Is Culebra Worth Visiting (The Complete Guide to the Island)?

Culebra is worth visiting by people who desire a laid-back vacation. This island is best for beach and relaxation needs despite its size. A day or two is already an unforgettable stay at Culebra Island.
Is Culebra Worth Visiting?
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You may find this island on the east side of Puerto Rico with a size of 7 miles (11 km) long and 2 miles (3 km) wide. To get around this island, you must rent a bicycle or car. Accommodation and food here would make your experience more worthwhile.

What Is Culebra Known for?

This tropical island is famous for its diamond-dust sand and world-class diving reefs. Among its top beaches are Flamenco, Tamarindo, Zoni, and Resaca.

Why Is Culebra Island Important?

Culebra contributes to the tourism of Puerto Rico as a secluded island. Other than that, divers would love the diving spots it has to offer.

What to Do in Culebra

Culebra is a combination of beautiful nature and rich culture. So, here is a list of things you should not miss doing in Culebra.

  • Spend Time at Flamenco Beach
  • Try Snorkeling
  • Get to Know Its Native Plants
  • Visit Culebrita
  • Enjoy the Mangrove Forest
  • Stop by the Beach Bank
  • Ride a Boat to Explore
  • Come to See Tamarindo Beach
  • Learn about Culebra via Local Museums
  • Ride a Bicycle
  • Taste Its Specialties

Why Is Culebra Island Called Culebra?

The emblem of Culebra island represents a crowned serpent ondoyant in pale. But, there are no snakes here, and Culebra’s shape is not like that animal.

What Does Culebra Mean in Spanish?

The translation of Culebra Spanish word in English is “snake.”

How Do You Pronounce Culebra?

The proper pronunciation of Culebra is “koo-lay-bruh.”

Is Culebra Safe to Visit?

Safety is the least of your worry while in Culebra. Independent exploration is common here, and there are no reported bad experiences.

How Safe Is Culebra?

Rates from CrimeGrade show that it promotes more safety than Puerto Rico’s state average. It is like the national average when it comes to safety.

Is Culebra Safe at Night?

Culebra is also safe at night, but they suggest not to take moonlit strolls on the beach at night. Petty theft is one you must look out for.

Does Culebra Have a Hospital?

Hospitals do not exist in Culebra. But, Culebra has an ER and the Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

You may find it at William Final Street. This clinic, most known as CDT, conducts special clinics. The Mennonite Health System contributed to its improvement via donations.

Can You Do a Day Trip to Culebra?

Anyone can and may make a day trip to Culebra. You may experience its highlights within a day, such as snorkeling and Flamenco Beach.

How Do You Spend a Day in Culebra?

The best way to spend a day in Culebra is to book a day tour. Time management while traveling, especially during the day, is complex. You will enjoy it more if you let a company like Culebra Island Adventures tour you around for a day in Culebra.

Can You Stay on Culebra Island?

Tourists are welcome to stay on Culebra Island. Within two whole days on this island, you will be able to visit and try everything here. Foreigners need a passport to arrive here, and US citizens must bring a state ID card.

Are There Hotels in Culebra?

Many hotels accommodate locals and tourists in Culebra. Below are the top ten highly recommended hotels you may consider. Always ask for the updated contact details upon arrival.

Club Seabourne Hotel

Address: Rte. 250

Contact Number: +1 787-742-3169

Oceania Villas

Address:13 Punta Aloe 251

Contact Number: +1 787-742-3169

El Navegante de Culebra

Address: Cll Pedro Marquez

Contact Number: +1 787-407-2223

Mamacitas Guest House

Address: #64 Cll Castelar, 00775 Culebra

Contact Number: +1 787-742-0090

Ulala Culebra

Address: Noel Feliciano Street, Road 250 East, KM 2.4, Las Delicias Sector

Contact Number: +1 305-989-7358

Palmetto Guesthouse

Address: 128 Calle Manuel Vasquez

Contact Number: +1 787-239-7779

Country Family

Address: Cll Jose C Nazario

Contact Number: +1 787-432-5316

Island Charm Culebra

Address: C-7 La Romana Box 667, Cll 1

Contact Number: +1 787-377-2325

Villa Ensenada Honda

Address: Calle C-2 La Romana

Contact Number: +1 787-221-7906

D’ Ocean Guest House

Address: 201 Cll Jesus M Ortiz

Contact Number: +1 787-360-9807

Where to Stay in Culebra

If you are traveling on a budget, average hotels are your best option of stay. You may spend more on luxury vacation rentals for a more relaxing stay.

What to Do in Culebra at Night

Even if nightlife is uncommon in Culebra, you may get a drink late at night in Culebra. Promising bars of Culebra are La Lobina, The Spot, and Mamacita’s.

Does Culebra Have Restaurants?

Culebra has different restaurants all over its area. Here is a list of must-try restaurants for first-time visitors.

  • Tiki’s Grill
  • Susie’s
  • Zaco’s Tacos
  • Vibra Verde
  • Dinghy Dock
  • El Eden
  • Heather’s
  • Harspoon’s
  • Sunset Grill
  • Krusty Krab

Is There Cell Phone Service on Culebra?

There is a cell phone service on 99.4% of Culebra’s land area. Data speeds are 98.88% for 5G, 99.88% for 4G, and 99.95% for 3G or 2G. These apply to Culebra’s T-Mobile network.

Is There Internet on Culebra?

You can access the internet on Culebra. This island’s trusted internet providers are HughesNet (42%) and Claro Internet (43%). There are eight internet providers on Culebra, and you may avail of 5 of these in residential homes.

Is There Wi-Fi on Culebra?

Different places in Culebra offer free Wi-Fi to their visitors or customers. You can expect a high internet speed of 100 Mbps in Culebra.

What Are the Animals on Culebra Island?

Common animals on Culebra Island are deers and goats. The island also has iguanas, large toads, lizards, and bats. You will see tropical fishes in its waters. Other creatures are Spanish mackerel, tuna, barracuda, kingfish, mullet, lobster, and oysters.

Are There Deer in Culebra?

Deers inhabit Culebra, especially in Cayo Norte and Luis Peña. They are all white-tailed deers, North America’s smallest member of the deer family.

Are There Sharks in Culebra Puerto Rico?

Sharks pass by the Culebra waters for food. But, you will rarely encounter them in your water activities such as snorkeling or diving.

Is Culebra Expensive?

Compared to staying in an average city, staying in Culebra is much more expensive. The island has high property costs, so accommodation is costly. A 7-day trip demands an amount of around $2,000 from a solo traveler, $3,600 from a couple, and $6,700 from a family of 4.

How Long Should I Stay in Culebra?

Two to three full days will give you the whole experience of Culebra. The small island area allows for a slow-paced adventure in a short period. You may avail of vacation packages for an organized and cheaper trip here.