What Cruise Ships Go to Belize (and What Can You Do in the Port)?

From the famous Royal Caribbean Cruise to the internationally-famous, Norwegian Cruise Line, Belize is one of the Caribbean cruises’ favorite stops. With its beautiful off-shore attractions and inland wonders, this small Central American has every reason to be a cruise-favorite.
What Cruise Ships Go to Belize
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Large cruise companies like the Carnival Cruise Line and the Norwegian Cruise Line even donated docks and ports in partnership with Belize. This helps provide more cruise lines to access Belize, including the country in one of their Caribbean stops, thereby promoting the country’s tourism.

Can You Take a Cruise to Belize?

There are several cruises you can take to Belize, as Belize is one of the countries that cruise tours flock to, apart from other Caribbean hotspots.

Nestled just south of Mexico’s famed Yucatan Peninsula, in the western Caribbean sea. Cruising in Belize remains one of the highlight destinations of cruise lines in the western hemisphere.

Most cruise companies start at the USA’s southeastern coasts around the state of Florida, which lies at the northernmost borders of the Caribbean. Key cities where cruise ships start are usually around Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.

What Cruise Lines Go to Belize?

With Belize’s fame and especially Belize City’s attractions, several cruise lines regularly go to Belize. Some of the cuisine lines that offer tours around the Caribbean, including Belize are Oceania Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, and Princess Cruises.

Does Carnival Go to Belize?

Carnival, or Carnival Cruise Line, is one of the biggest cruise lines that regularly offer tours and adventures to Belize City. The country is one of the many Caribbean stops of Carnival Cruise Line, often starting from US Coastal cities like Tampa, New Orleans, and Galveston.

Does Royal Caribbean Sail to Belize?

One of Belize’s favorite cruise lines, the Royal Caribbean International sail to Belize along with other notable destinations in the Caribbean. Mostly departing from Tampa, Floria, in the USA, cruising to Belize with Royal Caribbean offers packages that let you explore the wonders of Belize, especially in Belize City.

Is It Safe to Go to Belize on a Cruise?

Belize is considered generally safe for travelers, and that goes the same for cruise guests as well. The country sees tourism as one of its main sources of national income so the government seeks to keep visitors safe.

However, there are reported gang conflicts in certain parts of the country, which has the highest rating in 2017. Gang violence is prevalent among the local population and gang-controlled areas in the Cayo District and Belize City.

While there are risks, this, however, does not make Belize a bad idea. In fact, most reported crimes involve gang-to-gang conflicts. Tourists and other locals aren’t involved in the reported cases.

Do I Need a Passport to Go to Belize on a Cruise?

It depends on which country you’re from, and the cruise line policies. But, if you’re going with a cruise line that leaves and return to an American port – also called a closed-loop cruise, you will not be needing a passport to Belize.

Other documents might be needed, however, like a birth certificate, and a government-issued ID. It’s best to look up the terms and conditions and other policies of the cruise line you’re going with.

Where Does the Cruise Ship Dock in Belize?

Cruise ships going to Belize dock in Belize City’s, Belize Cruise Port found in the Tourism Village. However, the Belize Cruise Port is a tender port. The waters near the coasts are shallows so Cruise ships have to be anchored in the bay area and tender passengers to the port via smaller boats.

What Port Does Carnival Use in Belize?

Carnival Cruise Line uses the Port of Belize City, in the Belize Cruise Port right in the Tourism Village. This port was donated by Carnival Cruise Line to accommodate other cruises and promote the country’s tourism.

Where Does Royal Caribbean Dock in Belize?

The Royal Caribbean Cruise dock in the same port as all other cruise lines do. The Belize Cruise Port serves cruise lines that go to Belize, as the port is part of the country’s tourism boom project.

Where Does Norwegian Dock in Belize?

The Norwegian Cruise Line docks in the Harvest Caye, off-shore far south of Belize City. Harvest Caye Port is owned and developed by Norwegian Cruise Line, in partnership with the country to develop Harvest Caye as a premier starting point to explore Belize.

Do You Tender in Belize?

The port of Belize, specifically, the Belize Cruise Port in Belize City hosts most of the cruise lines that go to Belize, however, it is a tender port. The water around the coasts is shallow, thus, ships have to be anchored around the bay area. Visitors, then have to be transported to the shore via smaller boats.

Is Belize a Tender Port for Carnival?

Carnival Cruise docks at the Belize Cruise Port, which is a tender port. Passengers of the Carnival Cruise have to be taken to shore via smaller boats as the cruise ship is anchored at the bay area of the port.

How Long Is the Tender Ride in Belize?

From the bay area of Belize, where cruise ships are anchored, tender rides tend to take 30 minutes.

Is Belize a Safe Cruise Port?

The cruise port at Belize City is the country’s primary cruise hub, developed by the Carnival Cruise Line and the Belizean government. With tourism development in mind, Belize Cruise Port is considered a safer port for cruisers and ships.

Is Belize a Good Cruise Port?

Belize Cruise Port offers little to do other than the cafes, bars, and restaurants that line the port. However, few attractions are within walking distance from the port like the Museum of Belize, and the St. John Cathedral.

What Is There to Do in Belize Port?

You can try the authentic local food that is sold around the cafes, bars, and restaurants that line the port. The Tourist Village right out of the port has a good number of restaurants, grills, and bars, with The Wet Lizard taking the lead.

Several tours are also available that will take you directly from the port, that take you to many interesting landmarks such as the Museum of Belize, Liberty Hall, and the Baron Lighthouse.

You can take private transport like a rental car and enjoy the center of Belize City, and experience Belizean culture for yourself.

What Is There to Do on the Carnival Port in Belize?

Carnival Cruise Line docks at the Belize Crusie Port, the same cruise port that most cruise lines go to. You can take sightseeing tours available right at the port. Renting a car and conquering the city yourself is also ideal.

If you don’t want to leave the port, you can also check out the many bars, grills, restaurants, and souvenir shops that line the Fort Street Tourist Village right outside the cruise port.

Is There a Beach Near Belize Cruise Port?

There are no beaches around the port, however, the closest one is 8 km away, called the Old Belize, a man-made beach that is small and offers many things to do and see. If you have plenty of time, you can take a water taxi to farther beaches like in Ambergris Caye.

What Is the Best Thing to Do in Belize on a Cruise?

If you’re on a cruise in Belize, you have every reason to dock and explore the city. Belize is a unique culture, with its Cayes and beaches adding to its flavor. Book outdoor or off-shore excursions, city tours and try their cuisine while mingling with the locals, even just for a short while.