Belize vs. Costa Rica (What to Choose)

Central America is gifted with beautiful natural wonders and lovely people, and while they all make up an ideal Central American getaway, the best country to choose depends on what kind of experience you want to get out of.
Belize vs. Costa Rica
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Costa Rica and Belize both have many things to boast, each with its own distinct flavor to give to curious and fascinated tourists. Costa Rica is famous for its expansive forests, eco-friendly efforts, and eco-tourism, while also having lovely beaches. Belize has its off-shore attractions on the card, offering excursions on its many Cayes, especially the famous Great Blue Hole.

Is Belize Better Than Costa Rica?

While both countries offer rich natural wonders, very affordable prices, and great people, the deciding factor largely rests on what kind of experience you’re looking for.

Costa Rica’s pride is its biodiversity and ecotourism and inland adventures. The country’s greenery, passionate people, good coffee, and other unique beverages, and great nightlife are the icing on the cake.

Belize has a more aquatic or off-shore flavor than Costa Rica, while slightly cheaper, Belize has the Cayes, and its Mayan ruins as its central pride of Belize . The country’s more laid-back appeal is appealing to many seasoned travelers that prefer to have a more relaxed trip.

Is Belize Cheaper or More Expensive Than Costa Rica?

If you look at it, they’re both so affordable that it’s easy to make comparisons for granted but Belize is slightly cheaper than Costa Rica. Both countries are very affordable and are comparable in terms of prices.

You can enjoy yourself in both countries without putting too much restraint on your spending. Food and accommodation tend to be lower than more popular touristy countries like Mexico.

Is Belize Safer Than Costa Rica?

Belize and Costa Rica are both generally safe for tourists, with the booming tourism industry, the sector has been taking steps to ensure the safety of tourists. However, Belize does have occasional gang activity in Belize City, though instances do not involve tourists.

Costa Rica is considered safer than most Central American countries. The country is ranked 33rd most peaceful country in the world by the Global Peace Index, making it an ideal destination for travelers.

While the two countries differ when it comes to safety levels, both are considered relatively safe given that visitors take precautions the same way they do in their hometowns.

How Close Is Belize to Costa Rica?

From Belmopan in Belize to San Jose in Costa Rica, the approximate distance between the two is 887.2 km or 551.2 miles, directly. It takes about 4 hours to travel, and a full day on the road.

Should I Visit Belize or Costa Rica?

Both countries have their own characteristics that set them apart from each other, and other countries in the region, its best to know more about them before deciding. Costa Rica offers the richness of nature, from the jungles to the beaches, while Belize offers, the best off-shore excursion from its reefs to its atolls.

While both are relatively safe, affordable, and fun, ultimately, what decides your choices is the experience you want to have in Central America.