Where Is Vieques Island Located (and What Country Does Vieques Belong to)?

Vieques Island is in the northeastern Caribbean, southeast coast of Puerto Rico. Traveling here feels like a true getaway and secret destination. You may locate it between the mainland of Puerto Rico and Saint Thomas.
Where Is Vieques Island Located?
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Many Spanish influences are on Vieques Island, but it belongs to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. This island has many picture-perfect beaches and pristine wildlife refuges. Tourists love this place’s serenity, history, culture, and simplicity.

Is Vieques a US Territory?

Vieques belongs to a country that is under U.S. territory. 1898 was the year the U.S. had defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war. This event had led the whole of Puerto Rico to be an unclassified U.S. territory. The U.S government controlled the archipelago despite the separation from it.

Does Vieques Belong to Puerto Rico?

This Caribbean Island is a part of Puerto Rico. About 10,000 of Puerto Rico’s population came from Vieques.

Where Is Vieques in Relation to Puerto Rico?

You may find Vieques about 8 miles (13 km) east of Puerto Rico, and they are two different places that need a ferry or airplane ride to travel from each other. Puerto Rico is an archipelago, and Vieques is one of its islands.

Is Vieques the Main Island of Puerto Rico?

It is an offshore island municipality of Puerto Rico, but it is not the main island. Even so, Vieques is popular with tourists, along with Culebra.

Is Vieques a Big Island?

Vieques Island is big despite its name. It is five times the size of Culebra. It is also the most significant island considered, other than Puerto Rico itself.

How Big Is Vieques?

Vieques is about 52 square miles (135 square km) in area. It is more significant than Culebra which is 10 square miles (26 square km).

How Many Miles Long and Wide Is Vieques?

This island is 21 miles (34 km) in length and 3 miles (5 km) in width. It covers over 1/5 of Puerto Rico.

What Does Vieques Mean in English?

Vieques means “small land” or “small island” when translated. The name came from a Spanish spelling of a Taino word.

How Is Vieques Pronounced in Spanish?

In Spanish, they say “Vieques” as “bee-AY-kay.” They pronounce the letter V the same as the letter B, and locals also drop the letter S.

What Is Another Name for Vieques Island?

People also call Vieques Island La Isla Nene (Little Girl Island). This rural island has this other name because of its size, and most people believe it seems like a little sister of Puerto Rico’s mainland.

Is Vieques a City?

Vieques is one of the cities of Puerto Rico. It has one main town named Isabel Segunda (Isabel II) and Esperanza, a smaller community.

Isabel Segunda is a coastal town rich in historical attractions and unique culture. If you visit it, make sure you try the restaurants, browse its markets, and see such old structures or museums. Its beaches include Navio Beach, Sun Bay, and Caracas Beach. This town is on the northeast coast in the center of Vieques.

Esperanza is a residential area on the South of Vieques facing the Caribbean sea. You may find places to eat, accommodations, and restroom facilities on its beach. Everything is within walking distance here.