Going to Belize From Mexico (How to Get There From Cancun, Tulum, and Playa Del Carmen)

Belize sits south of the Yucatan Peninsula, bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west. With Belize’s growing fame, because of its beautiful natural wonders, this small Central American country has been a frequent vacation spot for those who want to go further south from Mexico.
Going to Belize From Mexico
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Being neighboring countries of good relations, crossing the border by road isn’t a hassle, flying is far easier. The Northern Highway, the only entry point to Belize from Mexico, is the only route that leads through the Belizean Borders. Other than that, Mexico’s major airports provide easier entry to Belize.

How Far Is Mexico From Belize?

Just south of the states of Campeche, and Yucatan in eastern Mexico, Belize is a neighboring country of Mexico. The distance between Cancun, a major tourist city in Mexico, and Belmopan, Belize’s capital is approximately 481 km or 298.8 miles, directly.

While the distance from Cancun to Belize City, Belize’s major tourist city is approximately 432 km or 268 miles, directly. While flying from Mexico City (CDMX), Mexico’s capital to Belize City is about 1,172 km or 728.2 miles.

Can You Drive to Belize From Mexico?

Depending on which point you’re starting from in Mexico, you can drive to Belize. Given that you will make stops along the way, the common route is to start from the Yucatan Peninsula, especially in Cancun.

Driving south of Mexico to Belize is easy as they’re only separated by a border, and the visitors have said that crossing the border is a breeze. However, there is only one entry point to Belize by road: the Northern Highway.

How Far Is Belize From Cancun?

Belize, specifically Belize City is approximately 432 km or 268 miles from Cancun, directly. Traveling via the Northern Highway, the distance is about 524.6 km or 325.9 miles.

How Do I Get From Cancun to Belize?

There are several ways you can get to Belize from Cancun, the fastest way would be via plane, however, it can be pricey. You can take a flight from Cancun International Airport to Belize City’s Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport.

If you prefer to take on the long road, you can take a bus to Belize City from Cancun. ADO operates a bus from Cancun to Belize City once daily and typically costs from 30 to 60 US dollars.

You can also take a rental car through the border to Belize City via the Northern Highway, which takes about 7 hours.

Can I Drive From Cancun to Belize?

With an estimated road distance of 524.6 via the Northern Highway, driving from Cancun via rental car is one of the common ways to get to Belize. It can be cheaper than flying.

However, there are other matters that you need to consider when traveling, like road hazards, rests and stops, and, of course, gas and rental prices.

Is It Safe to Drive From Cancun to Belize?

It’s generally safe to travel through the Northern Highway to Belize from Cancun. Many visitors have taken this option and have reported that the roads are kept in good condition.

Additionally, crossing the border between Mexico and Belize is easier than crossing between the US and Mexico.

Can You Fly From Cancun to Belize?

Several various flights are available in Cancun International Airport to either Belize City or Belmopan. However, there are more flights to Belize City’s Philip S.W. Goldson’s International Airport in Belize City, than the capital of Belmopan.

Flights tend to be pricier than taking the long road but it is the most convenient and fastest way to get to Belize.

How Far Is Belize From Tulum?

Belize is approximately 311 km or 193.2 miles from Tulum, directly. The driving distance via the Northern Highway is about 392.6 km or 243.9 miles.

How Far Is Belize From Playa Del Carmen?

Belize is approximately 367 km or 228 miles from Playa del Carmen, directly. The driving distance via the Northern Highway is about 455.4 km or 282.9 miles.

Is Belize Cheaper Than Mexico?

Despite Mexico being more touristy than Belize, Mexico is cheaper than Belize. This can be due to various reasons like Mexican pesos having a relatively low value against US dollars, this makes Europeans, and many North Americans flock to Mexico than Belize.

Another factor is that most of Belize’s supply is exported from other countries which cause prices to be pricier than Mexico’s.