Is Vieques Worth Visiting (the Island Guide to Safety, Prices, and Weather)?

Vieques is 100% worth visiting! It is home to famous beaches in the Caribbean that are perfect for your vacation. You don't have to worry about your safety as the island is not dangerous. As a visitor, you only need to consider the standard safety precautions on every trip.
Is Vieques Worth Visiting?
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You can find different accommodations here at different prices. You can choose depending on your budget and taste. Food in Vieques is not that expensive. It varies on the place you will eat.

It is ideal to visit Vieques for its tropical rainforest climate all year round. You have a whole year as your option to fly on the island.

Is Vieques Beautiful?

Vieques is the most beautiful island in Puerto Rico. It has the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay and pristine beaches. Vieques has the largest wildlife refuge among the islands in the Caribbean.

It is one of the ideal places for a tropical dream getaway!

Why Is Vieques Popular?

Vieques is popular because it is the home of the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. You can experience it on Mosquito Bay on the island’s southern shore.

In 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records declared it the brightest in the world.

What Is Vieques Known for?

Vieques is known for its amazing and famous beaches that you can enjoy on your holiday escapade. The island has the famous Black Sand Beach, Playa Grande, and Playa Sun Bay.

Aside from swimming, you can try different activities on these beaches. You may enjoy snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and sailing.

What Language Is Spoken in Vieques?

People in Vieques speak both Spanish and English. However, they prefer Spanish since this is their primary language.

Some residents of the island are not fluent in English. But they try their best to speak the language, especially when someone needs help.

Do People Speak English in Vieques?

The people in Vieques speak English. It is one of the official languages spoken on the island. About 20% of their locals speak English fluently.

Schools on the island teach English, so they know how to speak using the language.

Is Vieques Island Safe for Tourists to Visit?

Vieques is a safe island to visit. It is one of the safest places to go in Puerto Rico. However, as a visitor and an unfamiliar place for you, it is ideal always to keep your eyes on your belongings.

Learning about the island is a good thing to do to familiarize yourself.

Is Vieques Dangerous at All?

Vieques is not dangerous at all. As a small island, you will hardly find any dangerous spots or opportunities to commit any crime.

Is There Crime in Vieques?

There are crimes in Vieques. Yet, you can avoid them as they are only petty crimes such as the occasional theft.

When visiting the island, be aware of pickpocketing, rental car scams, and robbery. Take standard safety precautions like what you do in other places that you visit.

How Is the Crime in Vieques?

The crime in Vieques is usually petty crimes. The most common of these are pickpocketing and robbery.

You can avoid experiencing these by taking necessary precautions while on the island. This includes the following:

  • Do not leave any valuables in your car.
  • Avoid secluded beaches on the island.
  • Do not leave your things, such as your beach bag, unattended.
  • Do not wander alone at night.

Does Vieques Get Hurricanes?

Vieques gets hurricanes. The official hurricane season of the island is every June to the end of November.

However, August and September have seen the most hurricanes hit the island.

Does Vieques Have a Hospital?

Vieques does not have a hospital. It only has a public community health center. This is the Centro de Salud de Vieques, with one emergency room, one birthing room, and without a pharmacy.

For medical assistance, patients need to be transferred to the main island of Puerto Rico.

What Happened to the Hospitals in Vieques?

In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Vieques, leaving the island destroyed. One of the severely damaged facilities is Centro de Salud de Vieques. It was the only functioning “hospital” on the island.

Centro de Salud de Vieques was shuttered due to damage, leaving no hospital.

Is Vieques Expensive?

Vieques is quite expensive, especially regarding their food and transportation. For the accommodation and activities, you will spend less on Vieques.

How Expensive Is Vieques?

The average price for a 7-day solo trip on Vieques costs around $1,600. If you are a couple, you may spend almost $3,000. A trip with your family may start with around $6,000.

Hotel accommodation ranges from $50 to $250 per night. This varies depending on your choice of place.

What to Do in Vieques

As an island in the Caribbean, Vieques has many activities to offer during your vacation! These are the activities that you may try on your trip to Vieques.

  • If you love adventures underwater, you can try snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. You can also kayak on the bioluminescent bay and the mangrove channels.
  • You can also go sailing and fishing on the island’s waters.
  • To learn more about the history of Vieques, you may tour the small museums on the island for their exhibits.
  • Horseback riding, hiking, bicycling are the activities you may do to explore the island more.
  • For a relaxing night, you may do stargazing. The skies of Vieques glow at night because of the low light pollution on the island.

