How Do You Get Around in Culebra Island (and How to Bring Your Car Along)?

Culebra Island has few taxis as its public transportation. Also, you may rent bikes and different cars. This island is only 7 miles (11 km) long and 2 miles (3 km) wide, which means you can go around Culebra Island quickly.
How Do You Get Around in Culebra Island?
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Locals are of priority when it comes to cargo ferries. Your own or rented cars are often not allowed and risky, and it may damage such vehicles, where you will be liable. You may bring a rented car with a huge responsibility along with a contract.

Do I Need a Car in Culebra?

Having a car makes it easy to explore the island but is not essential. Even if it is a small island, spending time on different spots is tiring and time-consuming. Roaming around Culebra Island with a car will result in a more productive and enjoyable stay.

How Much Is It to Hire a Car in Culebra?

Hiring a car in Culebra is at an estimated $105 daily. The top 5 car rental companies you can contact are Avis, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, and Dollar. The most popular among the rest is Avis, and the most popular car type is economy.

Can You Bring a Car to Culebra?

You may bring a car to Culebra Island, but it is laborious and not at all guaranteed. Ferries accept the transport of automobiles, not intended for tourists.

Can I Take My Rental Car to Culebra?

Only the car rental companies can confirm if you can transfer your rental car from one island to another. Once allowed, there are terms and conditions such as responsibilities and liability. Also, Culebra has dirt roads that might damage the rental cars.

Is There a Car Ferry to Culebra?

There are cargo ferries to Culebra, which includes cars. They prioritize locals in need of transportation and supplies. Such ferries travel for 45 to 90 minutes between Ceiba and Culebra and Ceiba and Vieques. Their round-trip fares range from $28 to $80, depending on the size of the vehicles.

Can I Take My Car to Culebra on the Ferry?

Taking a car to Culebra through the ferry is not recommended. This is because tourist vehicles do not belong in the cargo ferry system. It has a high chance of long delays and reservation cancellations.

Can You Go to Culebra Without a Car?

From Puerto Rico, you may ride an airplane or ferry to Culebra Island. You can go to Culebra with only yourself and personal stuff with you. You may rent vehicles, such as bikes, jeeps, and golf carts there.

Where Do I Leave My Car When Going to Culebra?

Public parking lots are available near the ferry station. You must turn right when you pass by the arch. The daily rate of leaving your car here safe is $5.

Can You Get Around Culebra in a Golf Cart?

For at least $35 a day, you can visit the island beaches riding a golf cart, and it can accommodate up to four passengers. If you plan to rent one, the Culebra UTV Rental is the most popular golf cart rental in Puerto Rico. Their vehicles provide enough safety and fun to tourists.

Culebra – Jeep or Golf Cart?

A jeep is a more convenient transportation option in Culebra, and it can pass through dirt roads. Zoni Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on this island, and it does not allow golf carts, and a jeep can access it despite the challenging road.

You may pick between a two-door and four-door jeep. The rental cost starts at $50, and you must spend on its gas too. Most jeep rental companies offer courtesy pick up and drop off. Renters aged 21 to 24 have to pay an underage fee worth $20. Also, a liability charge is essential to all customers.

If you want to rent a jeep, enumerated below are some possible choices. You must confirm the local contacts upon arrival.

  • Carlos Jeep Rental – (787) 742-3514
  • Jerry’s Jeeps – (787) 742-0587
  • Willy’s Jeep Rental – (787) 742-3537

Are There Taxis in Culebra?

You may contact taxi drivers in Culebra, but you may also see them on the ferry dock, airport, and Flamenco Beach. If you have transportation difficulties, below are some drivers you may call for rides. You must seek the local authorities’ updated contacts upon arrival.

  • Raul’s Transportation – Raul: 787-358-4816
  • Willy’s Transportation – Willy: 787-449-0580
  • Xavier’s Transportation – Xavier: 787-463-0475

How Much Are Taxis in Culebra?

Taxi fares could range from $5 to $20, depending on how far your destination is from your current location. Prices from $3.90 and $10.40 are for distances between 3 miles (4.8 km) and 9 miles (14.5 km). 10 to 50 miles (16.1 to 80.5 km) has a fare ranging from $11.50 to $54.70.

Is There Uber in Culebra?

Unfortunately, Uber is not accessible on Culebra Island. Uber drivers would not earn enough from transporting passengers here.