Is Belize City Worth Visiting (and What About Safety, Sights, Shopping, and Getting Around)

Belize City is Belize’s main hub, from transport, cultures, sights, and activities, it’s not a surprise that everything you can do in Belize will always start from the former capital. This city is the country’s biggest and busiest airport, and the thriving life it’s creating here makes it worth the stop.
Is Belize City Worth Visiting
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For years Belize City has seen safety issues regarding its citizens, from gang violence to rising concerns of expats and tourists. Yet the country’s continuous tourism boom is a testimony to its ever-developing society and is still kept generally safe for the public.

In Which Country Is Belize City?

Jutting out to the sea, far east of the country, Belize City, the former capital, is Belize’s primary hub, the commercial and economic center of the country.  Belize City also serves as the starting point of the Belizean adventure for many visitors.

Belize City is the country’s transportation hub, it serves as the primary access to various points across Belize. From the cays, and the smaller charming towns near the forest reserves, highways and transportation systems usually start from the city.

What Province Is Belize City in?

Belize City is in the province of Belize, stretching out to the east into the coast of the country. Belize City, once the political seat of power in Belize, has reaped the advantages of a capital city. Serving as the country’s central point for many years has made the city a thriving metropolis.

Is Belize City Safe for Tourists to Visit?

Gang-related violence brought upon by the drug trade that is, unfortunately, prevalent throughout Latin America, has given the city a bad reputation, that is supposedly risky for visitors. However, reported cases only involved gangs, and other illegal criminal activities perpetrated by locals.

The US State Department has imposed a level-3 advisory for those planning to visit the country, merely urging them to reconsider traveling because of crime and various tropical diseases present in the country.

Generally, visitors who have been to the country never had problems regarding their safety while in Belize. However, as advised, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Taking wise and safe measures is still key to an enjoyable adventure.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Belize City?

It is generally safe to walk around during the day around Belize City, even for female solo travelers. However, exercising caution still is the best prevention. While you can walk around in the light of day, you still need to avoid dodgy areas in the city, just like any city around the world.

However, at night, it might be a different story. It’s common practice to any city around the world, especially the megacities, to not wander around at night in silent and dimly-lit streets.

How Dangerous Is Belize City Actually?

Crimes that are common, and are regularly reported in Belize are gang and drug-related. Unfortunately, this is common in Central America, transnational drug trades, human trafficking, poverty, gang violence all contribute to Belize’s crime problem.

What Is Belize City Known for?

While it may not be the country’s capital anymore, Belize City is still Belize’s commercial and tourism center. With its transport access to any point in the country, both inland and at the sea, beach, and jungle towns, it still holds great value to the country.

Also, Belize City is home to the country’s largest port and the famous Belize Tourism Village where most cruise ships dock, where visitors get a taste of Belize. The country is also one of the premier stops in the Caribbean.

What Is There to Do in Belize City Off the Cruise Ship?

If you’re on a cruise in Belize, you have every reason to dock and explore the city. Belize is a unique culture, with its cays and beaches adding to its flavor. Book outdoor or off-shore excursions, city tours and try their cuisine while mingling with the locals, even just for a short while.

Does Belize City Have a Beach?

Even though it’s the country’s largest city, possibly with the longest coast, it doesn’t have any beaches. Belize City sits or is a mangrove grove, so it doesn’t have any expanses of sandy shores.

What the city lacks in beaches, it makes up for culture and attractions inside it. This includes the famous Belize City Tourism Village that receives cruise ships that provide millions of visitors to the country annually.

Belize City, being the central transportation hub that it is, provides several options to get to places around the country that do have lovely beaches. You can take a bus down to Placencia, or San Ignacio, a water taxi, or a ferry to the numerous cays.

How Far Is Belize City From the Beach?

The closest popular beach area is the town of Placencia, 180 miles south of Belize City. Placencia’s 17-mile-long peninsula is filled with expanses of white-sand beaches along with beautiful Caribbean blue waters.

Placencia is also home to many of Belize’s premier and luxury resorts, often a favorite of celebrities to stay in and enjoy the Belizean vibe. It used to be a fishing village, but with tourism, it has become a tourist town that offers plenty of activities to visitors.

What Can You Buy in Belize City?

You can always buy local produce unique to the country like their locally grown coffee, rum, and the Belizean Chocolate, made from locally grown cacao, said to be invented by the ancient Mayans.

The local rum is also another famous product in Belize, and people recommend you to bring some back home. You won’t have problems with customs if you only bring a few.

Locally grown coffee from Belize is rich in flavor and is one of the staple souvenirs visitors bring back home. Other hand-crafted goods are ideal souvenirs to buy as they represent the culture of Belize, specifically the Mayan basket with unique patterns.

What Currency Is Used in Belize City?

Belize uses the Belizean Dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted around the country as the currency exchange rate is not far off, with 0.50 USD to 1 BZD. However, some tourists often find this proximity to be off-putting.

Is Belize City Expensive?

Belize, in general, is considered cheap and affordable compared to living in the US or Canada. However, as a holiday destination, though it’s still considered affordable, it’s not the cheapest there is in Central America or even the Caribbean.

Belize City is considered, relatively, the most expensive place in the country, so in terms of budget, you may need to be wiser if you plan to visit the city. Staying in Belize City can set you back almost a thousand US dollars, so budget accordingly.

How Do You Get Around in Belize City?

There are plenty of options to get around the city. From buses, taxis, and car rentals, several transport companies operate all across Belize, especially in Belize City. Buses and taxis can be hailed in sitios or bus stops, and car rental companies are abundant around the city.

Is There Uber in Belize City?

Uber and other ridesharing services, like Lyft, aren’t available in Belize. You will have to go the traditional way by hailing transports in terminal or stops, like sitios for taxis and buses. You can also rent a car from the many car rental companies in the city.