taste and the activities you want to try on your vacation.

Where Can You Swim in Vieques?

When it comes to swimming on the beaches of Vieques, you have a long list of choices. Here is the list of beaches you can swim on from the island’s north side to its south side.

  • North Coast — Mosquito Pier Beach, Cofi Beach
  • Northwest Coast — Punta Arenas Beach
  • Southwest Coast — Navio Beach, Black Sand Beach, Sun Bay Beach, Media Luna Beach, Esperanza Beach, Playa Grande Beach
  • On the National Wildlife Refuge — Blue Beach, Caracas Beach, Escondida Beach, Pata Prieta Beach, Playa La Plata

How Do I Get to Sea Glass Beach in Vieques?

Right in the town of Isabel II, you can arrive at Sea Glass Beach. It is famous for its sea glass and a lovely harbor view. To get there, you can follow the following directions:

  • Take the main street (Calle Muoz Rivera) north toward the water from the town (Isabel II).
  • Turn left before the dead-end and travel one block. Then, when you approach the water, turn right and follow the bend to the left.
  • Near a hand-painted sign for Sea Glass Beach, there is a tiny parking spot. There is no parking down the hill, so you must park at the top. Down the steep hill is the Sea Glass beach.

How Do I Get to Black Sand Beach in Vieques?

One of the famous beaches in Vieques is the Black Sand Beach on the south side of Route 201. To get there, drive west on 997 and turn left at the T on 201.

Park at the dirt lot across the street from Oro Vieques after the curve. Return 50 yards (46 m) to the east and look for the steps down into the drainage on the right side of the road. Take a half-mile hike down the wet/dry watercourse.

Why Is the Sand Black in Vieques?

Upon visiting Black Sand beach, you may wonder why the sand is black compared to other beaches of Vieques. That is because heavy rain washes the volcanic materials from Monte Pirata down through the stream. These materials end up in the Black Sand beach.
You don’t need to worry as the beach is still safe to visit.

How Do You Get to Green Beach in Vieques?

If you prefer a more remote beach to stay in, Green Beach is a perfect spot for you! It is in the northwest tip and the beach runs down the east side of Vieques.

To get there, you must take Route 111. On your way, you may stop in Old Ceiba Tree, to watch the scene, then turn around to head west again. Proceed to Laguna Kiani through the Yellow NRS Gate. Along the route, you’ll pass a few metal bridges and dirt trails. Just keep going straight until you reach the northwest side.

Does Vieques Have Good Snorkeling?

Vieques has good snorkeling. It is one of the activities you can do on the island as it boasts a diverse marine environment. You can choose from all the beaches across Vieques. Then start swimming with turtles and different aquatic species.

Where to Snorkel in Vieques

Aside from swimming and surfing, Vieques is also famous for its fantastic beaches for recreational activities such as snorkeling. You can visit the following beaches that are worth trying!

  • Playa La Chiva (Blue Beach) — This beach has a stunning array of coral and a wide range of marine life.
  • Playa Cofi (Sea Glass Beach) — It has pretty decent reefs on the left and right sides of the beach that you can explore.
  • Mosquito Pier — You can find young fishes, turtles, and rays, as well as other marine species in this protected area.
  • Playa Caracas (Red Beach) — The beach has a sheltered nature. The water is safe for children to explore its aquatic life.
  • Punta Arenas (Green Beach) — On the western part of Vieques, you can find colorful reef fish species. Some of them are parrotfish, angelfish, trumpetfish, shrimps, lobsters, and rays.
  • Playa Pata Prieta (Secret Beach) — You can find stingrays and sea fan gardens during different weather conditions.

Where Can I Snorkel at Mosquito Pier in Vieques?

You can snorkel along the left side of Mosquito Pier. This part is protected from the surf, and where you can swim along with stingrays and sea turtles. You can also explore its colorful marine life.

Is There Surf in Vieques?

You can surf in Vieques. Some beaches on the island are famous spots for surfing and paddleboarding. Winds push the waves on its coast, making it ideal for body surfing. So, prepare and bring your boards when visiting Vieques.

Where Can I Surf in Vieques?

Beaches in Vieques are perfect for surfing. Include the following beaches on your trip to Vieques and enjoy its waves through surfing!

  • Playa Navio — It is a small beach on the south of Vieques with playful but strong waves. This makes it a superb spot for body surfing.
  • El Gallito Beach (Gringo Beach) — This is a quiet beach located on the north of Vieques frequented for being perfect for surfing.
  • La Chata Beach — A known spot for surfing because the reefs on its waters provide the break on its waves. Yet, this beach is only ideal for skilled surfers because the reefs may be dangerous for beginners.