How Do You Get Around Vieques Island with or Without a Car (in the Easiest and Cheapest Way)?

Getting around Vieques is the easiest when you rent a vehicle during your whole stay. Yet, it is not the cheapest. You may also ride their other modes of transportation such as taxis and public vans, and the fare you will be saving by choosing the latter is about $55.
How Do You Get Around Vieques Island With or Without a Car?
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If you don’t want to rent a car or ride the accessible vehicles, you can explore the small island by walking and biking. It might be the easiest and cheapest way to get around Vieques, but it requires much patience and physical endurance from you.

Can You Drive in Vieques?

Whether you are a local or a tourist, Vieques Island allows driving. Foreigners must have driver’s permits suitable for 120 days. Driving around the island is not easy because animals are roaming around. Also, most roads here are narrow and deceiving. Make sure you drive slowly and safely, especially on roads that are not one-lane.

How Long Does It Take to Drive Around Vieques?

To completely admire the beauty of Vieques Island, you need three days to explore it via driving. A slower trip could take five to seven days if you want total relaxation and experience every spot. It is 21 miles (34 km) wide from east to west and 5 miles (8 km) from north to south.

Do I Need a Jeep in Vieques?

Renting a jeep in Vieques is ideal and suggested by many, and it seems to give more fun adventure to the tourists. A rental jeep would be about $60 per day for five passengers with extra comfortable space.

Can You Rent a Car in Vieques?

Anyone can rent a car in Vieques. It is the number one way for tourists to traverse the whole island, and it provides more freedom, satisfaction, and privacy to their stay here.

How Do I Get a Car in Vieques?

It will be easier for a tourist to rent a car in Vieques. Renting from Puerto Rico and bringing it to the island violates the rental agreement. You must contact trusted car rental companies beforehand or on your arrival. Here are some with high review ratings.

  • Maritza’s Car Rental, Inc
  • Avis Rent-A-Car
  • Vieques Car Rental

Pick-up and return location, duration, and vehicle choice are essential for online bookings. The reservation requires payment upfront.

How Much Is a Car Rental in Vieques?

The average car rental price in Vieques is $62 for a day. It depends on the size of your chosen vehicles, such as a golf cart, SUVs, or a jeep.

Do We Need to Rent a Car in Vieques at All?

Renting a car is your best option in Vieques, but you can ride their other modes of transportation. The island has taxis and public vans that commute daily, and they welcome travelers in Vieques.

Can You Get Around Vieques Without a Car?

It is possible to explore the different spots of the Vieques island without a car. But it requires more energy and longer days, resulting in higher expenses and emotional stress.

Do You Ever Need a Car in Vieques?

Having a car in Vieques would be a great idea. Walking or biking could not be your best decision as it is tiresome and time-consuming than having or riding a car.

Can You Use a Golf Cart on the Road in Vieques?

Renting and using golf carts on the road are common in Vieques. They are fun to try out on the road, but only in satisfactory weather conditions. The roads are not well-maintained enough for a golf cart to handle well. This sustainable vehicle accommodates four passengers for $75 a day, and car rental companies offer this to tourists.

Are Golf Carts Street-Legal in Vieques?

Authorities have now made golf carts street legal in Vieques. Along with it, they ensured that the whole island would be safe for golf carts.

Are There Cabs in Vieques?

Cabs are the most reliable mode of transportation in Vieques island. You can see them from the moment you step out of your ferry ride, and they can take you to all beaches and restaurants.

There are times that they get busy, so you must call in advance. You may call this number 787-741-8294. Always request the updated contact information upon your arrival.

How Much Is a Taxi in Vieques?

Taxi fares are usually between $3 and $5 per person. Sharing a ride will save you money because you will also split the fare with someone else.

Is There Uber in Vieques?

Uber is not available in Vieques, but taxis are accessible on the island. Also, tourists usually rent different types of cars to save costs and for convenience.

Can You Bike Around Vieques?

Vieques does not prohibit biking, and it is an excellent and unique way to explore the island if you can handle the heat. Renting a bike here is about $8 per hour, and below are the top-rated bike rentals you must consider.

  • Jak Water Sports
  • Zumbate Bike Rental
  • Morrillo Cycle
  • San Juan Bike Rentals
  • VIP Adventures Puerto Rico