What Is the Best Time of Year to Go to Belize (For the Best Weather and Without Hurricanes)?

The best months to visit Belize are the dry months. With lesser rains, sunny days, and warmer daytime temperatures, the dry season provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best of Belize. Mild temperatures let you enjoy excursions, from the rainforests to the off-shore wonders.
What Is the Best Time of Year to Go to Belize
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However, the best months come with larger crowds and slightly higher prices, so it’s best to plan and book ahead to have that ideal Belizean getaway. The wet season, also called the country’s off-season, sees rainier days, possibilities of storms but hurricanes rarely hit the area, which is still safe for those who prefer the off-season conditions, like cheaper prices.

What Kind of Climate Does Belize Have?

Belize sees sunny days, with warm temperatures all year-round, which makes this small country in Central America yet another top vacation destination.

The rainy months are characterized by sunny days with sudden rain that lasts for a couple of hours, which usually spells bad for touristy activities. The winter or the dry season in Belize sees sunny days with mild temperatures perfect for vacationing, making the season, the country’s peak tourist months.

With an average temperature of 25.7 C or 78.3 F. Belize is perfect for long or short vacations for families, honeymooning newlyweds, and seasoned travelers.

Is Belize Tropical or Subtropical?

Belize has a subtropical climate where it can have hot and humid summers and cold to mild winters that can be characterized by a certain dryness, especially in the February to May months.

The country can experience soring 29 C or 84 F average highs during the wetter months, especially in July. And, mild temperatures of 23 C or 74 F in the dry months, starting from December.

What Are the Difference in Climate Between the North of Belize and South?

What makes Belize unique is the differences in the climates of its northern and southern parts, giving it diverse weather systems as you travel across the country. The northern part sits low and flat, where its highest elevation stands not more than 300 feet. The temperature in the north is also warmer than in the coastal region in the south, by around 3 to 4 C.

The southern region is considered colder, containing rainforests and high plateaus, which makes it experience more rainfall than the rest of the country. This region has an average temperature of 17 C or 62.6 F in the rainy season and 22 C or 71.6 F during the dry season.

What Kind of Weather Does Belize Have?

Belize has a unique weather system due to the diverse geographical makeup of the country. From the warmer lowlands of the north, the colder elevated southern region, the coastal region, and the offshore islands.

Different parts of the country experience dry spells, and other parts see more rainfall than the rest of the country.

But what makes the entire country the same is the warm, sunny days all year-round, while the south may experience more rains, but it does have its sunny days.

What Are the Two Seasons in Belize?

Belize, despite its diverse geographical makeup contributing to unique climate and weather systems all throughout the country only has two seasons: the dry season, and the wet or rainy season.

The dry season starts from November through May, sees lesser clouds and hotter days, permitting tourism to thrive, where many activities are available for huge crowds of tourists. These months are also the country’s peak season.

The rainy season is from June to October. The country’s low season is characterized by sunny days accompanies by sudden rains that last for a couple of hours. While this keeps the tourists away, some still visit Belize as they can get better deals in accommodations and lesser crowds.

What Is Belize High Season?

Belize’s high season is the dry season or the country’s “winter” season. While this isn’t accompanied by snow or freezing low temperatures, the temperature during these months drops to a comfortable cool perfect for activities.

What Is Low Season in Belize?

The low season is accompanied by sunny days, with sudden rains that usually lasts for two hours. This season is also a potential hurricane season which can cut a vacation short. The amount of rain this season sees hinders many touristy activities thus keeping tourists away.

What Is the Weather Like Year-Round in Belize?

All-year-round Belize experiences sunny days and warm weather especially during the dry season. From November to May, despite being sunnier than the rest of the year, the temperatures are mild, perfect for day activities inland and off-shore.

What Is the Average Temperature of Belize?

Belize has an average temperature of 25.7 C or 78.3 F. Temperatures, however, fluctuate around the average from season to season, depending on the region as the north and south of Belize have distinct weather systems.

Is Belize Hot All Year Round?

Belize is sunny and warm all year round, but the highest temperatures are around the late dry season, especially in May with an average high of 32 C or 89 F.

What Are the Hottest Months in Belize?

Belize’s hottest months span from April to May, with May having an average high of 32 c or 89 F. April, June to September has average highs that play around 30 C to 31 C or 87.3 F to 87.8 F.

How Hot Does It Get in Belize?

The hottest month of Belize is May, right at the end of the dry season. The average highs could soar up to 32 C or 89 F.

Does Belize Get Cold?

While experiencing mostly sunny days and warm temperatures, Belize can get cold. The country experiences the lowest average temperatures from November to January.

What Is the Coldest Month in Belize?

Belize experiences the coldest drop in January. This month is considered the coldest month in a year with an average high of 27. 6 or 81. 7 F, and average lows of 19.5 or 67.1

How Cold Does It Get in Belize?

From soaring 32 degrees in Celsius to a significant drop of 19.5. January is Belize’s coldest country as it is characterized by an average high of 27.6 C or 81. 7 F and an average low of 19.5 C or 67.1 F.

Does Belize Have a Rainy Season?

Belize has a rainy season. Despite its unique climate and weather systems due to its distinct geographical makeup, the country sees two different seasons. The rainy season spans from June to October.

What Months Are the Rainy Season in Belize?

The rainy months in Belize start from May to October, occasionally, up to late November. The months of June, July, September, and October sees the most rain accumulation with an average of 10 inches.

How Bad Is the Rainy Season in Belize?

While the rainy season is characterized by sudden and short rain showers late in the day, the amount of rainfall varies depending on the region. Especially in the southern region, where it receives more average accumulated rain every year.

Belize’s rainy season is also a potential hurricane season between June and October which spells bad for any tourist activities and people’s safety. The wettest months are August, September, and October, with average day temperatures ranging from 24 C to 31 C or 75 F to 87 F.