Can You Do a Day Trip to Vieques?

You can take a day trip to Vieques. It is easy to go around its popular spots as a small island, especially the beaches. You don’t have to worry about delays in transportation. You may arrange a predefined time for pickup.

This is to prevent problems and make sure that you can explore Vieques in a day.

Where to Stay in Vieques

To accommodate you during your stay in Vieques, there are many places where you can stay on the island. You can choose from resorts, modern hotels, guesthouses, and inns. These places are near the island’s beaches, restaurants, and bars where you can visit and enjoy.

Here are the places where you can stay while having a vacation in Vieques:

  • El Blok, Bravo Beach Hotel, Blue Horizon Boutique Hotel
  • Casa de Amistad, Hix Island House, Malecon House, Isla Hermosa Guesthouse
  • Hacienda Tamarindo, Finca Victoria, Great Escape and Breakfast Inn

If you are on a budget, you may try plenty of vacation rentals. Prices may vary, but some are cheaper. You can save money by doing this.

Does Vieques Have Restaurants?

Aside from its famous beaches, Vieques also has restaurants. These restaurants serve diverse and appetizing cuisines. You may try the following restaurants on your visit to the island:

  • Bananas (La Vista Rooftop Terrace, Beach Bar & Grill), Conuco, Tin Box
  • Coquí Fire Café, Bieke’s Bistro, Duffy’s, El Quenepo, El Guayacán, El Resuelve
  • La Gran Parada, Next Course, Bili, Izzy’s

Is Food Expensive on Vieques?

Food in Vieques is not that expensive. Meals start from $5, while drinks range from $2 to $5. Fast food such as fries and cheeseburgers costs $2.

How Much Is Food in Vieques?

On average, food in Vieques costs around $40 per day. An average meal per person costs around $15. If you eat at a fine-dining restaurant, you may spend about $300.

Does Vieques Have a Grocery Store?

Vieques has grocery stores. From here, you can buy anything that you need. Some of the grocery stores you can find on the island are the following:

“Walmart, Amigo, Colmado Lydia, Colmado Milka, Morales Supermarket, and Ralph’s Food Warehouse”

Is There Electricity in Vieques?

There is electricity in Vieques. It is supplied from the mainland of Puerto Rico using electric utilities.

Does Vieques Have Cell Service?

Vieques has cell service. While on the island, make sure that you enable your roaming services.

On Vieques, there are a few sites with good reception. Some remote beach areas have poor cell coverage. In particular, those are on the island’s extreme west side.

If you have any questions about service area availability, you may contact your wireless operator. You may do this before visiting the island.

How Many Days Do You Need in Vieques?

You may need at least three days in Vieques. This is enough to explore the island’s beaches and eat at its famous restaurants. You can also try every activity you want to do during that span of days.

However, more days in Vieques would be ideal if you want to enjoy the island at your own pace.

What Is the Best Month to Visit Vieques?

The best month to Visit Vieques is from April to May. This is the low season on the island, where prices for accommodation and airfare are cheaper. There will also be fewer people this month so you can enjoy the island freely.

But, if you prefer to visit for the hot-weather activities, the best month is from December to mid-April.

Vieques has a tropical rainforest climate, so the island is warm, humid, and wet all year round.

Vieques or San Juan – Which Is Better?

The first thing you must account for to determine which among the two is better is your budget. It is good to know how much you are willing to spend on your trip.

San Juan is ideal for those with a bigger budget as travel costs here are more expensive than in Vieques. Accommodations and activities are pretty pricey here. However, you will spend less here regarding food, drinks, and transportation.

If you are on a budget, you may consider visiting Vieques. It has cheaper prices for your accommodation and activities. Food on the island is more expensive but is still on a budget.

Vieques and San Juan are both in the Caribbean. So, you will enjoy almost the same activities and sceneries. They only vary in their prices. So, your budget is something you must consider well.

Why Should I Visit Vieques?

It would be best to visit Vieques because of the places, food, and sceneries it boasts. It has famous beaches that you may see, tasty cuisines, and diverse wildlife. Plus, the island is safe! You don’t have to worry about anything while enjoying your vacation.