Does It Rain Every Day in Belize?

It doesn’t rain every day in Belize, although it does rain quite more during the rainy season. From June to October or early November, Belize sees more rain in the year, with September and October being the rainiest months.

Which District in Belize Receives the Least Rainfall?

the Cayo District further inland of Belize, right in the central region, receives the least rainfall. While it rains the most during the rainy months in Belize, the Cayo District receives significantly fewer inches of accumulated rain average every year.

Is It Always Windy in Belize?

The coastal area of Belize, its most touristy area, receives gusts of wind coming from the north from December to February. These winds, also called “northers”, sweeps across the coasts and off-shore areas, particularly the cays.

Does Belize Get Hurricanes?

The rainy months, especially between June and October, are hurricane months in Belize, or at least have the potential to be. There haven’t been any hurricanes that hit Belize since Hurricane Earl in 2017 that caused extensive damage to the country.

Is Belize in the Hurricane Belt?

Belize has been hit by hurricanes, on record, since 1931. This is primarily due to the country lying in the Atlantic Hurrican Belt. Belize’s latest hurricane hit was in 2017, by Hurricane Early which resulted in more than 100 Million US dollar-loss of agriculture.

Does Belize Get a Lot of Hurricanes?

The last 2 hurricanes that hit Belize were categorized as Category 1 Hurricanes, namely, Hurrican Ernesto in 2012, and Earl in 2017. Due to its position in the Atlantic Hurrican Belt, hurricanes tend to hit the country, but only rarely.

How Often Does Belize Get Hit by Hurricanes?

Belize doesn’t get hit by hurricanes regularly, as the records show. The country tends to be visited by hurricanes in intervals of a significant number of years.

The last hurricane that hit the country was Hurricane Earl in 2017, and another one 5 years prior by Hurricane Ernest that caused minor damage to the country.

Does Belize Have Hurricane Season?

The late rainy season in Belize coincides with the hurricane season. As the country lies in the Atlantic Hurricane Belt, Belize tends to get hit by hurricanes from June through October. The last hurricane in 2017 made landfall on August 4.

What Natural Disasters Occur in Belize?

With its position in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Hurrican Belt, Belize can experience a plethora of weather-related natural disasters. The country is highly vulnerable to tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding, and drought that affects the country regularly.

Does Belize Get Earthquakes?

Earthquakes aren’t common in Belize, however, it is possible to occur. The country sits on top of many fault systems, and tectonic plates. The occurrence of earthquakes is less common in Belize, compared to its neighboring countries.

Are There Tsunamis in Belize?

Tsunamis rarely occur in Belize, it rarely does. In fact, the chances of tsunamis due to underwater quakes all over the world are extremely rare.

What Are the Best Months to Visit Belize?

The best months to visit Belize are during the dry season. The months of December through April have ideal temperatures perfect for outdoor adventures, and off-shore activities, along with continuous sunshine and zero rain.

However, this season also means that it can have the most number of visitors. It’s best to book your accommodation in advance to get better deals.

How Is Belize in December?

Belize in December has average highs of 27 C or 80 F and average lows of 22 C or 71 F. In December, daytime is characterized by mild temperatures, and night tend to be a bit cooler. According to many, December has the perfect tropical Christmas vacation.

December probably has the most activities available for everyone, along with special Christmas deals on air tickets, tours, and accommodations.

Is Belize Warm in December?

While the country has warm, sunny days all year round, December is more temperate and mild in the daytime, and cooler at night.

Is December a Good Time to Go to Belize?

December is considered the best month to go to Belize. This month has mild temperatures both inland and in the waters, cooler nights, Christmas deals, and plenty of activities and tours available for everyone.

Is January a Good Time to Visit Belize?

January is considerably good compared to December’s perfect weather and temperatures. While January is sunny and warm all throughout, however, this month has the lowest average temperatures at night which makes it a little bit chillier than December.

January can be as fun as December, with plenty of activities and tours to do. And, just like December, January also sees huge crowds, but you can get away with good deals if you book in advance.

Is May a Good Time to Visit Belize?

May can be a good time to visit Belize if you don’t mind the soaring heat. May experiences the highest average highs in the year, with temperatures reaching up to 32 C or 89 F. However, the weather is also ideal for many activities and tours during this time, as May sees lesser rain compared to the coming months.

What Is the Weather Like in June in Belize?

After May’s soaring temperatures, June continues the heat as it is the beginning of the summertime, with short, sudden rains later in the day. This month’s average high can reach up to 31 C or 88 F, and average lows of 25 C or 76 F.

Is June a Good Time to Visit Belize?

June marks the beginning of the rainy season in Belize, despite the higher temperatures. This is also the beginning of the country’s low season due to higher temperatures, and rainy days. But, if you’re someone who doesn’t like crowds, and doesn’t mind occasional rains this might be ideal.

Is September a Good Time to Go to Belize?

September has nice weather all-around, the country is mild and temperate with comfortable temperatures ideal for activities and tours. However, September also receives the highest average accumulated rain in a year.

But, if you don’t mind short rain showers, it’s still a good time to visit. September is part of the country’s low season, so expect fewer crowds and cheaper prices.

Is October a Good Time to Go to Belize?

October, along with September, sees the highest average of accumulated rain in a year which might be a boon to some. However, if you don’t mind short rain showers in the afternoon, you can still enjoy the beauty of Belize.

October has mostly sunny days and warmer temperatures that are just enough to enjoy activities and tours under the Belizean sun.

When Should I Visit Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April where the temperatures are mild and perfect for daytime activities and cool evenings ideal for nightly festivities. However, these idyllic conditions attract many tourists, drawing in large crowds, and slightly higher prices.